Sateen White Goose Down Pillow

Sink into this luxurious goose down cotton sateen pillow. High “fill power” down lends plenty of loft and every ounce is Responsible Down Standard certified. With premium craftsmanship and natural, high-end materials, this is luxurious comfort made to last.

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Natural Luxury


Ultra-Soft & Fluffy


Breathable Fibers


Temperature Regulating

woman holding white goose down pillow
woman holding white goose down pillow

Pure European White Goose Down & Cotton

Stack your sleep sanctuary with 100% goose down pillows, exquisitely crafted and ethically-sourced.

European white goose down is the fluffiest and lightest available. With a high fill power, these down clusters create an airy, “lofty” cushion that contours the head and neck.

Down is also naturally temperature-regulating, holding in warmth while allowing air to circulate.

We’ve used a densely woven, cooling 100% cotton sateen cover with a high thread count and reinforced stitching to hold in even the finest feathers.

Easy to care for, down pillows clean in the washing machine beautifully and come out of the drier even fluffier.

Enjoy the natural luxury of PlushBeds Sateen Goose Down Pillows for years to come. This is comfort made to last.


  • Ultra-soft 700 fill power European goose down
  • Premium 330 thread count 100% cotton sateen cover
  • Natural, biodegradable materials only
  • Made in the USA
  • Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified
  • Meticulous double-stitched edges with German piping
  • Machine washable

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goose down from pillow

High Fill Power Goose Down Only

This PlushBeds pillow is made from goose down only, which has a higher weight-to-warmth ratio and greater “fill power”. What is fill power and why does it matter?

Fill power is a measure of the size of down clusters. Larger down clusters — including those we use in these premium pillows — have a higher fill power.

They’re premium because the down holds more air, creating a higher “loft” and a fluffier texture. High fill power down also resists compression, so your pillow is cushiony soft every time.

Brimming with Downy Softness

PlushBeds down pillows have substance, too.

Depending on the size and firmness, each weighs in at 2 to 2.9 lbs. So, while they’re incredibly fluffy, these pillows are brimming with pure goose down.

After all, luxurious fill power down is only truly luxurious if there’s enough to sink into.

flock of geese

Responsible Down Standard Certified

When you see “Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified” on a product, you can be sure the down was produced humanely.

RDS certification is an intensive process. To earn the logo, our suppliers must pass an extensive third-party audit of every step in the supply chain.

The RDS prohibits and works to eradicate cruel practices, including live-plucking and force-feeding. But to earn RDS certification, a supplier must prove that the birds are well cared for in every respect.

2 years

Caring For Your Goose Down Pillow

With the right care, your goose down pillow will last about ten years. That’s longer than almost any other bedding.

Be sure to cover your pillow with a case. A pillow protector is helpful as well. Launder these regularly.

Your goose down pillow can be machine washed cold using a mild detergent. Tumble dry on the lowest heat setting (optionally, with dryer balls). When dry, simply re-fluff your pillow to open the down clusters for the maximum loft.

Warranty and Return Policy

Your purchase is covered by a 2-Year Warranty.

Due to safety and sanitary regulations, this product is not returnable.

We’re fortunate to be honored by the industry’s toughest critics

From “best in category” rankings to rave reviews and awards…PlushBeds gets major media mentions.

That’s because we design and handcraft the most luxuriously comfortable mattresses and toppers made anywhere in the USA.

It starts with the world’s finest GOLS & GOTS certified organic, OEKO-TEX certified natural, and GREENGUARD Gold certified materials (exclusive to 1% of US mattresses).

Then, we custom-make each to perfection right here in California at our dually-certified organic factory.

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