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When it comes to quality sleep, most people  want cozy, soft bed sheets that envelop them in a cocoon of softness. There's just nothing better than wrapping yourself up in soft bed sheets that make you feel comfy and pampered. If you're searching for the perfect bed sheets, below you'll learn seven factors that go into great bed sheets, so you can take your sleep quality to the next level.

7 Factors That Go Into Great Bed Sheets

Many factors go into finding the best bed sheets, including the below:

  1. Type of Fabric

Bed sheets are constructed from various types of materials. Generally, you'll get softer and higher quality bed sheets with higher-quality fabrics. Each fabric type used has distinct qualities that tailor to different sleepers' preferences. What might seem cozy and soft to you, however, might seem uncomfortable and heavy to another individual.

  1. Thread Count

The thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per sq. inch. Typically, a higher thread count will yield a softer sheet, and the higher chances it will wear well, and become softer over time.

Quality sheets will range between 200 to 800, and sometimes higher. However, higher thread counts doesn't necessarily mean you have a better sheet. In fact, there are tactics out there where the thread count is inflated (i.e. twisting multiple yarns together) that don't actually enhance the fabric, and could even take away from the quality of the fabric.

Also, don't assume you're getting lower quality sheets just because the thread count is low. You'll find 200-count cotton sheets that are nicely finished, and feel as though they have a higher thread count.

  1. Type of Cotton

Cotton has been a popular selection for a long time for bed sheets. As you continue washing materials made with cotton, they’ll typically become softer over time. You'll see cotton in various types when you're shopping for bed sheets. Again, don't put all of your focus on thread count, but rather keep an eye out for the quality of cotton being used.

For instance, organic cotton is grown without things like:

  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Fertilizers

It's nicely paired with a hypoallergenic mattress when you're dealing with sensitive skin. It's also more eco-friendly compared to other types of cotton.

  1. Processing

Typically, the less a sheet is processed, the softer it is. This will also include color processing, too. For the softest sheets, you may want to select a material that hasn't gone through a coloring (dye) process. While this could make it harder to match your décor, you will likely have a softer sheet set if you choose non-dyed sheets.

  1. Weave

Your main weave options include sateen and percale. Sateen is a satin weave, and has a silky smooth feel. Percale is your basic, grid-like weave with a crisp and light feel. It really depends on your preference, but consumers often favor sateen.

  1. Seasonality

The number of sheets you require is completely up to you, and the frequency in which you like changing things up. Keep in mind, though, you can still use lighter more "summery" sheets all year round. You'd just add a blanket, coverlet, and throw in the winter and fall months to make your bed cozier.

  1. Materials

Choose the materials of your sheets carefully. If you often sweat, or become warm at night, choose natural materials like:

These materials help wick perspiration away.

Combine With PlushBeds' Bedding Collections

Coordination is essential. Take a peak around your bedroom, and figure out which colors and style you'll want to choose for your décor. Coordinate your bed sheets and linens with other fabrics on your bed and the headboard. You can really pull the look of your bedroom together by coordinating your sheets. And, don't forget about your other bedding like pillows, comforters, blankets, and mattress protectors. At PlushBeds, you'll find an entire bedding collection to go great with any type of sheet set you choose, including:

Organic Shredded Latex Pillows

You'll love PlushBeds' shredded latex pillows if you're looking for GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified, organic bedding. PlushBeds' latex pillows provide you with the cleanest, safest materials to put next to your face, neck, and head during the night.

Organic Cotton Mattress Protector

PlushBeds' organic cotton mattress protectors are GOTS certified as well, and are the perfect compliment to organic Egyptian cotton sheets and an organic latex mattress. They also work with any type of mattress to protect against spills, stains, and dust mites.

Handmade Luxury Wool Comforter

PlushBeds' comforters are made with organic cotton sateen and premium eco-wool fill. They're exceptionally cozy and lightweight.

You spend a lot of your life in bed sleeping or trying to sleep. If you're finding that you're not getting the quality sleep your body needs, and you're tired a lot of the time, it could be due to sleeping on the wrong type of sheets. You don't have to tolerate sleeping on wrinkles or sweating all night long. Not all bed sheets are made the same. So, choose our sheet set wisely.

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