Mattress Foundations

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PlushBeds Mattress Foundations and Frames

When you deal in mattresses that are as sturdy and durable as PlushBeds mattresses are, you need to also provide bed frames and foundations to match. That’s exactly what we’ve done with our Quiet Balance Bed Frame, and our Orthopedic Foundation. These two accessories ensure that your mattress is well-supported, and will stand the test of time. The bed frame for box spring and foundation for latex mattress accessories are available in Twin all the way through California King sizes.

Our Bed Frame

Our Quiet Balance Bed Frame is not only solid and strong, it’s also meant to be able to absorb sound, and be noiseless. Hence, the name (Quiet). So, even when a heavier person plops down on the bed, it will provide a buffer, and is very stable. There’s no noise between the mattress and the frame. This metal bed frame is extremely supportive from edge to edge, so your mattress doesn’t slip, sag, or dip.

Our Orthopedic Foundation

Because PlushBeds solid latex mattresses are quite dense, it is recommended that you also have an adequate foundation for them. Our sturdy bed foundations with wooden slats made from Spruce fill that need, come in either 6-inch or 8-inch depths, and are designed to support up to 1,200 lbs of weight. Wrapped in an attractive certified organic heavy-duty cotton fabric, the orthopedic foundation wood box spring is heat-treated instead of chemically treated. Having proper support is essential to ensure that your mattress lasts for a lifetime (in fact, our latex mattresses come with a lifetime warranty).

Easy Assembly

Both our bed frame and our solid mattress foundation come shipped to you in a box. Our bed frame is a simple setup, and no tools are required for installation. Assembling the foundation is also easy, and can be completed in mere minutes. You shouldn’t have any problems putting either one of these accessories together, but in case you do, please call one of our mattress concierges, at 1-888-281-6658, who will patiently walk you through the process. In no time at all, you will have your latex mattress bed frame, latex mattress foundation, and mattress all put together, and be sleeping on them the very same night. Why waste time putting things together, when you could be enjoying more time in bed? Welcome to a glorious, new sleep experience, the likes of which only PlushBeds can provide.

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