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The PlushBeds family remains committed to safeguarding the planet with sustainable mattresses and bedding. With that in mind, we encourage others to find sustainable ways to go about their daily lives, including crafting a howling good and spectacularly spooky Halloween experience with these sustainable DIY decorations for All Hallow’s Eve.

Why Sustainable Halloween Decorations?

Sustainable products do the least damage to the environment. As fate would have it, many outstanding sustainable Halloween decorations can be found in nature, and will cost you nothing more than time. That means they can be quite cost-effective, too.

For families, you can get your kids involved in the search for scary good finds you can add to your Halloween haul.

Good DIY fodder you can find in nature include things like:

  • Sticks and twigs
  • Fall-colored leaves
  • Pumpkins and gourds
  • Corn stalks

While Mother Nature is an outstanding provider for great Halloween decoration starters, don’t forget to check out your recycling bins as well. Things like the tubes from toilet paper and paper towel rolls can quickly become kid-friendly Halloween monsters you can hang from strings to decorate, perhaps even put string lights through. Used food cans can become spook-worthy luminaries by cutting a design in the can, painting the can’s exterior, and then placing a tealight candle inside. Easy peasy. And, when you get the kids involved, it helps to reduce the chorus of “I’m bored”, and it doesn’t create a sugar rush.

The ideas listed below are sure to help you kickstart your imagination to help you scare up some screaming good decorations for your home this Halloween season that are safe, fun, and sustainable.

Make a Batmobile

For this project you’ll need a few key ingredients, including the following:

  • Fishing line
  • Two sticks from your lawn
  • Carboard boxes to recycle
  • Black spray paint
  • Hole punch

Cut used cardboard (great idea for all those Amazon boxes you’re beginning to collect this time of year, though it can be done with thinner cardboard as well) into bat shapes, and paint black. If desired, you may elect to paint the sticks black as well. Then, punch a hole in the cardboard, and loop a fishing line through the hole before attaching to one of the sticks. Hang various bats with lines of differing lengths from the sticks, and then affix to your ceiling with command hooks or similar product.

Craft an Eerie, Spindly, Spidery Twig Wreath

This product may require some adult supervision, though it can be great fun for all parties. Gather various twigs you can shape into a wreath for your door. Use a glue gun and twine to whip the wreath into shape and then paint the entire wreath, twine and all, with black spray paint. Spray paint two rocks with glow in the dark yellow paint, and then paint black dots in the middle. Insert into the folds of the wreath for scary eyeballs that peer out into the darkness.

Then, search your kids’ toy collections, your craft supply closets, and local thrift stores for leftover ingredients that can make other creepy crawly decorations for your wreath.

Make a Head in a Jar

This neat project might be one kids can help with, and find a lot of fun to do (especially if each child uses a sibling’s head rather than their own)! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Recycled spaghetti sauce, or other wide-mouth jars.
  • Photograph copies of each child printed on thick, glossy paper
  • Glow sticks
  • Water
  • Food coloring

It’s a fun project that is sure to get a lot of laughs and might buy you a few minutes of quiet as your children pursue this somewhat macabre task. It is certainly one they’ll remember for many Halloween holidays to come. Perhaps one they’ll remember and someday share with their children.

Assemble Hanging Ghosts

Another fun project that might scare the neighbors away is this hanging ghosts project. You can use either your porch or trees that have low hanging branches for the attachment. Here’s what you need for the ghosts:

  • A large, used, white sheet that can be cut into three or more “ghosts”
  • Latex balloons (one for each ghost’s head)
  • Twine or yarn
  • Wire to hang the “ghosts” from
  • Scissors

Blow up the balloons to create heads for your ghosts, and tie the balloons off, once you get them to the appropriate size. Through the portion of sheet over the balloon, and then use twine to loosely tie the sheet to the balloon, effectively creating the body. Use the scissors to create multiple jagged eggs for a ghostly effect along the bottom of the “body”, and then insert the wire through the sheet at the top of the “head”, so you can attach to your home or a tree on your lawn.

Be careful to avoid nicking the balloon with the wire or your balloon will pop. You may want to use an old ball or something else instead, if you’re worrying about your ghost losing shape.

You can use a fan blowing behind the ghosts and strobe light effects to make it appear as though the ghosts are blowing for an even greater spook factor.

Make a Scarecrow

The sky's the limit when it comes to sustainable scarecrow ideas. You can go with kid-friendly versions, or try to create one that will have their parents having second thoughts. Great head ideas include pumpkins, burlap sacks, and even leftover pieces from Halloween decorations past.

For the body, you can use practically anything. From hay to dried out cornstalks, to limbs and twigs, or even rope and wire. Thrift stores (or outgrown clothing in the back of your closet) make excellent sustainable options for the clothing, and you can always use odds and ends buttons and thread to stitch an appropriately frightening face for your scarecrow.

The thing to remember is that you don’t want to make it so terrifying that it gives you nightmares.

Create a Wine Bottle “Candelabra”

Another fun trick for a sustainable Halloween decoration idea is a wine bottle “candelabra.” You’ll want the following to complete this fun project.

  • Red taper candles. Look for candles that are red through and through, and not white or clear candles with red on the exterior
  • Five wine bottles with labels peeled
  • Black chalk spray paint
  • Four wooden blocks of the same dimensions (you’ll use these to create height for your “candelabra”

Half the fun of this scary good Halloween project is emptying the wine bottles! Once they’re emptied, remove the labels. If you’re having trouble, try using rubbing alcohol to get rid of the sticky residue.

Once the labels are removed and the bottles completely dry, it’s time to paint them, and the wooden blocks, black. Using a chalk spray paint adheres better than some other options, and looks good when the project is complete.

Let the bottles and blocks dry, then glue two bottles to one block. Take the remaining two blocks, and glue them together, before gluing one of the remaining wine bottles to the blocks. This creates differing heights for the “candelabra” effect.

Insert red candles into the tops of the bottles. Light the candles, then allow the wax to drip down the bottles in differing amounts before blowing the candles out. That way you have the red wax buildup a little ahead of the big night when you light the candles once again.

Have a Happy, Safe, and Sustainable Halloween

Whether you try one of these projects, or you’re inspired to create one of your own, PlushBeds hopes you will have a happy, healthy, safe, and sustainable Halloween!

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