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Natural Latex Toppers by PlushBeds

PlushBeds natural latex toppers are constructed from either luxurious natural talalay latex, or GOLS certified organic latex. How does this translate into better sleep?

natural means that the product is made from natural materials, rather than materials that are manmade and synthetic. Our 2-inch and 3-inch latex toppers are natural. You won’t be breathing in VOCs from petrochemicals like those that can be found in most traditional mattresses. These toppers are typically positioned right on top of your bed, underneath your sheets, but can also come with an optional organic cotton cover, if desired.

Organic means that the growing conditions are such that there has never been any synthetic pesticide use, and the whole supply chain from farm to factory is certified organic, with the GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certification. Our 4" Quilted Latex Topper is certified organic, and is surrounded by a layer of organic wool, wrapped in an organic cotton cover. It is generally placed on top of an existing mattress, and makes a mattress both appear like and function as a pillow top mattress, giving you additional padding to enhance the softness.

Talalay, the process by which our natural 2- and 3-inch latex toppers are formulated, means that you’ll be sleeping without the feeling of a wedge shoved into your ribs – instead, it’s like gravity has been suspended, and there is a light, fluffy, no-pressure contact between your body and the latex foam. You’ll especially appreciate the feel of PlushBeds natural latex for pressure relief if you have any nagging injuries, arthritis, or just sensitive pressure points. It’s about the closest possible thing to sleeping in a weightless environment.

The Decisive Factors

You can’t go wrong with either of the above selections. The 4 main things to keep in mind when making your selection are: natural vs organic, a 2- or 3-inches latex topper vs a 4 inches latex topper, the placement of the topper – either directly on top of your bed (just under your sheets), or as an independent item all its own on top of your existing mattress, and finally, if you want the quilted feature that provides temperature regulation and moisture-wicking vs a simple sheet of latex foam that puts your body right up against the latex.

We know – it’s hard to decide, but we wager that whatever you select will put you in a far better situation than your present bedding arrangement. And, don't forget to check out all of our mattress toppers for the widest selection possible.

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