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Global Recycling Day: Celebrating Our Planet's Future - PlushBeds

It's simple to think of recycling on just a local level, like when your community's next e-waste recycling day is, or what you put into the household recycling bin. However, Global Recycling Day founders believe recycling is a global problem.

Global Recycling Day (GRD) is an annual event that falls on March 18. It was founded for promoting the vitality of recycling around the globe.

What Is the Mission of Global Recycling Day?

Global Recycling Day isn't just a day of celebrating how important recycling is, but also for reinforcing recycling with one united voice as a global industry, and influencing change among world leaders. It's a day for recognizing how important recycling is in securing our planet's future, and preserving its resources.

The idea behind GRD was first explained by Ranjit S. Baxi, the Bureau of International Recycling's president, at the 2015 World Recycling Convention. The date March 18, 2018, which was chosen for its launch, was symbolic, and made the BIR's 70th birthday.

There was a desire for raising awareness of how important recycling globally was. And the world is encouraged to consider recycling scrap as the seventh resource of the planet.

What Is the Theme of 2021 Global Recycling Day?

The Global Recycling Day theme for 2021 is #RecyclingHeroes.

It recognizes the individuals, activities, and places that showcase how recycling and the Seventh Resource contribute to a greener future for everyone, and an environmentally stable planet.

Everyone needs to do their part, now more than ever, in contributing to a greener future. There are already environmental and climate change heroes who are continuously campaigning for the planet's better future. These heroes are around us daily doing their part in preserving the planet. They're crucial to our future, and are important in helping raise the recycling profile.

How You Can Support Global Recycling Day

There are ways you can help support Global Recycling Day.

1. You Can Learn More About Mattress Recycling

Mattress owners have several choices available to them in terms of recycling mattresses, which help keep old mattresses out of landfills. Some options include:

  • Take-Back Programs: Certain mattress companies around the U.S. provide voluntary take-back programs. Through these programs, they recycle any mattresses you buy from them, once you're done with them.
  • Local Mattress Recycling Programs: A lot of communities offer special days during the year where you can bring your mattress in to recycle. Certain communities provide mattress recycling at landfill sites.
  • Donate Old Mattresses: This is an ideal way of getting years of use out of a mattress that might not be quite done with its usefulness.
  • Old Mattress Removal Programs: Certain mattress manufacturers, like PlushBeds, provide old mattress disposal services to people who buy new mattresses from them. This enables you to buy a mattress without having to worry about how you're going to dispose of your old mattress.

2. Nominate a Recycling Hero

You have the chance to nominate an individual, activity, or business that's supported recycling during the pandemic. Around the world, there will be 10 winning #RecyclingHeroes chosen. Each winner will get a prize of $500, and will be featured on all social media channels for Global Recycling Day. You can learn more here.

3. Change How You're Using Products

The brands you purchase in stores have a knock-on effect on the ease of their recyclable packaging. You can change what you're using for the good of the planet. You can make sure you use a product for as long as possible before you toss it away. You can dispose of your boxes, food, toiletries, wrapping, and more, the correct way.

There are various ways you can become involved for Global Recycling Day, and to make a difference.

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