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PlushBeds Valentine's Day Gift Guide - 2021 - PlushBeds

Valentine's Day Preparations

As Valentine’s Day approaches, all hearts are on finding the perfect gift (or gifts) for that significant other, and perhaps other friends or family members, too. For many of us, that means finding gifts that echo our values as much as they display the love and affection we feel for those who touch our lives every day.

If Cupid has you stumped this year, we have compiled a list of unique gifts that are sure to surprise and impress your sweetie. One of the ways you can do that is by choosing unique gifts that are healthy for them - and our planet, too. And, giving the gift of a good night’s sleep, night-after-night, is one of the best gifts of all, after all.

Choosing organic and natural bedding gifts, this Valentine’s Day, is a great way to show them just how much you care. While a beautifully-smelling lavender pillow, a luxurious French linen sheet set, or a silky, sateen white goose pillow make perfect gifts any time of the year, they add a little more personal connection on Valentine’s Day. The following are a few outstanding Valentine’s Day luxurious and eco-friendly bedding choices.

Gifts for Her

The ladies in your life will be thrilled with any of the following thoughtful gifts this Valentine’s day.


  • Shoulder Zoned Lavender Pillow: Now your special lady can enjoy the unique shoulder recess of PlushBeds Shoulder Zoned Lavender Pillow to help cradle her head, and support her neck. It offers breathtaking lavender-scented aromatherapy. Plus, it comes with a 2 ml spritzer, allowing her to spritz on more aroma when she needs it. It also supports a design that helps decrease tossing and turning.
  • Sateen White Goose Pillow: Enjoy the luxury of a Sateen White Goose Pillow by PlushBeds. Filled with 700 Fill Power European White Goose Down with a 100% cotton Sateen cover, she'll experience a truly relaxing and refreshing night's sleep.
  • Handmade 100% Natural Wool Pillows: Experience pure, restful sleep all year round. This luxuriously comfortable wool pillow is soft, yet supportive, moisture-wicking, allergen-reducing, and luxuriously comfortable. Made with responsibly-sourced, natural wool from sheep that are treated humanely.
  • Sateen Down Alternative Pillow: This comfortable down alternative pillow with a 100% Cotton Sateen cover consists of a 330 thread count, and is filled with the ultimate alternative premium down polyester fill. German Piping completes the double-needled edges, offering an amazing night's sleep.
  • Organic Cotton Lanadown Pillow: With PlushBeds Organic Lanadown pillow, she'll experience a mixture of RDS certified White Down, and only the best Merino Wool, which work great together to help wick moisture away, and regulate temperature. The qualities of wool truly shine because of the addition of down without the traditional wool-filled products' heavy weight.
  • Shredded Natural Latex Pillow: Does she love to fluff, and mold her pillow? Then, she’ll love the Shredded Natural Latex Pillow by PlushBeds. It’s breathable, and hypoallergenic, too.
  • Zoned Gel Active Cooling Pillow: Enjoy the superb support and fast response feel of latex with the new ActiveDough foam in PlushBeds Zoned Gel Active Cooling Pillow. Not to mention, you also receive the perfect contouring and cushioning relief of memory foam for an amazing feel all sleepers of all preferences and styles love. This cooling, refreshing pillow is infused with temperature-regulating gel that draws heat away from the body, providing for a more comfortable, cooler sleep.

Sheet Sets

  • French Linen Sheet Set: With the French Linen Sheet Set by PlushBeds, you get a casual, classic look to the decor of your bedroom as well as airy comfort while sleeping. Grown by French artisans, the flax fibers make this vintage-washed linen sheets durable and soft. They help keep her sleeping atmosphere dry and fresh with inherent moisture management qualities.

Comforters, Covers, and Shams

  • Handmade 100% Natural Wool Comforter: Enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep with these luxury wool comforters. Made from luxurious Eco-Wool® batting, and encased in 100% certified organic cotton sateen, PlushBeds comforters are light and cozy. They keep you warm in winter, cool in summer, and comfortable all year round.
  • Luxury Baptiste White Goose Down Comforter: PlushBeds Luxury Baptiste White Goose Down Comforter makes the perfect gift for that special woman with its lightweight down-proof cotton. It provides the ultimate weightless comfort and luxury.
  • French Linen Duvet Cover: PlushBeds vintage washed 100% French Linen Duvet Cover and pillow shams provide the ultimate sleeping experience for your lady. It's made with the highest-quality pure linen that's crafted from flax grown in France.


  • Memory Foam Topper: Any woman will sleep peacefully each night with PlushBeds GreenGuard Gold and CertiPUR certified luxury eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic memory foam topper. It offers superior body weight distribution by reducing pressure points. Plus, it provides forgiving support for your back, hips, shoulders, and knees.
  • Cooling Gel Memory Foam Topper: With PlushBeds Cooling Gel Memory Foam GreenGuard Gold certified topper, the sleeper obtains a drier, cooler, and more blissful sleep. Unlike uncomfortable standard memory foam, this topper provides you with cool, dry comfort all night long.
  • 100% Natural Latex Topper: She can spruce up her guest room bed with a 100% natural latex topper. She’ll be able to provide them with luxurious cushioned support and soothing pressure point relief. It will turn her guest room into a luxury oasis.

Put a little smile in her day, a warmth in her eyes, and a pep in her step with these great gift ideas you can feel good about giving.

Gifts for Him

The men in your life will appreciate the gifts below for the attentiveness you put into purchasing them, and the impressive quality of the gifts as well:


  • Organic Solid Latex Pillow: Does he sleep hot? If so, the Solid Natural Latex Pillow from PlushBeds offers wonderful airflow and ventilation, thanks to its open cell construction. This organic solid natural latex pillow from PlushBeds provides superior support for your head and neck. Also, latex is soft and springy, so all pressure points immediately dissipate and melt away once your gentlemen’s head hits the hay.
  • CarbonCool LT Pillow: PlushBeds CarbonCool LT Pillow provides you with continual ventilation and temperature regulation for outstanding airflow. A pathway is created by the activated carbon infused in the foam to further cooling properties, and filter heat away from your face, head, and neck. Now, he can sleep at the ideal temperature, and enjoy all the pressure-relieving properties of memory foam.
  • Hotel Chamber Down & Feather Pillow: Have your leading man experience the feel of hotel and resort luxury with PlushBeds Hotel Chamber Down and Feather pillow. He’ll indulge in a feathered inner core support, and the softness of down. German Cotton Piping finishes the edges and because of the double needle stitch, he can rest assured there is durability.

Sheet Sets

  • Portuguese Flannel Sheet Set: PlushBeds Portuguese Flannel Sheet Set are warm, and velvet soft. They're made with 100% brushed cotton, and have a pill-resistant fiber structure. They provide the ideal blend of durability and comfort as they are crafted in Portuguese mills. They’re perfectly cozy for the cold winter nights.
  • Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set: With PlushBeds Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set, you have the ultimate gift idea for that special one you'd like to experience the gentle and soft touch on their skin. It's the perfect choice for a sheet set that comes with an outstanding price tag as well. They won't shrink or pill, and are naturally wrinkle- and stain-resistant.
  • Italian Cotton Percale 400TC Sheet Set: What could be more cozy than Egyptian cotton? PlushBeds 400 thread count, premium Egyptian cotton sheet set is professionally woven by Italian artisans. Of all of PlushBeds bed linen collection lineup, this is the most elegant sheet set. Egyptian cotton is a superb fiber for making sheets, and since linen making is a centuries-long part of Italian craftsmanship culture, it's a wonderful complement that truly sets this sheet set apart from the rest.


  • Natural Wool Topper: Give him the gift of PlushBeds cruelty- and chemical-free 100% Natural Wool Topper, which will enable him to experience a restful, deep sleep he can only receive from natural wool. It's hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and made in the U.S.
  • Alternative Down Bed Topper: Give your couples bed an amazing experience with PlushBeds premium 100% Cotton Twill (195TC) Fabric Alternative Down Bed Topper with Baffle Box Construction. It will create outstanding comfort and maximize loft while minimizing soft spots. It's filled with PlushBeds premium down alternative fiber.
  • Handmade 100% Natural Wool Topper: Your partner will experience year-round relaxation and optimal comfort on this luxurious wool topper. It will keep you cool in summer, warm in winter, and provide superior comfort on all types of mattresses.


  • Sateen White Goose Down Comforter: Any bed would benefit by adding a luxury Sateen White Goose Down Comforter to it. This comforter by PlushBeds is made with a 330 TC, filled with 700 fill power European white goose down, and is encased in a 100% cotton sateen cover. Slip under this sateen white goose down comforter that’s equipped with maximized comfort and loft with its baffle box construction. And, you can feel confident it provides durability and strength with its double-stitched edge piping.
  • 100% Organic Cotton & Wool Lanadown Comforter: This comforter by PlushBeds makes for an amazing functional and comfortable duvet, no matter what season of the year it is, with the efficiency of wool and luxury of down. It comes with a GOTS certified organic cotton shell, 230 TC, and sewn construction for keeping the fill in place, and maximizing loft. It boasts strength and durability, thanks to its double-stitched edge piping.
  • Down Alternative Microfiber Comforter: With PlushBeds Down Alternative Microfiber Comforter, you can offer the man in your life restorative, deep sleep. He can wrap himself in warm, soft comfort of hypoallergenic and double-brushed microfiber down alternative fill. It contains no allergens or odors, and provides a classic down look.
  • Down Blend Comforter: A Down Blend Comforter by PlushBeds offers timeless style and comfort, featuring a blend of feathers and white down encased in a 100% cotton cover. He’ll experience consistent breathability and loft because it's box-stitched and the double-stitched, piped edges ensure style and durability. Plus, it comes with corner ties that help to keep a duvet cover secured.

Mattress Protectors

  • Classic Mattress Protector: Protect any mattress with the breathable and hypoallergenic Classic Mattress Protector by PlushBeds. It offers a gentle and smooth fabric surface, so anyone can rest comfortably without experiencing any change in how their mattress feels. It boasts a breathable, quiet barrier against dust mites and allergens, and allows for adequate airflow. It’s available in 9 sizes.


  • Anchor Weighted Blanket: Any man would love the gift of a PlushBeds Anchor Weighted Blanket, which creates gentle pressure with its glass beads, and encourages restorative and restful sleep and relaxation. It comes in four weights and three sizes, and is easily washable. You should only hand wash, and/or spot clean the inner blankets.

Sofa Bed Mattresses

  • Slice of Heaven Eco Green Sofa Bed Mattress: This natural latex sofa mattress from PlushBeds offers a generous 4.5 inches of support made with the same 100% natural latex as our latex foam mattresses, and reinforced with a certified Plushfoam layer. Finally! You (and your significant other that has been kicked to the couch for the night) and guests can say “goodbye” to that uncomfortable metal bar that is notoriously associated with sleeping on a sofa bed mattress.

Gifts for Little Ones

Let’s not forget the little ones. The kids on your Valentine’s Day list may seem a little harder to please while keeping to your natural and organic values. However, these gifts are sure to hit the mark.

Mattress Protectors

  • Organic Cotton Mattress Protector: Protect your child's mattress with PlushBeds Organic Cotton Mattress Protector. It's Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified and compliments any organic latex mattress perfectly. Add in some organic Egyptian cotton sheets to create the perfect match. It protects any mattress from spills, stains, and dust mites.
  • Classic Mattress Protector: Protect any mattress with the breathable and hypoallergenic Classic Mattress Protector by PlushBeds. It offers a gentle and smooth fabric surface, so any one can rest comfortably without experiencing any change in how their mattress feels. It boasts a breathable, quiet barrier against dust mites and allergens, and allows for adequate airflow. It’s available in 9 sizes.


  • Cotton Encased Down Blend Pillow: Let your kids snuggle up to PlushBeds cotton-encased down blend pillow that provides an amazing feather blend and wonderful plush down with a surrounding layer of cotton, which gets rid of any sharp quill feel.

Sheet Sets

  • Organic Cotton Sheets: This PlushBeds organic cotton sheet set features organic certification by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). If you are looking for an organic sleep experience, these are the sheets for you – not only are they organic, but they have a soft, comfy feel. There are no dyes or chemicals in this set, and being hypoallergenic it is a great pick if you have sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Bamboo Sheet Set: Feel great about choosing this elegant and sleek bamboo sheet set by PlushBeds, which is crafted from a renewable resource. They’re perfect for individuals with sensitive skin. And, since bamboo is a porous material, you're little ones will stay dry and cool all night long as the sheets wick moisture away from you while you're sleeping. An added bonus, bamboo inherently resists odor, and is antibacterial.
  • Tencel Sheet Set: PlushBeds Tenel Sheet Set is gentle and kind on your skin. A huge benefit of Tencel is it's very smooth on the fiber level when you're comparing it to wool and cotton. It's also eco-friendly, and outpaces standard sheet materials in feel and performance.
  • Supima Premium Cotton Sheet Set: The little ones will love the soft, breathable, and vibrant color Supima Premium Cotton Sheet Set by Plushbeds. Their cotton is extra long, and 100% American-grown. They have 600-thread count single-ply sateen weave, and strong fibers. They're also pill resistant. They'll provide a comforting, relaxing experience while they are dreaming away.


  • Down Filled Blanket: Give the gift of a down-filled blanket by PlushBeds that will wrap your kids up with warmth, but without the bulk or weight. Crafted with 230-thread count cambric cotton, this down-filled blanket is decorated with an elegant 3" satin binding, and filled with soft white down. You can use it by itself with no cover, or add it on your child's bed as a lightweight blanket that will fit any season perfectly.

Giving gifts like these will help to keep younger people on your list happy when they crawl into bed each night!

Instead of going the traditional route of flowers or chocolate, why not choose to butter her or him up with luxury organic bedding from PlushBeds? Giving gifts like these will help to keep them well-rested and healthy, for many years to come.

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