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In order to be sustainable, a mattress must not only do no harm to the planet, but it must also not deplete natural resources. You would think that would make the art of finding a sustainable mattress easier. The unfortunate truth is that there are many mattresses out there making false claims about their sustainability. So, how do you know you’re getting the sustainable mattress you expect, and not a dud that does little for the sake of the planet? This guide will help.

Find Out What the Mattress is Made Of

It’s best to dive a little deeper than simply finding out which materials are used to make the mattress. Ask a few deeper questions, such as:

  • Are the materials abundant?
  • Are the materials easy to replenish?
  • How are the materials harvested? Is it using sustainable methodologies?
  • Are fertilizers, pesticides, and other potentially harmful items used on or around the materials?
  • Do the materials used to make the mattress have any certifications?
  • Are those certifications from impartial, respected, third-party organizations?

Finding the answers to these questions is half the battle for identifying a sustainable mattress for your home and family while also doing your part to safeguard the planet.

Materials that are often used to make sustainable mattresses include things like organic cotton, organic wool, natural organic latex, and bamboo. These materials are easily replenished. Harvesting them doesn’t harm the planet. And, they do not introduce unnecessary toxins and potentially harmful materials to the mattress.

Are the Mattresses Fully Recyclable?

Another important question to ask when purchasing mattresses that are supposed to be sustainable has to do with recycling the mattress. Depending on the mattress you buy, you could be replacing your mattress in as few as seven years. That’s a lot of mattresses going into landfills that occupy huge amounts of space, and can ultimately damage the planet and pollute local water supplies if they’re made with certain petrochemicals.

Recycling mattresses keeps them out of landfills, freeing up valuable real estate, and eliminating the potential for chemicals leaching into the soil and water.

Let Your Nose Do the Talking

Your nose is an invaluable tool in your search for sustainability. It’s true. Have you ever opened a package of sheets or pillows, and had the toxic odor nearly knock you off your feet? That odor is called off-gassing, and it is that occurs when the volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) inside the packaging come into contact with the oxygenated air inside your home.

While the odor will dissipate over time, the chemicals causing the odor will remain in your home for years, causing a wide range of health problems for your family, and doing their own harm to the planet.

While you can never really tell if your mattress is going to off-gas until you open it in your home, that is one reason purchasing mattresses with robust trials and iron-clad return policies is a good choice. It gives you time to see if your mattress is not only going to work for your sleep needs, but if things like off-gassing or other problems arise after you’ve made your purchase.

Why Buy a Sustainable Mattress?

The great news about sustainable mattresses is that while they’re good for the planet, they’re also good for your family. They don’t contain a huge variety of materials and ingredients that can damage the planet, or that commonly cause negative health effects like:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Respiratory symptoms
  • Loss of coordination
  • Organ damage
  • Central nervous system damage
  • Infertility and reproductive health issues

Chemical flame retardants are especially problematic with some of the ones used in the past associated with birth defects, ADHD, and other issues among children who sleep on mattresses that use them, or whose mothers slept on mattresses with these dangerous chemical fire retardants. PlushBeds mattresses use natural flame retardants, such as wool, that do not harm people or the planet.

PlushBeds is committed to providing our customers and communities with sustainable, healthful mattresses that promote quality sleep without the negative health consequences found in so many of today’s petroleum based and synthetic material mattresses.

We offer a wide range of natural and organic latex mattresses at various price points, from our economical and resilient Eco Bliss Hybrid Latex Mattress to our Luxurious top of the line organic latex Botanical Bliss Mattress, with our hybrid latex Luxury Bliss Mattress and natural latex Natural Bliss mattress in between.

The PlushBeds family is proud to offer complete transparency in our quest to deliver truly sustainable mattresses to homes across the country. From rigorous third-party inspections and accountability to using suppliers who share our principles, we are invested in delivering sustainable mattresses you’ll be proud to bring into your home, like our luxurious Organic Latex Mattress: The Botanical Bliss. Try our mattresses on for size today, we’re confident you’re going to fall in love with our sustainable sleep experience.

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