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How the 5 Senses Impact Sleep and Putting it to Your Advantage - PlushBeds

Sleep is a precious thing. It is necessary for good physical health as well as good mental well-being. Unfortunately, many people find a good night’s sleep to be a rare commodity. Of course, when you examine sleep according to the five senses, you just might find a sleep solution that helps you get the sleep you need.


Perhaps one of the most important to consider when sleep is on the line is touch. Touch is all about your physical comfort. It can be anything from finding the best temperature for sleeping to choosing the best pajamas for sleeping to selecting the best mattress for tender pressure points.

In some cases, it can mean changing your mattress to something like a natural latex mattress or cooling memory foam mattress in order to find one that offers more air flow of cooler air through to your bed or that offers superior support and/or pressure point relief. Your sense of touch makes a huge difference in the amount of sleep you get each and every night.


Did you know that the amount of clutter in your bedroom can greatly reduce your ability to sleep at night? Clutter in the bedroom doesn’t have to be something that’s inherently negative. It can simply be an overabundance of photographs or artwork on the walls and shelves. It doesn’t take a lot to keep your brain active longer after your body is ready to shut down for the evening.

Light is another problem in the bedroom. Your body rests best when there are no bright lights in the room. This includes overhead lights, television screens, daylight slipping between curtain seams, bright alarm clocks, and mobile device or computer screens of all shapes and sizes.


Noise is the killer of all things good when it comes to sleep. Whether it’s noise from the neighbors, trains going by, planes flying overhead, or a snoring partner two feet away, noise can interrupt if not completely end a good night’s sleep.

White noise, in addition to other sounds to sleep to like binaural beats for sleep, is a great solution for many sleepers as it provides an unobtrusive sound that tends to reduce the impact of noises that are more likely to disrupt your sleep.


An unpleasant smell can permeate your dreams and disturb your sleep before you’re sure what’s hit you. A room that smells musty or stale can also prevent you from falling asleep in a natural manner too. Consider using natural scents in the bedroom to freshen the air inside your room like lavender, chamomile, or jasmine plants; essential oil air fresheners, or washing bedroom sheets with freshening additives on a weekly basis is also a great idea.

Helpful Hint: If you prefer natural laundry remedies, mix 10 drops of your favorite essential oil into one cup of baking soda and add it to the washer at the beginning or during the pre-wash stage.


While you don’t eat while you’re sleeping, the things you eat before you sleep can have an unpleasant aftertaste – at least when it comes to your ability to sleep. Avoid eating foods before bed that cause heartburn, are fatty, contain sugar, and have a lot of calories. In addition, skip drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol in the evening as they can have a negative impact on sleep too. Instead, substitute with healthy bedtime snacks if you need to.

Take action now to make your bedroom a place of peace and rest. Understanding how the five senses affect sleep is the first step in the right direction.

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