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Greener Products for a Greener Lifestyle

In an effort to live greener, cleaner lives, it’s important to turn your attention to your own shopping habits. Shopping green is easier than ever, thanks to the power of the Internet that brings amazing planet-friendly shops like these to your fingertips in a matter of a few keystrokes and mouse clicks.

Shopping Green for Fitness Products

Whether you’re trying to get in shape or stay in shape, these three shops have products that any fitness-minded person who loves the planet can feel good about using.

1) Gaiam – Gaiam is committed to not simply going green, but to living greener, sustainable lives. This encompasses every aspect of Gaiam from their yoga products to the clothing they sell and the fitness advice they offer.

2) Barefoot Yoga Company – The Barefoot Yoga Company website offers an entire line of fitness wear, yoga blankets, yoga mats, yoga blocks, towels, and casual clothing that are all planet-friendly.

3) Teko Socks – This company offers a unique take on eco-friendly fitness products, offering socks for the entire family. Teko is committed to the planet by working to limit their carbon footprint at every stage of production from transportation to materials, packaging, durability, and more.

Clothing and Accessories for Greener Families

Shakespeare, in his writings, offered tiny bits of wisdom that have stood the test of time and proven true even now, especially these words spoken by Polonius, “For the apparel oft proclaims the man.”

Even today these words ring true – particularly for those interested in preserving the planet. You understand the importance of dressing for the planet, but haven’t always had such a wide selection of sustainable clothing options.

The good news is that many designers and clothing makers are coming on board and offering fashionable clothing that is good for the planet so that you can hold true to your values that include sustainable, earth-friendly clothing, without sacrificing your sense of fashion.

4) Indigenous – Known for offering organic, fair trade, artisan crafted, eco-friendly fashion, Indigenous is an ideal choice for people who feel their clothes matter. The company offers a full line of clothing and accessories for men and women.

5) Faerie’s Dance – If you’re looking for a company that has a little something for everyone that you can feel good about buying, then you’re sure to love Faerie’s Dance – a business that features earth-friendly fashions for men, women, and children, including swimwear, intimates, jewelry, and accessories.

6) SOS from Texas – Organic cotton tee shirts and printed tees for men, women, and children are the earth-forward fashion statements at SOS from Texas. The company has been certified organic since 1992 by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

7) eBay – While not the first thought that comes to mind, buying slightly used clothing is good for your budget and for the planet, and eBay provides an abundant supply for people of all ages and clothing interests. A quick search on this online marketplace yields thousands of other eco-friendly products to browse and purchase.

Green Home Goods

Perhaps one of the biggest, and growing, groups of online websites for earth-conscious consumers exists in the form of sites offering items for the home and gifts. These are a few of the amazing options available for green shopping online, whether you’re buying for yourself or for others.

8) Harabu House – The name Harabu House itself is a derivation of Sanskrit loosely translated to “Green Earth.” The company, which launched in 2010, is committed to offering sustainable products that provide economic, social, and environmental benefits to the people who crafted them.

9) Uncommon Goods – One of the primary goals of Uncommon Goods is to “Work in harmony with the environment.” They do this by offering products that do no harm to animals and many items that are made from recycled materials. Three of its five high-standing principles are being committed to: responsible business practices, environmentally-friendly materials, and resourceful packaging.

10) VivaTerra – Committed to being a good citizen of the planet, VivaTerra offers a wide selection of artisan-crafted products that have small footprints and are made without chemicals. The company offers a wide range of products, including eco-friendly furniture, bed and bath products, home accents, and garden items.

11) Bambeco – The Bambeco brand is driven by a commitment to sustainability. The company offers a diverse selection of stunning furniture, glassware, outdoor furniture, home décor, and bed and bath products that are all made of recycled products, reused products, or other form of planet-friendly manufacturing. Even delivery is green with Bambeco, as the company practices Carbonfree® shipping.

12) Earthy Easy – The Earth Easy brand is committed to sustainable solutions for the entire house. From energy efficiency and water conservation to non-toxic pest control and solar cooking, this site has a little something to offer any family interested in greener living.

13) Buy Green – Buy Green is a one-stop shop for green things in all rooms in the home. This site is different from other green home websites in that it offers recreational products, business products, and more in addition to education on living green and what it means to do so.

Gardening Greener and Cleaner

While you might think the very act of starting a garden is adequately green, there are many areas in the garden where it’s easy to do make decisions that damage the planet. These great sites offer the products, and often education, you need to keep your garden path on the straight and narrow when it comes to protecting the planet.

14) Olive Barn – Offering a wide range of sustainable products for the garden, including wind chimes, seed
packets, and organic herb gardening kits, Olive Barn is a company that is committed to the planet at every step, including eco-friendly shipping methods and product packaging.

15) Paloma Pottery – This particular company offers housewares and jewelry that is hand made using a special type of pottery that combined pottery with recycled glass – usually found items. In addition to home décor and jewelry, Paloma Pottery offers tiles, tiled furniture, cabinet or drawer pulls, and gift items.

16) Garlic Barrier – Many gardeners, when faced with insects swallowing up gardens almost whole, are faced with what they feel are tough decisions about insecticides. Garlic Barrier offers a green alternative for pest control with easy, convenient, online shopping.

17) Green Field Paper Company – A little something different for your garden, the Green Field Paper Company offers plantable seed paper. These can be used as greeting cards, invitations, and so much more, and then reused to create beautiful flower or vegetable gardens afterward. Their major claim to fame, though, is tree-free paper products that are handmade and machine rolled.

Greener General Merchandise

Of course it takes more than housewares, clothing items, and gardens to make someone truly live a greener lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to see mass retailers and emerging shops offering more general merchandise for earth-conscious consumers online, like those below.

18) The Honest Company – The main claim to fame of The Honest Company is that it offers a wide selection of everyday items families need that are made with green products and practices – at affordable prices. Parents no longer have to choose between the consciences and their pocketbooks. Founded by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan, the Honest Company offers bath and body products, cleaning products, vitamins, and diapers. They even offer bundles shipped to your door monthly.

19) Target – Made to Matter – Made to Matter is a line of products hand-selected by Target because of their sustainability. Products are available for baby, health, beauty, and cleaning.

20) Walmart – Sustainability Leaders – Walmart’s line of products known as Sustainability Leaders include products in health and beauty, baby care, clothing, home, sports, and auto, grocery, and electronics and entertainment.

Green Toys for the Win

When we teach our children the importance of respecting the planet by offering green toys for them to play with, we give them and the planet the most precious gifts of all, the future. These green toy websites will help you make the difference you want to see for the sake of your children and your planet.

21) Hazelnut Kids – The Hazelnut Kids website offers an interesting line of toys for babies, toddlers, boys, and girls that are made from wood or organic materials. The surprising selection of toys for kids makes this a first-stop on any special occasion online shopping trip. The planetary benefits are almost icing on the cake.

22) Green Toys – This site also has an impressive line of toys that are made of high quality products made of 100 percent recycled plastic, making them a real win for your children and the planet. Many Green Toys offerings are award winning toys your children are sure to love as much as you love how they are made.

These are just a few of the top sites to keep in mind as you explore the world of green shopping online. The more sites you visit, the more reasons you’ll find to fall in love with shopping FOR the planet.

The next time you have a special occasion, holiday, birthday, or back to school shopping to do, each one of these sites offers special promise for someone on your shopping list. Check them out and see what they have to offer you!

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