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Selecting the Sheets for a Perfect Night’s Sleep - PlushBeds

We’ve all been there before: whether you’re starting fresh with your bedroom or simply sprucing it up, changing it around can be a daunting process. After you’ve done the grunt work of painting and moving furniture around, the fun part comes: picking out the sheets and linens. You’ve probably never considered the effect that sheets have on your night of rest, but according to many sources, falling asleep starts with great sheets.

Before picking out sheets, make sure you’re satisfied with your mattress. Once that’s taken care of, you can really start to focus on what sheets will be right for you. Consumer Reports does a great job of breaking down the steps in finding the perfect set of sheets.

Know the terms

Believe it or not, sheets have a language all their own. It’s important to know what these terms mean before going out and purchasing sheets. Usually long fiber cottons such as pima, supima and Egyptian are stronger than other types of sheets. Combed cotton sheets have short fibers and are smoother than long fiber cottons. Cotton and polyester blends don’t wrinkle as much as 100 percent cotton sheets but they aren’t as soft or porous, which can keep you warmer at night.

While any sheet can feel nice in the store, you won’t be able to really judge the sheets until you’ve washed them. Sheets are normally treated with fabric enhancers and softeners to improve hand feel. Experts have judged different sheets after five washes. Cotton sheets are closely woven and feel crisper, while satin sheets have a softer feel and a glossier look. Twill weaves create a heavier fabric that can feel soft or crisp.

Fitting Your Sheets

Make sure you measure your mattress’ height (with the mattress pad). Don’t forget that padding settles so measure in two different spots away from the corners. Purchase sheets that are a couple of inches deeper than your mattress padding to allow for normal shrinkage.

Keep your Receipt

Before you put those beautiful new sheets on your bed, make sure you wash them to remove finishes or excess dye. If the sheets shrink or fade after one wash, make sure you have your receipt to return them. Unpleasant sheets can make for an uncomfortable night.

Always research before purchasing. Just because a set of sheets is more expensive doesn’t mean it is necessarily better than the cheaper sheet set. Sheets are all about preference. You may prefer linen sheets as opposed to sheets of Egyptian cotton, which will make remodeling your bedroom a little cheaper in the long run. Before going straight to the department stores, check out stores like HomeGoods and Marshalls. A lot of times, you’ll find designer sheets at lower prices which will make you feel even better about your new high-fashion bedroom!

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