Green Savings Calculator

"Be Green. Save Green"

Hang laundry out to dry.
$ Save $70 per year
Set thermostat to Energy Star settings.
$ Save $180 per year
Plug my electronics into a power strip that's switched off when not in use.
$ Save $100 per year
meal(s) of beef per person per week.
People participating.
$ Save $100 per person per year by cutting out one average meal of beef per week.
Miles I will bike per week in place of driving.

$ Calculation based on cost of 60.8 cents per mile.
I will carpool to work with
other people. How much do you spend each year in gas?
$ $2.29 per gallon X 7 gallons of gas per week average costs $835 per year. Carpooling with just one person is a $418 savings.
Skip eating out for
months out of the year.
$ Typical family can save $3,000 by not eating out for a full 12 months or $250 per month.

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