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Which Mattress is Right for You? - PlushBeds

Which PlushBeds latex mattress is right for you - Botanical Bliss, Natural Bliss, or Luxury Bliss?

With three luxuriously comfortable models in our latex mattress line, you might find it hard to choose. Each model includes exceptional, buoyant support, coupled with cool comfort, for deep, restorative sleep.

Each can be customized to personalize your comfort.  Each is certified to meet the most stringent standards for purity in mattresses. But which is right for you?

Botanical Bliss - PlushBeds Organic Latex Mattress

Our most in-demand model, the Botanical Bliss, is a deep mattress made with organic latex, organic cotton, and an organic wool top layer. It's perfect for you if you want the extra support of a deep mattress, and certified organic materials are a top priority.

The Botanical Bliss is:

  • Mildew and mold proof, and anti-microbial, which means if you're an allergy sufferer, you'll sneeze and wheeze less
  • Doesn't trap heat like other foams, sleeps cool
  • Resists dust mites, which cut down on this top source of indoor allergens
  • Doesn't produce off-putting odors or irritants

Botanical Bliss mattresses come with three certifications:

  1. GOTS Certified Organic Wool

Each mattress contains up to 10 pounds of certified organic wool (New Zealand) in each mattress, which offers outstanding soothing support, but also helps your body keep a comfortable and well-regulated temperature during the night, and breathes naturally.

  1. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Cover

Our organic cotton cover is soft-knitted, and provides moisture absorption and unrestricted airflow to help keep you dry and cool. Since it's certified organic, you can feel confident it's sustainably grown, without hazardous herbicides or pesticides.

  1. GOLS Certified Organic Latex

Every organic Dunlop latex layer is calibrated uniquely to a various firmness, so you can get the exact level of support and softness you want.

The premium Botanical Bliss comes in nine different sizes that can be customized for thickness and firmness. Queen and King sizes can be "split." So, if one partner prefers medium-firm and the other, firm, you can have each side of your mattress individually customized.

PlushBeds split latex mattresses are the perfect solution to the perennial problem of sharing a bed when you have different comfort needs. Other brands don't offer this level of customization because they don't craft their own mattresses in-house. It's just one detail that makes the Botanical Bliss so special.

Natural Bliss - PlushBeds Natural Latex Mattress

Our Natural Bliss mattress is handcrafted in the U.S. with 100% high-quality natural latex. It contains no chemicals, synthetics or blends. It is wool- and animal-free, and vegan, and comes with a GOTS certified stretch organic cotton cover. 

This 100% natural latex mattress is frequently recommended by orthopedic specialists and chiropractors, due to its buoyant feeling that cradles your body's pressure points gently, relieving pains and aches, and promoting deep sleep.

Natural bliss is a beautiful option for anyone who wants a latex mattress free from toxic chemicals, but prefers it wool-free, too.

Because the Natural Bliss comes in our widest range of firmness levels, you’ll have plenty of options for customizing.

The Natural Bliss can be the ideal option for sleepers on the lightweight side. It comes in 6-,8-, and 10-inch heights for those weighing up to 135 pounds.

Like the Botanical Bliss, Natural Bliss can be split when you choose from Queen and King sizes. It's like having two mattresses in one - only from PlushBeds.

The Natural Bliss mattress comes with a variety of certifications, including:

  • GOTS organic cotton certification
  • GreenGuard Gold certification
  • OEKO-TEK Standard 100 certification
  • GOTS certified organic wool certification

Luxury Bliss - PlushBeds Hybrid Latex Mattress

If you love the idea of latex comfort, but still want the sensation of inner coils, our Luxury Bliss is the hybrid choice for you.

A plush layer of organic latex, and cooling layers of organic cotton, plus a wool cover and an individually-wrapped, pocketed coil core.

You no longer need to deal with painful pressure, continuous restlessness, and tossing and turning, or unrefreshed sleep. Standard mattresses are made with interlocking coils that can cause unrefreshed sleep and restlessness because they cause painful pressure points. However, the Luxury Bliss Hybrid Latex mattress, unlike those inflexible mattresses, uses premium fabric-encased coils that each respond to your body's unique pressure points.

This results in:

  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Superior support
  • Buoyant, comfortable sleep experience

The open fabric-encased coil arrangement also helps with increased airflow, keeping you cooler at night as you're sleeping. It's a mattress that improves air circulation, breathes, and keeps irritating mold and bacteria at bay.

PlushBeds inner coils are designed to isolate motion between partners, and spring back, unlike most inner coil mattresses. And the buoyant latex top layer cradles your body in comfort. With the Luxury Bliss, you can customize each side when you choose the Spit King, and choose between two firmness levels. Because perfect sleep is personal!

For a life-changing experience, your mattress needs to be crafted with care. All of our Bliss line of latex mattresses are put through a meticulous production process, and handcrafted to order, using certified organic materials and the highest purity standards, so you can breathe and sleep easier each night. We never compromise on luxury from the 100% organic materials we select for each component of the contemplated design we use.

Our dedication to stringent organic certifications and purity standards is equally matched by our years and years of research to develop the best possible sleep experience ever.

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