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Pregnancy can be an amazing time in your life. You’ll be welcoming a new life into the world and soon you’ll experience the purest love in the world: motherhood. With joy, naturally, comes stress and overwhelming times. A normal amount of stress can cause us to lay awake at night, so pregnancy stress only multiplies this. Getting a good night of sleep while you’re pregnant may seem like the last thing on your mind, but it shouldn’t be. According to a study done by the University of California, the number of hours you sleep each night during pregnancy correlates with the number of hours you’ll be in labor. To avoid unwarranted labor pains, let’s go over the best options for getting a good night of sleep while you’re waiting on the stork.

About Pregnancy has some tips on when and how you should be sleeping during pregnancy and how to fall asleep easier at night:

  • To sleep through the night while pregnant, try to exercise regularly, just as long as it’s not too close to bed time. It will help you sleep sounder at night and also assist with your energy levels during the day.
  • Try not to eat too close to your bed time, as it may cause unwanted heartburn.
  • Use body pillows between your knees and under your belly for support to get a comfortable night of rest.
  • Nap when you can; a twenty minute nap can make all the difference in a day.
  • Set your bed time a little earlier than usual. You’ll need any extra sleep you can get!
  • Try to relax before settling in for the night with a warm bath.
  • If you do wake up during the night, try reading to fall back asleep. The worst thing you can do is just lie there and think about the fact that you can’t sleep.
  • Try to stretch before bed to avoid leg cramps at night.

There are many options when it comes to mattresses to consider during your pregnancy. Latex foam beds are recommended due to their comfort and their all natural composition. It’s best to keep additional exposure to allergies out of your life while you’re pregnant and an all-natural latex mattress can help with this.

The American Pregnancy foundation has listed some sleep positions for a more comfortable night of rest during pregnancy. Along with positions you’re suggested to sleep in, here are some to avoid:

Sleeping on your back: Sleeping on your back can cause problems with backaches, the digestive system, breathing and low blood pressure. It can also cause a decrease in circulation to your heart and baby.

Sleeping on your stomach: As you get further along in your pregnancy, your abdomen will get larger and make it very difficult and uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach.

There are many other sleeping methods out there to consider during your pregnancy. Make sure you find the one that’s best suited for you; remember, in a few months you’re going to be a mom, which means this could be your last chance for a full night of sleep!

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