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Small Business Saturday – November 29th - PlushBeds

Once you’ve recovered from your Thanksgiving turkey and early morning Black Friday shopping adventures, there’s one more shopping excursion you might want to consider, Small Business Saturday. This important shopping day, which takes place on November 29, 2014, helps raise awareness about small local businesses in your community – the very ones that are often overlooked during the holiday shopping fervor in favor of mall kiosks and big box stores.

PlushBeds – Official Supporter of Small Business Saturday

We’re doing our part here at PlushBeds! We’re super excited that we are an official supporter of the Small Business Saturday movement. This is our way of helping to get the word out about this important movement and what it means to small businesses and local communities throughout the country.

The History and Origin of Small Business Saturday

Originally, this was a day established by American Express to help small businesses get more customers. The first Small Business Saturday was held the Saturday following Thanksgiving in 2010.

The movement took hold and was officially recognized by the U.S. Senate in 2011. It’s also gained recognition and support from mayors, governors, and even from President Obama.

Each year it continues to grow as more shoppers learn about this opportunity to add one more day of great deals to their calendars. For example, consumers spent an estimated $5.5 billion at local small businesses on Small Business Saturday 2012.

Local communities are the ones that really reap the rewards of Small Business Saturday as local businesses gain greater recognition, citizens discover the convenience and opportunities of shopping locally, and local businesses make bigger investments in the communities as they grow.

How Can You Get Involved?

Regardless of corporate efforts, if communities aren’t getting behind the idea of shopping local on Small Business Saturday, it will be difficult for your community to enjoy the benefits this event provides.

To that end, get involved in your community. Join the 1,450 plus who are neighborhood champions dedicated to rallying their communities behind Small Business Saturday.

Spread the Word.  Tell others in your community about the big day and invite them to participate as well.

Bring a Friend.  Shopping is so much better when you have someone to share the day with you. Make a day of it, too. Hit the local shops in your downtown area and then have dinner at one of the many local diners, cafes, and restaurants that are locally owned and operated.

Get Social.   Share the news on social media. Share pictures on your favorite social networks and come up with clever hashtags to make it memorable. More importantly, post as you go and invite other friends, family, and followers to get in on the action by posting their favorite hauls, stops, shops, and shopping bags.

Shop Locally Online. No worries if you can’t get out and shop at your local brick and mortar store on Small Business Saturday. You can also participate by shopping at small merchants online.

Why Shop Local?

Many reasons! Many consumers feel they can get most of the items they need from big box types of stores and supercenters. They feel little need to shop from small businesses. It’s important to point out, though, that these small businesses offer many benefits to customers they are unlikely to receive from big box chain stores, like the following:

  • Personalized Services
  • Augmentations
  • Specialized Products
  • Service after the Sale
  • Genuine Interest in Serving Customer Needs
  • Customizability
  • Unique Items and Products
  • Specialized Products, Skills, and Expertise

There are other benefits, community benefits, to consider when you shop small businesses in your community, too. One of the biggest is that small business owners invest heavily in the communities they serve.

From sports team sponsorships, to community organizations, charitable giving, community school sponsorships, and more, it’s local businesses that carry the load in these vital outreach programs on a local scale. In other words, your investment in small businesses often finds its way back into the community.

Remember the day: Saturday, November 29, 2014. It’s the day to set aside for shopping small businesses. Whether you shop online or in local stores, you’re giving a gift that will continue to give longer than just this one day. More importantly, you may discover a hidden gem and brand new favorite just down the road.

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