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Natural Mattress: What They're Made of and Why Have One - PlushBeds

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In recent years, there has been a real push in the marketplace to bring in more natural products and goods, whether it’s about leading healthier lifestyles, conserving resources, or saving the planet. One of these products that is capturing increasing attention is the organic or natural mattress. Organic mattresses are becoming more and more popular as a result of many of things, including health risks, particularly lung diseases among children, which have been linked to the chemicals found in non-organic mattresses. These hints and tips should help you select the proper natural mattress to meet your needs.

What Does Natural Really Mean When it Comes to Mattresses?

Mattress manufacturers understand the strong demand for organic and natural products and the natural mattress is no exception. Words such as green, non-toxic, and chemical free are often used in product descriptions to let you know that the mattress is produced with natural ingredients. If you looking for a completely natural alternative, look for mattresses that are made with all natural ingredients, or 100% natural, rather than just “some” natural ingredients.

Why Buy All Natural Mattresses?

The most important reason is that your current convention mattress could be emitting harmful chemical fumes that you are breathing in night after night. When you purchase mattresses that are certified organic, however, you’re buying a mattress in which even the smallest ingredients are completely natural materials that are certified to meet rigorous international standards. While it’s true that natural mattresses may carry a slightly higher premium than many conventional mattresses, it is still possible to obtain a natural mattress for an affordable price.

There are no harmful chemicals, glues, or synthetic blends in organic mattresses, nor are there formaldehydes or anti-fungicides. You can also sleep easy knowing that the process of creating this mattress didn’t hurt the planet or will harm your health.

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What Should You Look for when Buying a Natural Mattress?

Look for mattresses that contain natural fire retardants like wool instead of chemical retardants that may contain harmful ingredients for you and the planet. Make sure you’re getting actual natural latex rubber rather than synthetic latex if you’re interested in purchasing a latex mattress. Consider seeking out mattresses that are “certified organic”. Finally, make sure the mattress offers the firm support you need for sleeping with less pain yet is soft enough to accommodate your natural curves comfortably while you’re sleeping.

Purchasing a natural mattress can help you get a good night’s sleep in more ways than one. Not only can you rest easier knowing you have a mattress that poses fewer risks to you, your family and the planet, but you should also have a mattress that’s sure to give you the firm support and comfort you need for a good night’s sleep.

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