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Luxurious like silk, but eco-friendly. TENCEL™ vegan eucalyptus silk sheets are the sustainable alternative to your silkiest, softest sheet set. Gentle on sensitive skin. Cooling to the touch. Designed to fit even extra-large mattresses with a smooth finish.

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Soft & Smooth

Soft & Smooth

Lightweight & Breathable

Lightweight & Breathable

Strong Fibers

Strong Fibers

Sustainable Fabric

Sustainable Fabric

TENCEL™ Vegan Sheets are Silky & Cooling

“From the moment I opened up the box and felt the silky, smooth texture, I knew these were going to be something special. After they were done in the laundry, they were even more silky. Just beautiful, extremely well-crafted sheets.”

This TENCEL™ bed sheet set is naturally luxurious.

The long, smooth lyocell fibers have the incredible feel of silk — but with the strength and easy care of cotton.

TENCEL™ also drapes beautifully and the sateen weave has a subtly lustrous look. (In contrast to a crisp, matte cotton weave like percale.)

You’ll stay cool and dry under these sheets. TENCEL™ is hydrophilic, which means it absorbs moisture away from the skin.

Cool to the touch, TENCEL™ is also breathable. This sheet set is ideal for warm sleepers who still want soft sheets.

And TENCEL™ is deceptively strong for such a light, soft material. Wash after wash, these sheets and pillowcases come out beautifully.


  • TENCEL™ lyocell
  • Sateen weave is silky, soft, and supple
  • Naturally breathable and highly absorbent
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic, and odor-resistant
  • Designed to fit and stay in place smoothly
  • Easy to wash, highly-durable and wrinkle-resistant
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Your Complete TENCEL™ Sheet Set


Flat sheet, generously sized to drape and tuck flawlessly

Fitted sheet with deep pockets, full elastic and oversized dimensions (see size table)

Pillowcase(s), oversized; two for all sizes except Twin and Twin XL, which complete the set with a single pillowcase

Specifications . Dimensions

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No-Slip, No-Tug Universal Fit®

Extra-large mattresses have met their match.

The fitted sheet is sewn with deeper pockets for mattress depths 6 to 18 inches*. With an ultra-thick, full-length elastic, you’ll get a secure, smooth fit every time.

Tuck in the top sheet with room to spare. It’s generously sized. (Taller customers thank us.) And you’ll have extra room in these pillowcases for even the fluffiest, deepest pillows.

Eco-Friendly, Ethical, Luxurious TENCEL™

TENCEL™ vegan silk is gentle on people and the planet.

While it feels like silk, TENCEL™ made entirely from eucalyptus (instead of spun by silkworms), so it’s vegan.

Eucalyptus trees grow fast on marginal lands, require no pesticides, and use 10 to 20 times less water than cotton. And the making of TENCEL™ fabric is both closed-loop and non-toxic.

Remarkably durable, these TENCEL™ vegan silk bed sheets stay longer on your bed and after many years, are entirely biodegradable.

Explore the Collection

Looking for natural sheets or covers beyond our cotton collection? From bamboo to TENCEL™ and French linen, we have beautiful options. Explore the botanical fibers collection.

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Caring for TENCEL™ Sheets

Your PlushBeds TENCEL™ vegan silk bedding will launder beautifully.

Simply machine wash on a gentle cycle in warm water and rinse cold. Use a non-chlorine bleach detergent.

While TENCEL™ is wrinkle-resistant, we recommend you remove these sheets from the dryer promptly to keep them smooth.

five year warranty

Warranty and Return Policy

Your purchase is covered by a 5-Year Warranty.

Sheets can be returned in new, unopened condition for an exchange or refund minus round trip shipping costs. Once opened, sheets are not returnable due to safety and sanitary regulations.

We’re fortunate to be honored by the industry’s toughest critics

From “best in category” rankings to rave reviews and awards…PlushBeds gets major media mentions.

That’s because we design and handcraft the most luxuriously comfortable mattresses and toppers made anywhere in the USA.

It starts with the world’s finest GOLS & GOTS certified organic, OEKO-TEX certified natural, and GREENGUARD Gold certified materials (exclusive to 1% of US mattresses).

Then, we custom-make each to perfection right here in California at our dually-certified organic factory.

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