Back Pain and Relief: What do Chiropractors Say?

Many Americans are plagued with back problems.  In fact at some point in their lives about 80% of adults will suffer from lower back pain.  That is a pretty frightening statistic.  There are many practical things that can be done to prevent back pain like practicing good ergonomic principles and skills – knowing how to lift and to move your body correctly to avoid strain and injury, and nutrition fits into the mix as well, but one cannot overlook the value of good quality sleep.

For quite some time chiropractors have been recommending to their clients excellent supportive mattresses to help their spinal adjustments to stay in longer and have a fuller effect.  Chiropractors, like many natural physicians, do much in the way of educating their clientele to avoid further stress and injury and get them on the road to recovery, empowering them to take charge of their health and not rely solely upon him or her to be the end-all solution to every malady.

One of the top recommended mattresses across the Chiropractic industry has become the all natural latex mattress.  Latex mattresses help the human spine to stay more flexible and less rigid while a person is overall quite stationary for hours at a time.  From the head and neck all the way down to the hips and knees, on a more rigid mattress a person could potentially aggravate and prolong a subluxation (misalignment of the spine at one or more of the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar vertebrae).  Conversely, the latex foam mattress is given to a good deal of personalization and customization for all of the unique bends and curves in an individual’s body.  The weight and full force from it is never pointed or focused with latex mattresses because they assume the curvature of the sleeper’s body and make an equal distribution of that weight across the full surface of the mattress.

Many latex mattress sleepers report that their back pain has been greatly decreased, and this could be for a few notable reasons.  The most obvious is the lack of pressure to the person’s trigger points.  But a further reason could be that a more sound sleep from the lack of tossing and turning to find a more comfortable sleeping position, makes for a more restful night.  Everyone can understand the cumulative effects of stress that come from not sleeping well or not sleeping enough.  From these circumstances can form a chain of unfortunate events, quite possibly tired muscles and bones that don’t perform optimally, and are prone to strain and sprain from overuse with inadequate rest.

The Plushbeds botanical latex mattress cannot be defined as a cure to back pain, but may indeed be part of the equation for relief to some of the many contributing factors that lead to back pain.

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