Adjustable Beds

Adjust your bed to your body for ultimate comfort.

$1,899.00 $1,519.00 - $2,449.00

$1,659.00 - $2,719.00

$1,999.00 $1,869.00 - $3,898.00

Adjustable Beds Take You to Your Very Own Oasis of Comfort

Don’t tell the neighbors. And, don’t let your kids in on the secret. You may just get mobbed if anyone finds out you have a bed that adjusts to whatever setting that you want! PlushBeds adjustable beds are fantastic for snorers, those who experience chronic pain, those who love to lounge and read in bed, anyone who wants an automated massage, anyone who would like to rest in a weightless position – just about anybody, really.

Perks that Come with Adjustable Beds

PlushBeds adjustable beds are made to be so convenient – who wouldn’t want to, with the click of a button on a remote, go to a pre-set position, incline your head or feet to about any angle you want, and get a massage after a long, hard day? It’s like having a genie at your command. Some of our adjustables even have USB ports for charging your devices. It’s hard to beat that. LED underbed lights so you don’t stub your toes, anyone? It makes you feel like you are royalty, and instead of a smart phone, it’s your smart throne. If you are advancing in age, one of our adjustable bases is an essential.


Take a minute, and go here to take a quick look at how each of our 4 adjustable bed offerings stack up against each other. Whether you are seeking something basic and functional, or you want every option that is available, we have it, and it’s about to enhance your life like you wouldn’t believe. Do you want to be able to adjust your bed with Siri voice command? How about creating up to 5 presets for your favorite positions? Would you like a base that is split, so that you and your partner can enjoy separate settings? What about a massage that oscillates, waves, pulses, or is constant (according to your preference)? These are some of the features that are available with our adjustable bed bases.

This isn’t a Hospital Bed

Our adjustable beds aren’t specialty hospital beds. No, they go way beyond that. Take anything that you would want in a bed, and put it all together. It’s not meant only to help those who are confined to a bed, but rather, aimed at helping anyone to be able to relax and sleep better than they ever thought possible. In this day and age, anything you can get to help you with R & R is a godsend. With just the right mix of technology, PlushBeds now has just what you need to help your sleep get to the next level.

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