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As summer begins beating down with the full force of longer days and the sun’s most powerful rays, thoughts of staying cool while sleeping are weighing heavily on many sleep-deprived minds. The simple solution is to seek out ways to cool off despite the heat outside. These are a few great tips that will have you sleeping soundly despite the rising temperatures outside.

Go for a Late-Night Swim

If you don’t have the luxury of a swimming pool on your property, consider a cold bath or cold shower. The key, states a recent Huffington Post article, is to lower your core body temperature before going to sleep. The added benefit is that the evaporation of water off your skin after the swim, bath, or shower, will further cool you unless you live in an area of excessive humidity.

Get Rid of Heavy Blankets

Don’t sleep under thick comforters, duvets, and quilts during the summer months. Instead, sleep beneath a cool, cotton sheet. While you’re at it, go for thin cotton sleeping clothes or get rid of them altogether. The fewer layers between you and the cool air, the better quality of sleep you’re likely to have.

Use Fans to Create a Wind Tunnel

Whenever this is possible, it’s a good idea to create a tunnel of cool air coming into the room and warm air being pushed out the other side. This is accomplished by placing a box fan in windows on opposite sides of the room. One window faces into the room, drawing cooler nighttime air inside, while the other faces out of the room pushing warmer air away from the home.

Invest in a Cooling Pillow

These innovative pillows help cool your brain so that you fall asleep easier — even when it’s hot. You don’t have to spend the evening tossing, turning, and flipping your overly-warm pillow over every ten minutes. You know the old saying about cooler heads prevailing? Well they definitely do prevail when it comes to better sleep. These pillows help.

Natural Latex Mattress

While memory foam mattresses are known for locking heat in and keeping it close to the skin, natural latex mattresses are widely known for pulling heat away from the skin creating a much more comfortable night’s sleep.

Warmth Wicking Sheets and Pillowcases

There’s a new breed of sheets,on the market, called wicking sheets, that boast the ability to transfer body heat away from the body for a much deeper sleep. Not only that, but these sheets breathe much better than cotton and wick moisture away from skin so you remain dry and comfortable while you sleep.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, or staying asleep, due to the heat, try these great tips out and see how much they help you beat the heat once and for all.

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