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New Years Resolutions For Happiness & Well Being - PlushBeds

What if you could shift the focus of your resolutions from changing or eliminating the negative to resolutions that focus on accentuating the positives? What would
your resolutions look like, for instance, if you were to focus on the things
that make you happy in 2019 instead of trying to fix the things that make you
unhappy or leave you unfulfilled? Perhaps they will look something like the
resolutions listed below.

Resolve to Spend More Time with People Who Make You Happy in 2019

We all have people in our lives who simply make us feel happier. It can be a friend, a spouse, or a relative who makes us feel good just to be with them. The challenge is that we all lead busy lives, and it isn’t always easy to see these people as frequently as we would like. That is why we must make an effort to keep these people in our lives. One way to do this is by spending less time on the things that make us unhappy and free up more time for the people and things that do.

Also, we must take the initiative, and reach out to these people who make us feel happy. Be the one to reach out with the invitation. Maybe our initiative will encourage them to take the breaks they need in life, to pause and enjoy the company of someone who makes them happy too.

Resolve to Do More Things that Bring You Pleasure in 2019

For some people, that means drinking an extra cup of coffee in the morning before getting started with the day. Other people enjoy spending time walking outdoors, meditating, or even napping. Some people enjoy going out once a week to a concert, meal out on the town or movie. Also most people enjoy little luxuries, like getting a massage or pedicure once or twice a month. Still, others like to participate in a weekly poker night, or tinker on something in the garage or workshop.

It can even be as simple as attending one live sporting event each season. It’s about doing things that bring you joy and make you happy. In 2019, make time for these pleasurable things that bring you joy and the people who bring you joy as well.

Resolve to Feed Your Mind in 2019

Your mind represents an endless space that can be filled with knowledge. Many people find that learning new things brings great personal pride, causing happiness. You don’t have to pursue a degree or finish a degree you may have started, to learn new things in 2019. There are a few quick and easy ways you can feed your mind in 2019. It will bring you greater joy and an overall sense of enrichment in the new year.

  • Take an art or music appreciation class at a local community college, and then visit museums or concerts to practice your newfound appreciation.
  • Sign up for cooking classes to learn an exciting new cuisine, and host a meal at your home to share your new culinary skills.
  • Take an online language class, and then take a vacation that allows you to practice your new lingual skills.
  • Learn to play an instrument, and host an informal music night with friends who play instruments as well.
  • Attend an educational wine tasting event, and take the initiative next time you’re dining with friends by choosing a wine for the table.
  • Take an online class that allows you to do your job more effectively, and apply these skills to the promotion you deserve.

There are abundant opportunities to make resolutions that promote your happiness in 2019 through learning.

Resolve to Lift Others in 2019

One thing many people have forgotten is how happy we feel, when making others feel better about themselves. In 2019, making your resolution one that involves lifting others up, and making them feel happier about who they are, is a great way to begin.

Even something as simple as choosing one new person each day to compliment, can do wonders. Even better, the more time you spend looking for the good in others, the better you become at finding it.

In 2019, replace old, outdated New Year’s Resolutions with resolutions that lift you up and promote your overall happiness and well being. These resolutions are great places to begin and can help you get your new year off to a fantastic start.

All of us here at PlushBeds wish you a happy and healthy 2019 and beyond!

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