Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Superior pressure relief & resilient construction.

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PlushBeds Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

For anyone seeking to take a load off, and enjoy a great night’s sleep with technology invented by NASA engineers, look no further than PlushBeds open cell matrix memory foam toppers. Open cell memory foam, as opposed to closed cell memory foam, makes it easier for heat to escape from being trapped up against your body. Not only do our best mattress toppers provide for a cooler night’s sleep, with our regular memory foam topper, besides choosing either 2- or 3-inch thicknesses, you also get to choose between 4 lb and 5.34 lb densities. If you lean more towards needing more pressure relief, opt for our 4 lb topper, which is less dense, and has more give. On the other hand, if you need more support, choose our 5.34 lb topper, which is denser and firmer.

If your inner thermostat tends to run on the high side, an excellent solution is our best seller Cooling Gel Memory Foam Topper, which also comes in either 2- or 3-inches, and is infused with gel to dissipate body heat up to 3x faster than traditional memory foam. The Gel Foam Topper is also rated 30% cooler than regular memory foam.

Third Party Certifications for Healthy Indoor Air Quality

PlushBeds Memory Foam Toppers are both CertiPUR-US® and GreenGuard Gold certified. This ensures you freedom to breathe cleaner air at night. CertiPUR-US® third party certification guarantees our patented PlushFoam technology is made with no ozone depleters, no heavy metals (including mercury and lead), no prohibited phthalates, has Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), has no BPDEs (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers), and no formaldehyde. And, GreenGuard Gold certification is a coveted third-party certification that less than 1% of mattress manufacturers ever attain. This certification was established for the safety and wellbeing of infants and the elderly in mind.

It Comes Down to This

Either of our memory foam mattress toppers are an excellent choice to extend the life of your mattress, and completely transform the way you sleep. The main differences between our two memory foam topper selections are that the regular memory foam toppers have the option of 4 lb or 5.34 lb densities to choose from (while the Cool Gel comes in medium-firm only), and the Cool Gel Topper is gel-infused memory foam for those that tend to sleep hot. Supportive and responsive, both toppers come in either 2-inch or 3-inch thicknesses, and both adjust to variable pressure, cushioning the shoulders, hips, back, and knees while cradling the entire body.

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