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When it comes to luxurious cotton sheets, Egyptian cotton is the gold standard. Some refer to it as the perfect combination of comfort and luxury you can find in bed linens. These are just a few benefits Egyptian cotton sheets deliver.

No Pilling

Pilling creates little pills of fabric that can be not only unsightly, but also uncomfortable. You’ll find them often in sheets of lower quality or lower thread counts, but you will not find them in sheets made with Egyptian cotton. Fibers from the Egyptian cotton plant are longer and produce little (if any) lint, which makes pilling unlikely.

Higher Thread Count

Thread count is a key indicator of quality when it comes to sheets. Thread count is the number of threads woven together to create a single square inch of the sheet. In other words, if you count all the lengthwise threads, called warp, and all the threads going width-wise, called weft, and add the numbers together, you have the thread count. Higher thread counts indicate higher quality sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets tend to have higher thread counts than other sheets, partly as a result of the length of their staples.

Longest Cotton Staples

Staple is the word used to describe the length of the cotton fibers. Longer staples indicate longer threads and stronger, or more durable, fibers. Of all cotton fibers, Egyptian cotton fibers are the longest. This is ideal for making sheets as the longer fibers are combined to create an extremely fine yarn that is simply softer and has more luster than ordinary cotton fibers.


Anyone who has ever suffered from night sweats or simply has difficulty sleeping well when hot, will appreciate the breathability of Egyptian cotton. What this means is that air can flow through the sheets allowing you to rest coolly and comfortably throughout the night when sleeping on your Egyptian cotton sheets. Wicking sheets are another alternative for those who sleep hot, have hot flashes, or experience night sweats.

When you combine this with a mattress that offers outstanding breathability or a cool gel memory foam topper, you have a winning combination that will provide the just right kind of sleep temperature Goldilocks could only dream about.


When properly care for, Egyptian cotton sheets will last longer than other sheets on the market today. The tight weave of fibers creates sheets that are designed to last, as long as they are maintained properly. Martha Stewart, the guru of all things domestic, recommends washing sheets weekly in order to remove dirt and dust. Dirt and dust in the sheets breaks down the fibers causing the fabric to show signs of wear faster.

Cost Effectiveness

In general, Egyptian cotton sheets are an investment, as far as sheets go. High quality Egyptian cotton sheets are not exactly cheap sheets. However, if you care for them properly, they will outlast less expensive sheets, sometimes lasting decades, making them cost considerably less over the span of their lifetime.

If you’ve never experienced the near perfect experience of sleeping on Egyptian cotton sheets, you’re in for a real treat – one you’re likely to enjoy for many years to come as long as you care for them properly.

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