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Recycling, reusing, reducing emissions… being “green” is so important in today’s day and age. If being “green” is your mission, achieving your goal has never been easier, thanks to eco-friendly apps – and not just a few apps, but tons of them.

If you have a smartphone, and you want to have information to help you make the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly choices possible, you have come to the right place! The 15 apps listed here, which are available for either iOS, Android, or both, will assist you in making the most sustainable choices to help you reduce your carbon footprint and make the earth healthier for future generations.

Sustainable Living Apps for Android and iOS

Visit your Play Store on your Android or iPhone, and you will find that there are literally dozens upon dozens of options. To help you sort through these apps, and find the options that best meet your specific “green” living lifestyle needs, here is a collection of excellent apps to help you make the most sustainable choices possible in different areas of your daily life.

  1. Waterprint

If using water as efficiently as possible is your goal, the Waterprint app will help you achieve it. This app was created by Water Efficiency magazine as a way to provide people with an easily accessible way to learn how much water they use, and how they can effectively reduce their water consumption.

This app is free on iOS.

  1. ecoFootprint

This multi-functional app was created by the World Wildlife Fund. It keeps track of the amount of energy you use, the food you eat, and the carbon emissions you put out on a daily basis. Click on the section title, “Ways to Improve Your Results” to find out how you can reduce your footprint.

This app is free on Android.

  1. Zero Carbon

With this app, you can keep track of the CO2 emissions that you produce via your transportation habits and the amount of energy that you use, and how the greenhouse gases that you create impact the climate. You will also find tips to help you reduce your emissions.

This app is free on iOS.

  1. My CO2 Calculator

With this intuitive app, you can easily keep track of your carbon footprint over long spans of time. By utilizing information that you input into the application, the app will estimate your footprint while completing your daily tasks, like driving your car or taking the train. You can also set monthly goals to assist you in reducing your impact on the environment.

This app is free on Android.

  1. EcoCharge

When you use this app, an alarm will sound when your electronic devices are completely charged, which will not only help you stop using unnecessary energy, but will also increase the life of your batteries. The app also offers tips that will allow you to be energy efficient while staying connected.

This app is free on Android.

  1. GoodGuide

This app offers ratings for different products and companies, helping you assess their environmental, health, and social performance. Browse the database or scan barcodes to find the most environmentally-friendly products for your home. It helps you to quickly find socially responsible and green products based upon scientific ratings.

This app is free for iOS.

  1. Recyclebank

You’ll receive points for the eco-friendly activities that you do on a daily basis when you use this app. Whenever you do something that’s good for the environment, like recycle, or conserve water, you’ll receive points, which you can use to order rewards.

This app is free on iOS.

  1. Give O2

With this app, you can automatically offset your carbon footprint. Utilizing your phone’s GPS, this app helps you learn more about your carbon footprint, and how your daily activities impact it. For example, when you are driving, the app will track how many miles you have traveled, how much gas you have used, and how much carbon emissions you have put into the atmosphere. You can also earn discounts and rewards at retailers who participate with the app.

This app is free and available for both Android and iOS.

  1. Carma Carpooling

This is another app that helps you reduce emissions and the amount of money you spend on commuting. Carma Carpooling allows you to find people in your area who are traveling to the same destination, or somewhere on your route. You pick up the passengers, and they contribute to your costs; or, another driver picks you up, and you contribute to the driver’s costs. Users of this app can make secure payments using a credit card, and 85% of what users pay goes straight to the driver.

This app is free on iOS and Android.

  1. GreenMeter

This iOS app uses your phone’s accelerometer to keep track of and rate the efficiency of your driving. The app will let you know if you are accelerating too fast, or braking at the last minute so that you can find out how efficient your driving techniques are. In addition, GreenMeter offers real-time results pertaining to the power of your vehicle and the amount of fuel it uses.

This app is $5.99 on iOS.

  1. #Climate

With this app, you can learn about eco-friendly ideas that will help you combat climate change. You can also share these ideas with your friends on social media. The app gathers the most useful climate change efforts that have been set out by different organizations. It also gives you stats that will help you keep track of your personal impact on the environment.

This app is free and available on the developer’s website and iOS.

  1. Wise Up on Waste

Do you want to limit the amount of food that you waste? If so, then this is the app for you. The Wise Up on Waste app keeps track of food waste and food spoilage. By keeping tabs on the amount your food spoilage, you can limit the amount that you waste, and this app will help you achieve that goal by reducing the amount of food that you throw out by 20%, or more!

This app is available on both iOS and Android (and your desktop) for free.

  1. iRecycle

Brought to you by Earth 911, Inc., iRecycle is helps you to find convenient recycling options in the U.S. It boasts more than 1,600,000 ways for people to recycle upwards of 350 materials here in the U.S. It’s a quick way to find nearby recycling opportunities, whether you need to recycle your computer, glass, construction materials, household items, and more.

This app is free on iOS and Android.

  • Dropcountr

Thanks to this app, you can reduce the amount of water that you use in your home or in your office. Simply connect your water utility company to the app through your smartphone, and you will receive customized budgeting messages regarding water use, droughts, and leaks. You can see how much water you use, and set a water budget.

This app is available for free on Android and iOS.

  1. Farmstand

Find locally grown foods from markets around the world; 8,700 markets, to be exact. You’ll be able to locate the markets closest to you, and also see what’s happening at nearby markets. You’ll see when markets are open, find directions, and see photos that have been shared by other people who have shopped at each market. If you’d like, you can also post your own photos to the app and share them with other users.

This app is available for free on iOS, and there’s also a mobile web version.

If you would like to make the world a better place for today and tomorrow, and you have a smartphone, the apps mentioned here are an excellent way to start your mission toward eco-friendly living.

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