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The Best Memory Foam Mattress for Morning Aches and Pains - PlushBeds

Memory foam mattresses have gained a great deal of popularity over the years due to their many benefits. Part of the reason they’ve been so popular is because they are constructed in many layers of varying density. These layers respond to weight and temperature in order to mold to the shape of the individual bodies sleeping on them.

Many people who have slept on traditional innerspring mattresses know, all too well, that achy, painful, stiff, and sore feeling the morning after a full night’s sleep. This pain isn’t necessarily from a night filled with dreams of going rounds of an ultimate fighter championship bout with your pillow. More often than not, it’s a combination effect resulting from inadequate support and pain in various pressure points (hips, knees, shoulders, etc.) where your body comes in contact with the mattress itself.

The Memory Foam Solution

Over the past thirty or so years, memory foam mattresses have been the gold standard when it comes to pressure point relief. These mattresses are constructed with several layers of foam with varying degrees of density. The result is that the mattress, when introduced to the heat and weight of your body, contours to match the curves of your body.

It’s the age old story of finding the just right fit for sleep. For many, memory foam is the perfect solution as it literally hugs the curves of the human form while you’re sleep offering an even distribution of pressure – something the average innerspring mattress can never claim.

Traditional Memory Foam Problems

Unfortunately, the fit for memory foam mattresses in the past hasn’t been universal. Despite the supreme pressure point relief these mattresses provide, the traditional problem has been lack of support.

Some people felt that they were trading one type of ache or pain in for a different kind of ache or pain. Then there was the temperature issue where people would sink into the memory foam and trap the heat close to their bodies.

Changing the Story’s End

Traditional memory foam mattresses are not ideal for getting a great night’s sleep. The good news, for fans of happy endings everywhere, is that there is updated technology as it comes to memory foam mattresses. The PlushBeds memory foam line brings new technology into the picture and provides a better overall choice for people in the mattress market.

The PlushBeds memory foam mattress is constructed with a unique open-cell design that allows air to flow freely through the mattress. This means heat can dissipate more quickly and be drawn away from the body rather than held in close. Cooler nights are all the rave for people who have trouble sleeping.

Additionally, the PlushBeds memory foam mattresses also offer the firm support of a natural latex transitional layer, which helps to prevent that sinking sensation common to traditional memory foam mattresses.

Rather than a sinking or quicksand sensation, people who sleep on our memory foam mattresses literally feel as though they’re sleeping on a cloud.

What does this do for aches and pains? It relieves many and eliminates others – giving you a great morning after.

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