Down Pillows

Soft, Soothing Head & Neck Support

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Down Pillows by PlushBeds

If you’re looking for a pillow with great fill power and wonderful loft, our goose and down pillows are the “Goldilocks Just Right” option for you. We even have an alternative to down, for those looking for a vegan option. All of our pillows are made to be extra-cool with a smooth cotton outer layer. The cotton keeps the quills in check, so there is no poking through. You can also slip off the cotton covering for easy washing. Our down is produced humanely, and comes with the Responsible Down Standard Certification (no live-plucking or force-feeding). Many of our down pillows will last a full 10 years with the right care and maintenance.

Choices, Choices…

PlushBeds has three choices as it comes to our goose and down pillows. Let’s start with our Sateen White Goose Down Pillow.

This down pillow has a fill power of 700. A high fill power rating means more air that a certain weight of the down can trap. This gives the pillow greater loft and insulating efficiency. This pillow also has a premium 330 thread count cotton sateen cover, and is machine washable.

After that comes our Feather Pillow. This pillow is the type found in hotels. It features a firm inner core of goose feathers with an outer layer that is stuffed with pure white down that contours the head and neck. The fill power is 550, and the cotton cambric cover is 230 thread count.

Last, but not least, is our Sateen Down Alternative Pillow. In this pillow, we use a microfiber that’s like the lightest down. The fibers are about 1/3 the weight of a strand of hair. The cotton sateen cover is 330 thread count.

Soft, Smooth, Supportive, and Satisfying

If you are a fan of down pillows, with their cool and airy, yet supportive properties, then any of PlushBeds offerings above are sure to please. In addition, PlushBeds’ excellently structured loft and satisfying softness will make your down or down alternative pillow a coveted possession for years to come!

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