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One of the most important things you need in order to properly function and have good physical and mental health, is an adequate amount of “good sleep” each night. And, as crazy as it might sound to some, sleeping with socks on can make a surprising difference in the quality and quantity of sleep you get at night. But, why can it make so much of a difference, and is it the right move for you to make?

Why Wear Socks While Sleeping?

According to Dr. Oz, turning down the thermostat in your home and sleeping with socks on is a great way to trick your body. What happens is your body believes it’s hot, which forces a reduction in your core temperature. The end result is that because your body believes it is cooler, you are better able to fall asleep and remain asleep.

While this might not sound like such a big deal, it really does make a great deal of difference as far as your ability to sleep is concerned. Of course, that’s not the only reason to consider wearing socks to bed.

Cleveland Clinic Magazine also supports the wearing of socks to bed to help eliminate wakefulness or sleeplessness caused by hot flashes and/or night sweats. Because socks help regulate body temperature they can be an ideal solution to help resolve minor hot flashes without more extreme options like hormone replacement therapy. Using wicking sheets and sleeping on a foam mattress are others ways to keep cool when you have night sweats and hot flashes.

Wearing socks to bed is also commonly recommended to people who suffer from primary or secondary Raynaud’s disease. Raynaud’s, also called Raynaud’s phenomenon, is a condition in which the body severely overreacts to cold temperatures and/or stress by reducing the flow of blood to extremities. One recommendation for this disorder, according to Cedars-Sinai, is to wear socks to sleep so that body temperature to the feet is regulated and to reduce the likelihood of a Raynaud’s attack.

Yet another reason to wear socks at night involves creating a ritual. Sleep rituals can become important triggers that let your body know it’s time for sleep. This is especially beneficial for people who have a difficult time getting their minds to “turn off” so they can go to sleep. Make this part of your ritual and you’ll receive many more benefits from wearing socks than the ritual, in and of itself, provides.

Aesthetic Benefits of Socks for Sleep

Not all of the benefits of wearing socks to bed involve medical conditions or even a good night’s sleep. Some of them are purely aesthetic. People who suffer from extremely dry skin often wake in winter months to find their feet are dry, cracked, and sore. Using the proper moisturizers at night before bed and then putting on clean cotton socks can greatly benefit the conditioning and comfort of your feet the next morning. This is especially helpful to women (and men) preparing for sandal season too.

Whether your primary concern is getting a proper night’s sleep or you’re more interested in the aesthetic aspect of wearing socks to bed, the benefits of sleeping with socks on are worth careful consideration.

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