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How Much Does a Latex Mattress Cost? - PlushBeds

When shopping and comparing latex mattress retailers, or any other product for that matter, any sane consumer is going to have price as one of their prioritized considerations. Money doesn’t grow on trees!

Money is a finite resource, and most people need to consider cost, and what their budget can handle first, before making an investment in a premium quality consumer item like a latex mattress. It’s a given. Spoiler alert: PlushBeds is NOT the lowest price latex mattress vendor you’ll find. BUT, given our model of being a manufacturer rather than a reseller, being an Internet-only merchant (the same latex mattresses we sell online would ultimately be priced north of 50% higher on a brick and mortar mattress retail showroom floor because of commissions and overhead), our reputation and relations, sourcing the absolute highest quality latex available (we are the world’s largest importer of ARPICO organic latex, a pioneer and Global Organic Latex Standard  and USDA organic certified rubber tree plantation in Sri Lanka), plus a whole litany of 3rd party certifications and endorsements of our product (we carry the “Mercedes” of certifications – GreenGuard Gold, which less than 1% of all mattresses can lay claim to), we believe that you’ll find no better VALUE for your money than one of our premium quality 100% natural and organic latex mattresses. Just ask John, our friendly, affable, and witty sales manager, who also has a charming accent. After speaking with him, you’ll come to understand why our mattresses are not the same as competitor’s mattress. In fact, the main commonness we have with X or Y competing latex mattresses is that they are both rectangles !  (You’ll no doubt have an eye-opening conversation with him; he can be reached at 1-888-758-7423. He knows the competition like the back of his hand!). What’s more, you’ll end up SPENDING LESS in the long run for our flagship, high-end Botanical Bliss organic latex mattress than you would even a decent innerspring mattress that you’ll need to replace 5 times in the span of time that you will own one of our Botanical Bliss latex mattresses.

What if You Learned That You Could be Sleeping in the “Lap of Luxury” for Less Than 25 Cents Per Night?

Here’s a question for you: wouldn’t you be willing to spend slightly less than one quarter, 25 CENTS, to get an unimaginably AMAZING night’s sleep?!!! Our natural latex is going to last longer, be more durable and resilient, and feel so much better than just about ANY sleep surface that you’ll be able to find – ANYWHERE! Heck, you’ll spend multiples on that for your cuppa joe that you’re drinking at Starbucks every day, then why not “splurge” (25 cents per day, people! Remember, we are talking 20-25 years of lifespan here.) for an all-natural latex mattress. As it comes to mattresses, as with many things in life, you either Pay Now, or Pay Later… It’s a tradeoff, pay a little bit more now for a MUCH longer lasting, premium quality mattress, or pay later by paying again and again for a cheap mattress that needs to be replaced every 5-7 years. Can’t afford it, you may be thinking? The great thing is, we offer financing via Affirm, a highly reputable and well-established online financing company, where you make easy monthly payments over 3, 6, or 12 months. And, all you have to do is enter a few bits of information for a real-time decision. It’s a no-brainer. There are absolutely no hidden fees, you’ll know upfront exactly how much it is going to cost you, and it won’t affect your credit score to check your eligibility.

Is a Hybrid Okay; How About Synthetic Latex? Or do You Want the Real Deal: All-Natural or Organic Latex

If you are already sold on the benefits of a latex mattress as opposed to other mattress types (better spinal alignment during sleep, doesn’t sleep hot like memory foam, or cause you to feel like you are stuck in quicksand, and has little to no motion transfer between partners), one of the first things that you will need to consider is if you want an all-natural latex mattress, or will synthetic latex be enough to meet your expectations? If you want some cheesy cheap “latex mattress” sold on Amazon, for example, you won’t escape the reality of getting what you pay for. To avoid buyer’s remorse, we hope you’ll remember what Benjamin Franklin famously stated: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”  After all, you’ll be sleeping for 1/3 of your life, so doesn’t the quality of your mattress deserve a little bit more consideration than your set of wheels? Some people are willing to spend more money getting from Point A to Point B in a fancy schmancy vehicle that performs the same function as a much more affordable and economical model, but they won’t allocate that same consideration and investment towards healthy sleep. Go figure! As long as you understand that most “latex mattresses” are only partially latex (utilizing just a thin layer of latex foam on top of a much cheaper polyurethane core), or are completely synthetic latex or blended latex (around 30% natural latex, and up to 70% synthetic), at the very least you will understand going into the equation what you are getting.

And, It’s NOT About Paying the “Green” Premium, Either

Many individuals mistakenly perceive 100% natural latex as just part of the “going green” movement, and so go the route of synthetic latex material, believing and feeling that the synthetic latex experience will be “good enough”. But, there is certainly a distinction between the 100% natural latex mattress and the 100% latex mattress! Not only because of the elasticity of all-natural latex, but because of the durability and health-promoting benefits (remember, you’re not experiencing off gassing, or breathing in chemicals with the natural version). Natural latex mattresses have an elasticity that is unparalleled, and thus the feel and comfort that you will experience sleeping on one. As is the case with most manmade materials, you just can’t replicate what MOTHER NATURE has to offer! That is why we warranty ours for 25 years, and have chosen to become the world’s largest importer of ARPICO organic latex.

But Why Does All-Natural Latex Have to be So Expensive?!

If you’ve read this far, and studied a bit on your own, you should know that there is probably no more comfortable sleep surface to be found. Why? Because natural latex will cradle you like a baby, and contour to your every curve. But, natural latex ISN’T cheap, although as we’ve made the case for above, it is less expensive in the LONG RUN. Regarding cost: it takes the output of 12 acres, or 2,500 rubber trees being tapped for their sap just to get the amount of latex to make the core of one single queen-sized mattress. And, the molds to make natural latex mattresses can cost in excess of $10,000 each!

Then, with the Talalay latex mattress procedure there are extra steps to be taken to equally distribute the latex particles and even out the air bubbles so it is less dense, and an overall softer mattress. Dunlop mattresses by comparison are much denser and take less effort to make, thus the cost factor is less of an issue. We’re talking hundreds of dollars less. But, to make the truest and highest quality latex mattress, like our Botanical Bliss, it takes the best of both worlds – a durable and dense mattress core so that your mattress will last as long as it’s warrantied for, plus an airier, softer comfort layer on top, so you can experience the bliss in sleep that is our namesake. We don’t take any shortcuts!

How Our Customer Service and Guarantee Fit In

By now you understand considerably more about what goes into the price of your PlushBeds latex mattress, and what other latex mattresses purport to be and what they don’t include. But, given that we offer superior pricing on the best quality mattress, what if you still aren’t satisfied? It’s all for not if you don’t get great customer service. We have hundreds and hundreds of independent online reviews. We stand behind our product. And, unlike others, who you don’t find out until later that you’ll be paying up the wazoo to pay shipping for returning your mattress, we take on all the risk of your mattress purchasing decision! That’s another reason why we are ultimately less expensive when you look at the big picture. Returns are a nominal $149 transportation fee. Not hundreds of dollars to return like other mattress companies charge. No fine print; no gimmicks. A totally transparent return policy. And as far as customer service goes, the ladies we have operating our virtual chat resource on our website are some of the most patient and hand-holding product support people you’ll find in the whole industry. They excel at having a cheery and helpful disposition, and will answer your every last question with supreme patience and understanding of your particular situation. It’s how we’ve earned the reputation that has taken us years to earn.

Brass Tacks… What is it Going to Set Me Back, Already?!

Glad you asked . You’ll find the pricing to be transparent and forthcoming. No hunting around for prices, or having to call to get a quote. A queen-sized mattress is the most popular size, and our 9” Botanical Bliss is the most popular depth. With latex prices at the rate they are currently (this can change, since latex is a commodity that has many factors influencing its availability), the queen Botanical Bliss is currently priced at $1,799, which includes your choice of Soft, Medium, or Medium-Firm (Extra-Firm is $225 more). Also included in your natural latex mattress purchase is a free gift of two natural latex pillows. So, go ahead and shop around, but in the end, once you digest the value of what we have to offer vs. what everyone else is offering, and everything stated above, we believe you’ll find us to be the leader in the space, and find our Botanical Bliss organic latex mattress to be the best you’ll find. And, all of this at less than 25 cents per night, once you consider it lasting to 25 years. Can you afford not to own one? Just think of what this will do for your sleep!

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