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How Does a Latex Mattress Offer a Cooler Night’s Sleep? - PlushBeds

Getting a good night’s sleep often involves finding the right balance of comfort, support, and coolness. It’s nearly impossible to fall asleep if you’re uncomfortably warm, and feel stuffy. It’s equally hard to remain asleep on a mattress that heats up around you as your body releases heat that has nowhere to go.

This is why natural latex mattresses are superior, in many ways, over other types of mattresses on the market, if you want to get a cool night’s sleep. But what is it about a latex mattress that allows it to offer a cooler night’s sleep?

The Structure of a Latex Mattress

The latex foam used to make latex mattresses is made with an open-cell structure. There are hundreds of holes, large enough to see with the naked eye, all throughout your mattress. These holes allow air to flow through in both directions.

Why does the direction of airflow matter?

You want fresh air to fly toward you so that you don’t feel overly heated while sleeping. But, you also want to make sure that the heat your body generates isn’t held close to you while you sleep. It needs a way to escape. These same holes allow the air to do exactly that.

What it means for you is that you aren’t waking up in the middle of night soaked in sweat, and overheated. Sleeping cool is a good thing in every season, even in winter. Sleeping on a latex mattress can help you enjoy healthier, more consistent quality sleep night after night because it is structured to maximize air flow.

Other Factors that Impact Breathability

While the structure of the mattress foam is very important for allowing adequate air flow, it certainly isn’t the only contributing factor. Other considerations you’ll want to keep in mind are the materials used in addition to the foam. This includes things like the mattress cover, fire barriers, etc. Each of these things may present a barrier to sufficient air flow if made with the wrong materials.

For instance, the Natural Bliss mattress from PlushBeds uses an eco fire barrier made with natural plant fibers to help maximize air flow, while protecting you and your loved ones. This is in addition to a highly breathable certified organic cotton cover that offers virtually unhindered airflow and moisture absorption, so you can sleep cool and dry throughout the night.

The Botanical Bliss mattress from PlushBeds uses up to 10 pounds of organic New Zealand wool as a fire barrier in addition to our organic cotton mattress cover. This allows even greater breathability, and helps keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

In other words, the latex construction and structure is important for helping you sleep cooler all night long, but it isn’t the only factor that plays a role.

How Does Breathability Help You Sleep Cooler?

Breathability is second only to air temperature when it comes to helping you sleep cooler. Even the most breathable mattress can only do so much in the middle of a heat wave, or if you have your thermostat set too high. However, breathability can make a world of difference when it comes to helping you manage heat variations throughout the night.

During the night, your body holds and releases heat at various intervals – some people more than others. But, when you have a breathable mattress, you won’t soak your sheets when you shed heat into the mattress because it is able to escape rather than held in close to your body.

Natural latex mattresses sleep cooler than most ordinary mattresses, and PlushBeds natural latex mattresses sleep cooler still because of the other materials used in making the mattress that maximize air flow.

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