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Organic Comforters from PlushBeds are Extraordinary

If you are seeking something warm and cozy, something that can become your new favorite possession, something you can look forward to all day long and cuddle up with at night, you are in luck. You’ve just stumbled upon something extraordinary. Our comforters embody the very essence of hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah"), which is to say that they are constructed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. With a PlushBeds comforter in your bedroom, you’ll certainly be able to enjoy one of the good things in life, something that will make a difference. It’s all about introducing those things into your environment causing that warm glow that everyone wants.

Your Choice of Either Wool, Down, or Microfiber

Our comforters, made from your choice of either wool, down, or microfiber, will remind you of that plush pet that you snuggled and cuddled with in your youth. What you’ll get with all of our comforters is material that is light, fluffy, eco-friendly, breathable, hypoallergenic, and that makes you feel secure. You’ll not need to worry about being surrounded by chemicals, but instead be care-free, as you wrap yourself up in clean, fresh, naturally-produced goodness.

Our Handmade Natural Wool Comforter makes you feel like you are hugging a soft, billowy cloud. Ever wonder how sheep don’t fry in the sun, and how they can stay warm outside in the winter? It’s because wool regulates temperature. So, in fact, it’s perfect for every season.

Our Sateen White Goose Down Comforter has a high fill power (goose down feathers), and wonderful loft. It’s covered in cotton bedding sateen, with a high thread count, and reinforced stitching.

Luxury, Affordability, and Humane Practices

White goose down and wool are the more luxurious items in our comforters collection, while our down alternative and down blend comforters are no less comfortable, but are our budget options. All of our down products are RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified, while all of our wool items come from farmers dedicated to gentle flock management, humane wool shearing methods, and sustainable land use. Note that we also sell duvet covers, sheet sets, mattress pads, and organic cotton bedding.

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