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Are There Health Benefits to Using an Adjustable Bed Frame? - PlushBeds

Sleep is an essential component of wellness, but can elude many individuals struggling with chronic health disorders. An adjustable bed frame allows you to customize your sleep position to offer you relief without sacrificing support and comfort.

Buying an adjustable bed frame is a great way to make an investment in your health. Below are seven benefits of using an adjustable bed frame to help improve your overall wellbeing.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Frame

You can experience numerous benefits of an adjustable bed frame, including:

1. Ergonomically Correct Positioning

One of the main benefits of this type of bed frame is it helps with ergonomically correct positioning, allowing for natural spine curvature during sleep. When you maintain a healthy posture while you sleep, you can avoid many of the problems and discomforts that inhibit your deep, restorative sleep.

2. Reduced Pain in Ligaments and Joints

More than 350 million individuals in the world deal with some type of arthritic pain. Those living with arthritis can experience temporary relief when they use an adjustable bed frame. The goal for arthritis and joint pain relief is to ease pressure on your joints. The condition itself causes inflammation already, creating joint pressure and tenderness, therefore the pressure contributed by day-to-day life can add to it.

Since you can move an adjustable bed frame into many ergonomic positions, it aids in getting into and out of your bed, and helps decrease joint pressure.

3. Reduced Back Pain

Back pain is a very common complaint among adult individuals. Finding the right sleeping position that matches your body's natural curves is important for reducing pain and for optimal back comfort.

A flat mattress doesn't always provide enough support, but an adjustable bed can help support your spine because it helps release sciatic nerve pressure. Correct spine alignment also helps to prevent pain compression causes, and decreases the need for propping your head up. And, this can help you eliminate morning neck aches and headaches.

As you age, the ligaments and cartilage holding your spine's vertebrae together becomes less cushioning and thin, leading to chronic pain and backaches. When you raise the foot of the bed, it can take the pressure off your lower back, thereby easing your back pain. It could also ease knee and hip pain.

You can move an adjustable bed frame to any position, which will take the stress off your affected vertebrae. Whether you need to elevate your head to decrease neck aches, or elevate your legs to decrease spinal pressure, an adjustable bed frame can help suit your needs.

4. Clearer Sinuses and Reduced Snoring

Breathing issues can also keep you from getting a quality night's sleep. When you sleep flat, it can add pressure on your windpipe, restricting air flow. If you elevate your body's upper half, it could help to ease asthma and snoring by keeping your body oxygenated, and also help with congestion by keeping your sinuses and lungs fluid-free.

5. Improved Sleep Apnea Symptoms

When you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you stop breathing for short time periods while you're asleep. Over 25 million adults struggle with OSA, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

Individuals can feel tired or exhausted upon waking when experiencing sleep apnea due to:

  • Physical obstructions
  • Improper airway closing
  • Muscular changes (i.e. relaxation of the tongue as well as other tissues)
  • Brain physiology

This can increase your risk of heart disease.

When you sleep in an elevated position, it helps decrease occurrences of sleep apnea, and prevents airway blockage to allows air to pass through your airways more easily, and keep blood flowing to your organs continuously.

6. Reduced Insomnia

An adjustable bed frame offers you the choice of many sleep positions, which puts you in control of your support and comfort, and eliminates tossing and turning. You'll fall asleep quicker, and will experience better relaxation due to the improved circulation of blood flow and oxygen.

7. Improved Restless Legs Syndrome Symptoms

Individuals who receive a Restless Legs Syndrome diagnosis are frequently prescribed medicine for their condition that tackles the condition's symptoms, but not the underlying causes. The discomfort and pain can cause sleep deprivation, but many people, simply by elevating their legs at night, have found relief.

Adjustable bed frames are an ideal lifestyle choice form many people, and they're more affordable than you might think. Plus, you can add on different features to enhance comfort and convenience, like built-in massage, wireless remotes, USB chargers, and more.

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