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Organic Latex Toppers by PlushBeds

PlushBeds exclusively offers organic latex mattress toppers, ensuring a natural and eco-friendly sleep experience. How does this translate into better sleep?

Our products are crafted from materials sourced directly from nature, free from synthetic and manmade components. Our 2-inch and 3-inch organic latex toppers provide a natural sleep surface, devoid of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) commonly found in traditional mattresses. Positioned atop your mattress and beneath your sheets, these toppers offer pure comfort. Additionally, you have the option to include an organic cotton cover for added luxury.

Organic denotes a commitment to environmentally sustainable practices throughout the entire production process. Our 4-inch Quilted Latex Topper is also GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified, guaranteeing organic farming practices and a chemical-free supply chain. Encased in an organic cotton cover and enveloped by organic wool, this topper enhances mattress comfort and appearance, resembling a luxurious pillow top.

The Decisive Factors

Choosing between our offerings boils down to three key considerations:

  • Thickness: Opt for either a 2- or 3-inch latex topper or our thicker 4-inch option.
  • Placement: Select whether to place the topper directly on your mattress or use it as an independent layer.
  • Quilted Feature: Determine if you prefer the quilted design for temperature regulation and moisture-wicking properties.

With PlushBeds, rest assured that any selection you make will elevate your sleep experience compared to your current bedding arrangement. Explore our full range of mattress toppers for the widest selection possible.

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Our mattresses are GreenGuard Gold Certified to be free of harmful chemicals and off-gassing. Less than 1% of mattresses can match our purity certifications.

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