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Organic Bliss Pillowtop

Organic Bliss Pillowtop

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Our Most Plush & Luxurious


Botanical Bliss Mattress

botanical bliss

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Our Most Popular Mattress


Eco Bliss Mattress

Eco Bliss

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Signature Bliss Pillowtop

Signature Bliss Pillowtop

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Luxury Bliss Mattress

Luxury Bliss

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Savvy Bliss Mattress

Eco Bliss

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Decisions, Decisions… How to Differentiate?

Mattress Selection Process

You may be wondering how to choose from among such wonderful natural latex mattresses. Let us walk you through the selection process, so you can differentiate between the above offerings, and get the very best latex mattress for you and your partner, one that will last for years to come.

While each one of our bedroom mattresses is award-winning, and a great value for the money, the process of selection between the four models – the Botanical Bliss, the Luxury Bliss, and the Eco Bliss – can be narrowed down by considering your lifestyle, personal preferences, and budget. Because while it is most assuredly useful and helpful to compare features between our offerings, it’s also important to understand what has motivated other’s decisions, so that you are able to come to a more informed conclusion, and have a higher chance of arriving at a superb choice, resulting in an excellent sleep experience.

To get a better idea of why an individual would select one model over another model, let us illustrate by outlining a few separate scenarios with real-world examples.

The Botanical Bliss Mattress – Who is it Right For?

The Botanical Bliss is an organic mattress made from dunlop latex, is our most popular offering, and is best for those seeking luxury, combined with 3rd party certification authenticity.

PlushBeds Award-Winning Botanical Bliss Third-Party Certified Organic Latex Mattress

Why Emily Chose the Botanical Bliss

Emily is a 37-year-old successful professional who works in retail, and lives a life aligned with health-giving values. Emily has a Master’s Degree in Retail Design. She does much of her grocery shopping at Whole Foods Market, in order to provide her family with organic food choices, and also makes sure her clothing is sustainably-sourced. She eliminates as many plastics as she can from use in her home and office. She also eliminates toxins as much as possible by utilizing a whole-home water filtration system, and employs an air filter in the main living spaces in her home. She is conscientious about all of her consumer behaviors; even down to the coffee she drinks each morning (ensuring that it is Fair Trade).

Emily loved the idea of a latex mattress, learning that it was formulated from the rubber tree, and she appreciated the fact that PlushBeds latex offerings were as close to single-ingredient, single-origin as you can get. While she felt the Luxury Bliss were good values, and made with premium materials, her lifestyle choices dictated that she go completely organic, and Emily knew that the Botanical Bliss certified sustainable mattress was the mattress for her and her husband. Emily hasn’t been disappointed, and has raved about her delightful organic mattress to her like-minded friends on social media.

The Botanical Bliss is right for customers like Emily, who are willing to pay a higher price for exacting standards, and the highest quality organic dunlop mattress materials for a luxurious night's sleep.

Who Might the Botanical Bliss not be Right For?

The Botanical Bliss may not be for those who aren't concerned with procuring an organic mattress. For some, a hybrid (our Luxury Bliss), is adequate.

The Luxury Bliss Hybrid Mattress – Who is it Right For?

The Luxury Bliss is a hybrid latex mattress, and is best for those who want to experience the body-contouring comfort of organic latex, with the benefit of springs, isolating any motion coming from their partners.

PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Hybrid Mattress – Coil + Organic Latex

Why Nathan and Melody Chose the Luxury Bliss

Nathan and Melody were newly married students (Nathan studying towards an accounting degree, and Melody studying elementary education), when upon moving into a new apartment, were actively looking for a high-quality mattress in a reasonable price range for their budget. Neither of them was very keen on memory foam mattresses, and they had heard about latex foam mattresses from Melody’s mother, who had just purchased an adjustable foundation from the PlushBeds website. Doing their research, Nathan and Melody liked the benefits of latex, and because of conservative underpinnings as pertaining to their money habits, they decided they would dip their feet into the latex sleep experience by selecting our Luxury Bliss hybrid latex mattress. Melody especially appreciates the mattress because Nathan wakes up quite early each morning and rolls out of bed for his job, while Melody is no longer awakened, due to the hybrid mattress feature of no-motion transfer, owing to the fabric-encased coils under the latex comfort layer.

The Luxury Bliss is right for customers like Nathan and Melody, who are budget-conscious, while at the same time wishing to experience the exquisite feel of organic latex. As well, this is a superb choice for couples who come to bed at separate times, or arise at different times, due to the no-motion transfer factor.

Who is the Luxury Bliss not Right For?

The Luxury Bliss may not be for those who are looking beyond hybrids to a solid latex configuration, found in either our Botanical Bliss, or our Natural Bliss.

The Eco Bliss Hybrid Mattress – Who is it Right For?

The Eco Bliss is a hybrid latex mattress, and is best for those who want to experience a plush top comfort layer of organic latex, with the benefit of a supportive core of CertiPUR® certified foam, at the most affordable price of all of our latex offerings.

PlushBeds Eco Bliss Hybrid Mattress – Supportive PlushFoam Core + an Organic Latex Comfort Layer

Why Bruce and Cathy Chose the Eco Bliss

Bruce and Cathy are a very practical couple, who have 5 kids, and thus watch their purchases and budgets carefully to get the best value for their money. Previously, they slept on a 25-year old all-natural latex bed inherited from Cathy’s parents. Now beyond its natural useful life, Bruce suggested to Cathy they purchase a hybrid mattress that he researched online and came across on the PlushBeds website that could fill their need of combining the natural feel of latex that they were used to, with a dense, supportive poly foam core. Cathy appreciated the eco-friendliness of the Eco Bliss Hybrid Mattress, because even though it was not latex through-and-through like the mattress she had been used to sleeping on, she loved the fact that the supportive mattress core was made from CertiPUR® certified foam, which she knew to be the gold standard in the industry for certifying poly foams. CertiPur certifies that the mattress is made with no ozone depleters, no heavy metals (including mercury and lead), no prohibited phthalates, has Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), contains no BPDEs (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) in fire retardants, and is made with no formaldehyde. After weeks of sleeping on the Eco Bliss, not only was she just as comfortable on this mattress as she had been on her previous one, she also did not have any of the allergic reactions that she had had to traditional mattresses in the past containing petrochemicals that made her nose stuffed up in the morning, with an accompanying headache at times. For his part, Bruce was also pleased that he was supporting natural farming practices in purchasing this mattress, as he grew up on a farm where his father did not use chemical pesticides. The Eco Bliss uses certified organic cotton for its cover, and has a fire barrier made from plant fibers instead of harsh chemicals as flame retardants. Not to mention, Bruce also felt the mattress to be not only extremely comfortable, but very supportive for his bulky frame.

The Eco Bliss is right for customers like Bruce and Cathy, who while they are budget-conscious, also keep as a priority their indoor air quality, and using as many eco-friendly products in their home as possible. As well, this is a great option for couples who want to ensure their mattress will last a long time into the future, being resistant to sagging or body impressions.

Who is the Eco Bliss not Right For?

The Eco Bliss may not be for those who are willing to spend more on a hybrid with springs, such as our Luxury Bliss. As well, it may not be for those who want the complete solid latex experience, which can be found in our Botanical Bliss or Natural Bliss mattresses.

A Customized Mattress Includes You Choosing the Thickness and Firmness

Which Mattress Fits You?

There are many more real-world examples and scenarios that we could cover here demonstrating how others have chosen between PlushBeds’ four latex mattress models, but hopefully in the above real-world examples, you can identify with one or more of the characteristics outlined, helping you towards making a distinction regarding which mattress would best fit your preferences, budget, and lifestyle.

On to the Thickness and Firmness Level of Your Mattress

Now that you have a better idea of which mattress model fits you and your partner best, based upon your lifestyle, budget, and preferences, it’s time to consider two additional factors before you click the Add to Cart button, and complete the transaction.

Mattress Thickness

The thickness or depth of your mattress is another important factor in the selection process. The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress comes in 9-inch and 12-inch options, while the Natural Bliss vegan mattress comes in 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch options. The Luxury Bliss hybrid mattress is an 11-inch depth.

Botanical Bliss Thicknesses

9-Inch Botanical Bliss Mattress Configuration

Botanical Bliss 9-Inch Mattress Construction

The Botanical Bliss 9-inch mattress is constructed of two organic latex layers – a 6-inch latex core, and a two-inch thick top layer. Encasing the 9 inches of latex, is the quilted organic cotton and wool cover. The wool acts as the fire barrier for your mattress.

9-Inch Example Selection:

Nancy and Chuck chose the 9-inch Botanical Bliss. Nancy is quite petite at 5 feet 2 inches tall, and 108 lbs. Chuck is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weighs 125 lbs. Because Nancy and Chuck have smaller builds, with no chance of bottoming out with the 9-inch model, they didn’t feel a need for a thicker mattress, and the 9-inch Botanical Bliss has worked out nicely for their needs.

*It should be noted here that the individual partners’ weights can go up to 225 lbs per person, and still sleep comfortably on the 9-inch Botanical Bliss.

12-Inch Botanical Bliss Mattress Configuration

Botanical Bliss 12-Inch Mattress Construction

The Botanical Bliss 12-inch mattress is constructed of three mattress layers of organic latex – a latex core of 6 inches thick, another layer measuring 3 inches thick, with the uppermost layer measuring two inches thick. The one-inch quilted organic cotton, zippered mattress cover is filled with wool, which acts as the fire barrier for your mattress.

12-Inch Example Selection:

Russell and Carla chose the 12-inch Botanical Bliss King bed. Russell is a burly construction worker. Carla is a school teacher of average weight for her height. Russell is 6 feet 4 inches tall, and weighs 268 lbs. Carla is 6 foot 1 inches tall, and weighs 180 lbs. Because Russell’s weight is on the higher end, Russell and Carla went with the Botanical Bliss 12-inch mattress. Russell and Carla call their selection “just right”, and have been happy with the thickness, having requested a one-time complimentary comfort exchange and switched out a layer, by simply unzipping their mattress’s cover, and swapping out the new layer for the old.

*The 12-inch thickness supports couples who individually weight up to 275 lbs.

In summary, the 9-inch Botanical Bliss supports weights of up 225 lbs each, and the 12-inch Botanical Bliss supports weights up to 275 lbs each. The recently added 10-inch Botanical Bliss mattress supports individual weights up to 250 lbs each.

Luxury Bliss Thicknesses

The Luxury Bliss comes in one thickness option, measuring 11 inches from top to bottom. The bottom layer is composed of individually-wrapped coils, which are extremely helpful in mitigating partner disturbance by eliminating motion transfer between partners. This hybrid mattress is ideal for partners, and especially for those sleeping on their side, since the coils do a great job of supporing proper spinal alignment during sleep.

Now that mattress thickness has been adequately addressed, we will transition through to the next step and consideration, that being mattress firmness.

Firmness Selection

The firmness level of your mattress is of critical importance. The guidance here is pretty straightforward according to sleeping position, although there is some consideration regarding body mass. As a general rule, a Soft mattress and an Extra-Firm mattress are both outliers. If you call your order in, we can still customize your order to Soft or Extra-Firm. They are at the tail end of the bell curve as it pertains to sleepers’ preferences among the general population. Few people really want to sink into their mattress, which is what generally happens with a Soft mattress (lower ILD ratings) selection. Similarly, few people want a mattress that is so sturdy as to provide little give, and one that doesn’t conform to your body’s curvature, which is generally the case with an Extra-Firm mattress (higher ILD ratings) selection. So, on the website you will see that we stick to two options – Medium and Medium-Firm. This covers the majority of sleepers. For those who wish to know more specifics as it relates ILD (Impression Load Deflection), the density rating of our mattresses, they are the following – Soft: 19-21 ILD range, Medium: 24-26 ILD range, Medium-Firm: 29-31 ILD range, and Extra-Firm: 34-36 ILD range. The reason the numbers are recorded in ranges is because the process whereby natural and organic latex beds are formulated is never an exact science. It involves flash freezing and baking, which introduces slight variances in mattress density.

Let us continue the narrative of introducing real-world examples of couples who have already narrowed down their mattress model, and thickness, and who are moving through the shopping process to now considering their optimal mattress firmness.

Firmness Example Selections:

Medium-Firm Mattress with 29-31 Indention Load Deflection

Medium-Firm Mattress

Lafe and Tina narrowed down their search of our various mattresses, and agreed upon the 12-inch Botanical Bliss. Lafe is 270 lbs, and Tina is 190 lbs. Lafe sleeps mostly on his side, but sometimes on his back. Tina is strictly a back sleeper. As a general rule, if one of the partners spends any amount of time sleeping on his or her side, the go-to is a Medium as it comes to the firmness scale of your mattress. However, in this case, Lafe felt that with his extra weight, the couple ought to go with a Medium-Firm (in order to be provided with extra support for his large frame). Tina was in full agreement, especially because she was a back sleeper, and back and stomach sleepers tend not to have as many pressure points (shoulders and hips) where their weight is concentrated. Back-only sleepers tend to do best with a Medium-Firm. The end result is that Lafe and Tina were right in their selection of our Medium-Firm mattress. It provided the give that Lafe needed in his hips and shoulders, coupled with the extra support needed for his larger frame, while also allowing the support that Tina needed on the full surface of her back. Lafe and Tina report that they have been delighted with their choice for the past 8 years they’ve been sleeping on their Botanical Bliss Medium-Firm model.

Generally speaking, those who are a little on the heavier side and/or who sleep mostly on their stomachs or backs, will find a firm mattress, namely our Medium-Firm, to be the optimal density.

Medium Mattress with 24-26 Indention Load Deflection

Medium Mattress

Celeste and Aaron honed in on PlushBeds’ Natural Bliss 8-inch Medium mattress as their final coordinated decision as a couple. Celeste was of average height and weight (5 feet 6 inches tall, and 140 lbs), as was Aaron (5 feet 11 inches tall, and 165 lbs). They were both side sleepers, and because they were also in the normal range as far as body types, it was an easy decision to go with the Medium in terms of a firmness selection. Celeste and Aaron have enjoyed the pressure point relief that comes with our Medium Queen bed option.

Generally speaking, those who are of average build and/or who sleep mostly on their sides, will find the Medium to be the optimal density.

Customized Split-Mattress – Medium AND Medium-Firm

Jim and Rebecca are a fun and happy couple, but when it comes to creature comforts, they agree on very little. Jim and Rebecca are also of average height and weight, and felt that they would do well with a 9-inch Botanical Bliss mattress, but neither one wanted to sacrifice on comfort. Jim and Rebecca were not on the same page in terms of firmness preference; Rebecca insisted on Medium, and Jim knew that he would absolutely not be okay with a Medium mattress. The couple was relieved to find out that in our Queen- and King-size mattresses, they could order a Split mattress (2 Twin XL for a Split King, for example), with each side customized for comfort. This meant that they were accommodated with a customized Split King Botanical Bliss mattress; Rebecca’s side was Medium like she wanted, and Jim’s side was Medium-Firm. They are happy as clams, and sleep exceptionally well on their chosen mattress, thankful for the customization that did not cost any extra.

While there are other examples that we could go over here, suffice it to say if there is ever any question as to which firmness would be the best for your latex mattress, as an individual or couple, please don’t hesitate to use our website’s Chat feature, located at the bottom right corner of your screen, or call a friendly mattress expert at the number found in the upper left-hand corner on every page of our site.

In Summary, the safest bet for firmness is always going to be Medium – the best choice for most of the population, of which more than 60% are side sleepers, Medium being formulated to be the most forgiving on the shoulders and hips. But, for those sleeping on their back or stomachs, Medium-Firm is going to be the best option, providing plenty of support. For heavier folks, Medium-Firm is also a good choice. Soft and Extra-Firm densities are usually favored in rare instances.

One other item of note here is that our Botanical Bliss mattress comes with a zippered cover, so that if/when needed, a one-time complimentary comfort exchange can be implemented by unzipping the cover, and exchanging an old layer for a new one. It’s just one more reason that makes the Botanical Bliss our #1 selling latex mattress.

PlushBeds Latex vs. Competitors

Now that you’ve come to an understanding of the process by which you can confidently select a latex mattress, next we present a visual into our competitors materials as compared to our own, so you can better distinguish between how PlushBeds operates, and how some of our competitors do. With a modicum of decorum, no brands will be named.

Competitor’s Latex

PlushBeds Premium Latex

PlushBeds’ latex cuts no corners, and is neither synthetic nor blended. The quality of our organic, natural, and hybrid mattresses are demonstrated in their resiliency and longevity. It’s precisely why we can offer an industry-best 25-Year Warranty.

Who Does That?

Industry Secrets and Shortcuts

To distinguish between a top of the line mattress such as our Botanical Bliss and Natural Bliss mattress models, it’s important to not only compare and contrast the differences in the marketplace, but also point out possible outright attempts at deception. If you want to make sure you are getting the best value for your dollar, the following are some things to be aware of. Not all of them are deceptions; some are instances of simply pointing out a higher quality alternative.

Many So-Called “Green” Products are Simply Greenwashed

Greenwashing – a deceptive practice aimed at getting an unsuspecting consumer to believe a product is more eco-friendly than is actually the case.

Greenwashing runs rampant in the mattress industry. Claims of organic have been made by retailers at times when only part of the mattress is actually organic (such as the cover), and other such disingenuous assertions. One of the most important ways that manufacturers have of combating this is to become certified through third-party organizations such as GreenGuard Gold, GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Control Union, and other such high standard certification bodies in the latex mattress certification space. In this way, the consumer is protected, and those certified enhance their reputation.

Other items of concern are –

Why Add a Chemical Adhesive to a Natural Product?

Additives, fillers, and glues

It is PlushBeds’ stance that if a consumer is truly looking for a natural or organic mattress, there should be no compromise. It makes no sense for the latex foams to start as natural or organic with no chemical additives, but to then be “diluted” in a sense by adding filler substances such as clay, chalk, or ash (even if those components are considered natural substances). Nor is it optimal to use typical industrial glues as adhesives in your mattress. Natural and organic mattresses were created to get away from chemicals, so, we believe to add them in is counterproductive.


Know What You’re Getting –
We Feel That Natural Far Excels in Quality and Lifespan

Natural vs synthetic vs blended latex

This is more a matter of preference, though we feel, a compromise. It’s not necessarily a red flag that a mattress is made from synthetic latex, for example, as long as it is disclosed. Unfortunately, at times it is up to the consumer, though, to seek out this distinction when a retailer doesn’t make it clear the product they are merchandising is a synthetic latex mattress. Don’t assume, for example, that an advertised latex mattress is necessarily a natural mattress. A latex mattress simply means that it is made from latex (it could be synthetic, it could be blended, and it could be natural). Make sure you dig a little deeper to find out whether the mattress you think you are getting is truly what is being presented to you. A blended latex mattress is one that is a blend of natural latex with synthetic latex. Typically the ratio falls somewhere in the range of 65-75% synthetic latex, and 25-35% natural latex. PlushBeds only deals in natural and organic latex mattresses because we believe these are more resilient, longer-lasting, have a better feel, are healthier, and have a much smaller impact on the environment in that they are biodegradable.

The outside completes the mattress:

A Stretch-Knit Organic Cotton Cover Offers the Best Feel for the Natural Latex Below

A knitted organic cotton cover finishes off the mattress experience

It is our belief that once you have a thoroughly-made, handcrafted mattress like ours, it makes no sense to skimp on the “trimmings”, or in other words, the finishing touches. That’s like buying a Ferrari with a high-performance engine, but then settling on low grade gasoline to power it. In order for your mattress to perform optimally, a knitted organic cotton cover is best. This is as opposed to a woven cover. The benefit of a knitted cover is that it can stretch in any direction, and allows you to experience the full latex experience, whereas in the woven cover the stitches can only stretch in one direction parallel to the weave. The end result is lesser pressure relief, and minimal elasticity. If you are going to spend the money on a mattress, you ought to make sure the cover doesn’t stifle the experience, and you get the pressure relief you are looking for. A knitted cotton cover will accomplish this for you. To boot, the knitted cover also has unrestricted air flow, and breathes better.

To conclude, make sure you’re happy after the fact by having:

PlushBeds 25-Year Mattress Warranty

A solid warranty and return policy

What happens after the sale? Find out before you pull the trigger on any mattress purchase decision! Extremely important are both the warranty and the return policy. Read everything you can about the two, including the fine print. PlushBeds offers an industry-leading 25-year warranty. We stand behind every mattress that we sell. Does the mattress you’re considering only include a 30-day trial, and you’re on the hook for the hundreds of dollars it will take to ship it back to the vendor? That’s not us – your mattress includes a 100-night trial, giving you ample opportunity to break in and get used to your new mattress, and learn if it’s right for you. If it isn’t, you'll have peace of mind, knowing that you can return your mattress with free shipping. You have a money-back guarantee. We strive for absolute satisfaction, and promise stellar customer service. The sale isn’t over until you say it is.

Your Mattress is Delivered Free to Your Door

Eagerly Awaiting Your New PlushBeds Mattress Delivery Date?

We hope that we’ve provided enough information here to help you make an informed purchase decision, and aided in you feeling the most comfortable in choosing PlushBeds over any serious latex mattress contenders. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to use our chat feature (found in the bottom right-hand corner of every page), or call one of our friendly representatives at the number listed in the upper left-hand corner of each page of our website. We look forward to having you join the PlushBeds family, and anticipate hearing back from you that since your purchase, you are experiencing the best sleep of your life! If you’ve already ordered, rest assured that you are in the queue, and your mattress will be delivered to you just as soon as it has been produced, and quality control has given it the A-Okay. Life-changing sleep awaits you. We guarantee it.