CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers

An ideal CPAP* pillow for side sleepers. Ergonomic contours promote all-night comfort and relieve shoulder pressure. Premium, breathable wool fill is infinitely adjustable. Sleep supported with this all-natural pillow.

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Natural Materials

Natural Materials

Temperature Regulating

Temperature Regulating



Pressure Relieving

Pressure Relieving

CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers* CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers*

CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers*

An all-natural pillow designed for the comfort of side sleepers who use CPAP machines*.

Contoured to accommodate a CPAP mask and hose*, there’s also a cut-out area to take the pressure off the shoulder you sleep on.

Enjoy the soft but supportive wool that cradles your head and neck in alignment.

Adjust it to meet your sleep needs. This CPAP pillow is filled to medium-firm with a high “loft”. Simply remove wool tufts until your pillow is the perfect density and height.

From the natural fill to the breathable cotton cover, the entire sleep apnea side sleeper pillow is designed to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.


  • Contoured for side sleepers who use CPAP machines*
  • Filled with Shropshire wool
  • Encased in 300 thread count natural cotton sateen
  • Adjustable height and density
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Tested and certified free of harmful chemicals
  • OEKO TEX and WOOLMARK certified
  • Includes an additional quilted, wool-filled pillowcase
  • Easy-care, machine washable
  • BPA free, phthalate-free, PEVA recyclable package

*Suitability depends on the type of CPAP mask used. Individual results may vary. This pillow does not treat or cure sleep apnea. It helps with the support and comfort of the CPAP mask.


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Premium Shropshire Wool

Premium Shropshire Wool

English Shropshire sheep have long been revered for their luxurious wool.

Light and soft with a high loft, Shropshire wool has a unique down-like fiber. Because of its natural elasticity and memory, it springs back into shape time and again.

This Woolmark certified Shropshire wool outlasts and out-performs other fibers used for bedding.

Cruelty-Free & Sustainable

From seed to shelf, the OEKO-TEX certified natural cotton used in these pillow covers is grown and processed without pesticides, toxic dyes, and harmful chemicals.

The Shropshire sheep that produced this wool are raised without cruelty, with plenty of room to graze and enjoy the sunshine.

Notice a light, sweet scent of wool? That’s because your pillow is filled with pure wool, free of harmful chemicals, toxins, and synthetics. Within a few days of opening, the wooly scent dissipates.

Cruelty-Free & Sustainable

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Caring for Your CPAP Side Sleeper Pillow

Cover your pillow with the case and launder the pillowcase regularly.

As needed, the entire pillow can be laundered. The wool used in this pillow is cleaned with a sustainable Biowash® that makes the fibers washable, resistant to shrinking and felting.

Simply machine wash warm using a gentle detergent. Dry on low heat or air dry. Sunning your wool bedding products outside on a bright, dry day improves the loft of your pillow.

Caring for Your CPAP Side Sleeper Pillow

Warranty and Return Policy

Your purchase is covered by a 5-Year Warranty.

Due to safety and sanitary regulations, this product is not returnable.

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