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What Is an Organic Mattress Topper? | PlushBeds

An organic mattress topper is an affordable way of enjoying a healthy, new bed, at a cost-effective price. Enjoy luxurious comfort, soothing pressure point relief, and support each night. Also, when you use organic bedding products, you can experience better quality of air in your bedroom, resulting in a healthier, better sleep.

An organic latex mattress topper is a popular choice today. It's non-toxic and naturally cooling. It also provides more bounce than toppers made of memory foam. It is made with various density levels in various sections to offer the best support possible for your back, while reducing discomfort an old, inadequate mattress causes. You can typically select from various:

  • Firmness levels
  • Thickness levels
  • Sizes

Benefits of Organic Mattress Toppers

There are various benefits of organic latex mattress toppers, including:

Pressure Relieving

A comfy, cushiony natural latex topper is elastic and soft, and optimized for providing pressure point relief. This provides forgiving support for your:

  • Back
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Shoulders

It's open-cell airflow structure also offers better heat distribution, while absorbing the shock of your partner's body movements at the same time. You're kept comfortable and cool all night long.


Organic latex mattress toppers typically come with various certifications to ensure the greatest product quality standards in the manufacturing process and distribution process.

Free of Chemicals and Toxins

Organic latex foam is pure, and comes from sustainable sources. Organic latex mattress toppers:

  • Contain no toxic additives
  • Contain no fillers
  • Uses only the greatest quality latex
  • Emits no harmful odors or gases

Many are free from:

  • Pesticides
  • Chemical dyes
  • Carcinogenic adhesives
  • Bleach
  • Chemical flame retardants

Fillers aren't added like petrochemical or clay products. You get only 100% pure latex that's hypoallergenic, odor free, dust mite resistant, anti-microbial, and mildew resistant.

Reasons to Buy an Organic Mattress Topper

  1. Great Value

Organic latex mattresses are an affordable way of making your current mattress more comfortable, without you having to go out and purchase a whole new mattress. Add an extra layer of comfort on your existing mattress, or experience the pressure-relieving benefits of latex before you invest in a more costly latex mattress.

  1. Great Pressure Relief

The airflow design of an organic latex mattress topper reduces pressure points, which better distributes your body weight. This provides extra support for your hips, back, shoulders, and knees.

  1. Breathe Better

Some cheaper composite latex toppers or foam mattresses emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air you breathe. You're inhaling this air all night long as you sleep. An organic latex mattress topper is GreenGuard Gold certified, and pure, meaning it meets the most stringent third-party chemical emissions standards. And, it's very beneficial for sensitive people, too, like the elderly and children.

  1. Natural, Long Lasting Comfort

Organic latex toppers resist deterioration. Most come with some type of warranty, and have a 20 year lifespan. Since these toppers don't consist of synthetic latex that's crafted from petrochemical products, they won't sag, discolor, or break down, and will always go back to their original shape.

  1. All Natural Containing No Fillers

Although a lot of latex toppers you find on the market today use petrochemical product-made synthetic latex that has a limited lifespan, organic mattress toppers contain no synthetic, petroleum-based products.

  1. Free of Odors

An organic latex mattress topper is virtually odor-free, due to the Fresh Foam Technology often used. There's no toxic additives or fillers, no odors, or emission of harmful gasses. Only the highest quality of latex is used, providing the natural result of no odor or off-gassing like other toppers.

  1. Sleeps Cooler

An organic latex mattress topper is cooler, since the manufacturing process creates thousands of ventilation holes in the design of the topper, allowing a free flow of air, and drawing heat away from your body. This provides a cool sensation while you sleep.

  1. Hypoallergenic

Latex mattress toppers are:

  • Anti-microbial
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Mildew resistant
  • Dust mite resistant

This is ideal if you suffer with allergies.

  1. Free Shipping

Many companies will deliver your new organic mattress topper straight to your door for free .

  1. Made in the U.S.

Many organic mattress toppers are made in the U.S., which ensures the highest quality standards of the product throughout the whole manufacturing and distribution process.

Popular Height Options

A couple popular height options for natural latex mattress toppers are:

  • Two inches thick: Provides you with a supportive layer, but you can still feel your mattress underneath slightly.
  • Three inches thick: Great choice if you're looking for a little more support and cushion. Ideal if you want more of a plush feel, or would like more insulation from your mattress.

Firmness Options

Your different firmness options are:

  • Soft: Recommended for people who sleep on their side or back, and like to sink into the bed.
  • Medium: Recommended for people who sleep on their side, since it provides the right balance of support and comfort.
  • Medium-Firm: Recommended for stomach or back sleepers, and is a little bit more firmer than medium.
  • Extra-Firm: Recommended for people who are more than 250 lbs, or for those people who like a very firm surface.

You decide which is the best firmness level for your personal preferences.

Try a PlushBeds Organic Latex Topper Today

The best organic mattress topper can do wonders for your overall sleep quality, and is why organic mattress toppers are a must-have extra you should add to your bedding. Although some bedding items, including mattress toppers, have received a bad reputation for being constructed with toxic inexpensive materials and synthetic foams, you'll find many companies these days who are hand-crafting eco-friendly and organic mattress toppers.

PlushBeds organic latex topper is very affordable, and perfect if you're looking to experience luxury while obtaining the best quality sleep on latex. Enjoy soothing pressure point relief, outstanding support, and luxurious comfort all night long on our organic mattress toppers.

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