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PlushBeds Wool Pillows – So Many Reasons to Love Them

Wool is a magical pillow stuffing! One of the reasons we like wool so much here at PlushBeds is that it is multi-faceted. We use it in our Botanical Bliss for a fire barrier, because wool’s high nitrogen and water content causes it to require higher levels of oxygen to burn than the surrounding environment provides. What’s more, it is a natural temperature regulator. When sleeping on your wool pillow in the summertime, it will keep your upper body warm. Conversely, in the wintertime, it keeps you cool. Further, wool is great for wicking moisture away, and because of this, it minimizes the growth of irritating mold spores, and naturally inhibits dust mites. What else? It’s extremely comfortable, so why not use it in a pillow?! Our wool pillows options include our Handmade Natural Wool Pillow, our Wool Side Sleeper Pillow, our Contoured Side Sleeper Pillow (especially good for CPAP wearers), and our Adjustable Natural Wool Pillow.

Wool Studies

Studies have been conducted on the effects of using different fibers with human subjects as they slept. Those who slept with wool-fill comforters actually had lower heart rates. A lower heart rate indicates a deep, relaxed state. While scientists may not know exactly why sleeping on wool brings the heart rate down (as opposed to it staying the same, or being elevated as when sleeping on other fiber types), it’s nice to know that sleeping with a natural material such as wool can bestow that benefit.

Add to it… Latex

Wool is light and springy, while latex is responsive and buoyant. Put the two together, and you get something amazing! Some of our pillows, such as the Wool & Latex Side Sleeper Pillow and the Natural Wool & Latex Pillow have a combination of wool and latex. The Wool & Latex Side Sleeper Pillow is ergonomically designed for side sleepers. It provides a space for you to tuck your shoulder into to alleviate pressure on your shoulder, while cradling your head and neck. The Wool & Latex Pillow is an adjustable pillow that you can adjust the loft and firmness of.

Sheering Practices and Quality

All of our wool pillows are ethically-sourced, and 100% chemical- and cruelty-free. Shropshire wool has a unique down-like fiber, and is great for bedding because of its durability, outlasting other wool types. Its natural elasticity and memory helps it to spring back into shape time and again.

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