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Great Outdoors

It’s summertime and with that comes all the fun activities that kids get to do with their families when there’s no school to worry about. One of the most popular summer activities is camping. Whether the campsite is a tent in your backyard or an RV hours away from your home, they share a common factor: the lack of a decent sleeping space. While marshmallows and ghost stories make for great summer memories by dusk, the state of your back by dawn might be worse for the wear. Going camping doesn’t have to be the end of a good night of sleep. There are ways to dream peacefully in the wilderness without the comfort of your own matttress.

Active has come up with some tips for sleeping well while camping:

Bed Choice

There are many options to choose from when it comes to your sleeping surface while camping, including the inflatable sleeping pad. Big Agnes makes a decent one. The best thing about the sleeping pad is that it’s easy to pack but inflates to a fairly large size. It’s also firm for a portable mattress which can be hard to find.

When packing for your trip, try to remember to leave room for a pillow. Even if it’s not your full size pillow, a travel pillow is still better than no pillow at all when you settle in your tent for the night. (It will do your neck and back wonders in the morning).

Sounds of Nature

If you’re not all about the sounds of the scenery while you’re camping, then make sure you bring ear plugs for your trip. If you can’t handle the plugs, come equipped with other white noises. Smart phones have many apps now that create white noise sounds to help you fall asleep.


Make sure you check the weather – especially the overnight forecast – before you leave for your trip. Remember, even in the heat of the summer, it can get cold at night depending on where you’re camping. Come prepared with extra lining for your bedding. If you’ve forgotten to check the weather before and are now freezing in your tent, try the makeshift heater: the ancient hot water bottle trick. Heat water and pour it into a plastic bottle. Close the lid tight and put it inside your sleeping bag before going to bed. It can heat up your sleeping bag by 25 degrees!

Exhaust Yourself

Let’s face it, after a day of outdoor extreme activities that you’ll most likely be participating in during your camping trip, you’ll be so exhausted by the time you reach your tent that you won’t be able to think of much else besides sleeping. Go to bed early and exhausted, it will make for a peaceful night and a rested morning.

Make sure to consider these tips before camping and look into the portable bedding that’s right for you. Here’s to the great outdoors!

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