The Luxury Bliss® Organic Hybrid Latex Mattress
331 Reviews 26 Questions \ 26 Answers
GOLS certificate
GOTS certificate
Eco Institut certificate
GreenGuard Gold certificate
331 Reviews 26 Questions \ 26 Answers
Our Luxury Organic Hybrid Latex Mattress brings comfort back to bed. Made with certified organic and sustainable materials, including 100% natural latex, GOTS certified organic wool and cotton, and premium fabric encased coils as a supportive core. Up to 6 linen textured heavy duty handles for easy positioning, and 12 European air vents to keep you sleeping cool at night. Made in the USA from world's finest materials. Experience the buoyant support and cloud-like feel of our Luxury Bliss for deep restorative sleep.

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$2,399.00 $1,149.00

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  • Dimensions & Weight

    38” x 75”
    12" Height
    72 lbs.
    682 Coil Count
    Twin XL
    38” x 80”
    12" Height
    79 lbs.
    722 Coil Count
    54” x 75”
    12" Height
    110 lbs.
    896 Coil Count
    60” x 80”
    12" Height
    120 lbs.
    1,057 Coil Count
    76” x 80”
    12" Height
    161 lbs.
    1,283 Coil Count
    Cal King
    72” x 84”
    12" Height
    162 lbs.
    1,280 Coil Count
    Split King
    38” x 80” (x2)
    12" Height
    79 lbs. (x2)
    1,444 Coil Count
  • Thickness Options

    12” Luxury Bliss

    • 1” GOTS certified organic cotton cover
    • 3” Certified 100% natural talalay latex
    • 8” Supportive, fabric-encased, coil core
  • Mattress firmness

    Medium – (75% of customers) Ideal for side sleepers who enjoy maximum pressure relief in their shoulder & hip areas.

    Medium-Firm – (25% of customers) Ideal for back and stomach sleepers who need more support without sacrificing comfort. Exceeds the quality standards of our competitors’ costliest models.

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    In Home Set up

    A trained professional will set up your mattress in the room of your choice and remove all packaging.


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    In home set up + old mattress removal

    A trained professional will set up your mattress in the room of your choice and remove all packaging. They will also remove and recycle your old mattress and box spring.


    up to $349

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  • Foundations & Bases

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Your mattress is fully protected for from faulty workmanship or structural defects for as long as you own your mattress.

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An Award-Winning Retreat in the Comfort of your own home

In over 100 media publications, PlushBeds mattresses take top marks across multiple categories.

Mattress of the Year
Best Mattresses, 2022
Best Latex Mattress
Tuck, 2021-22
Best Luxury Mattress
Sleep Foundation, 2021-22
Best Latex Mattress
Sleepopolis, 2022
Best Organic Mattress
Mattress Advisor, 2021-22
#1 Best Mattress
Slumber Search, 2021-22

What's in the Luxury Bliss?

Our Flagship Hybrid Luxury Mattress, Built for Healthy Outrageous Comfort

Unlike most memory foam hybrid mattresses, our Luxury Bliss hybrid latex mattress is free from harmful chemicals, and made from the world's finest certified organic materials.

Michael Hughes, Founder

  • 1 GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Cover - No dangerous chemicals or pesticides seeping into body throughout the night. Our circular-knit fabric design offers enhanced hip & shoulder pressure relief.
  • 2 100% British Organic Wool - Sleep Cool & Dry naturally throughought the night on the most luxurious wool available.
  • 3 100% Natural Talalay Latex Comfort Layer - For improved circulation and superior pressure relief on your shoulders, hips, muscles, and joints.
  • 4 Supportive Fabric-Encased Coils - Premium crafted coils provide the perfect amount of support, zero motion transfer, and incredibly buoyant sleep.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Comfort Without Compromise:

A certified organic cotton mattress cover means there are no chemicals or pesticides seeping into your body through the night.

Our ultra-soft, organic cotton knit cover brings your expectations to new heights. With unsurpassed non-restricted airflow, moisture absorption, breathability, and environmental safety, the Luxury Bliss… provides more safety and environmental integrity because our cotton is grown without any dangerous pesticides or herbicides.

All our cotton is ethically grown without harsh chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides, ensuring a safe working environment for workers and a healthier sleep environment for your family.

Circular-Knit Fabric

Enhanced Hip & Shoulder Pressure Relief:

Our circular-knit design offers enhanced hip & shoulder pressure relief with unrestricted airflow and moisture absorption to keep you sleeping cool and dry through the night.

Our flagship circular-knit fabric construction provides reassuring elasticity, allowing the cover to conform to your changing body positions with a breathable design crafted specifically for reduced surface … pressure.

The elasticity of our circular knit cover allows the organic cotton a natural way to be wrinkle resistant and stretchable without becoming permanently distorted, which in turn enables less constriction of blood flow, allowing a deeper undisturbed sleep.

100% British Organic Wool

Sleep Cool & Dry Through the Night:

If you experience night sweats or hot flashes while sleeping, the Luxury Bliss can help to keep you cool by absorbing moisture, allowing your body to maintain a balanced and steady temperature during sleep.

The Luxury Bliss is made with three times as much wool than any of our competitors’ mattresses; up to 10 lbs. of organic wool in one king size mattress. When used in the right proportions within a mattress cover, wool absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, and then releases it when the atmosphere is drier, which regulates your body temperature through the night.

British organic wool is extremely durable and can bend thousands of times without losing its form, resulting in a more comfortable sleeping surface that will provide years of unyielding support and temperature regulation.

  • No chemicals
  • No pesticides
  • No fertilizers
  • No adhesives
  • No fillers
  • No dyes
  • No toxins

Chemical-free fire barrier

Safely Protecting Your Family:

An organic wool fire barrier protects your family without melting, dripping or emitting poisonous fumes like other synthetic materials.

The Luxury Bliss offers an alternative solution to those who don’t want a mattress made with boric acid, fiberglass socks or chemical fire retardants which can lead to organ toxicity, birth defects, and other neurological damage. The Luxury Bliss passes all flammability requirements using 100% GOTS certified British organic wool and special construction methods.

Known for its superior micron levels, 100% British organic wool is quilted into all 6 sides of the Luxury Bliss organic cotton cover. The high keratin protein and moisture content of British wool makes it naturally resistant to burning. Tests show organic wool to be among the safest bedding materials available, as it allows a mattress to naturally pass flammability tests without the use of any synthetic flame retardants.

100% natural talalay latex

Absorbing Stress & Improving Circulation:

Our talalay latex offers superior pressure relief compared to other types of latex or foams, allowing it to absorb your stress and improve circulation as it reduces the amount of pressure placed on your shoulders, hips, muscles, and joints.

Inside every Luxury Bliss is a comfort layer of 100% natural talalay latex, known for its unparalleled comfort and superior pressure relief. Our talalay latex naturally provides a buoyant feeling that gently cradles the pressure points of your body, unlike low-grade synthetic foams that often have an unpleasant smell that can take weeks or months to dissipate. Not only does that reduce your aches and pains, but it also promotes deeper, more restorative sleep.

Our talalay also provides an unrivaled balance of support and comfort that cannot be replicated with other latex or synthetic foams. We only use the world’s finest talalay latex which exceeds the most stringent standards for quality, safety and sustainability.


Superior Lower Back Support + Durability:

Our premium fabric-encased coils offer edge-to-edge uncompromising support, resulting in zero motion transfer and a supportive sleep for years to come.

Which Firmness is Right for You?

Whether you’re a side, stomach, or back sleeper, we’ve got a firmness option that will allow you to wake well-rested & pain-free.

Our hybrid latex mattress combines the pressure relieving buoyancy of talalay latex with the lasting support of premium fabric encased coils for the comfort you want and the long-term support you need.

Medium – (5.5 out of 10)
Ideal for side sleepers who enjoy maximum
pressure relief in their shoulder & hip areas.

Medium-Firm – (8 out of 10)
Ideal for back and stomach sleepers who need
more support without sacrificing comfort.

100 Night Comfort Guarantee

Not the right firmness? What are your options?

The PlushBeds 100 Night Comfort Guarantee offers a free and convenient solution to adjusting your mattress firmness without the hassle of having to return your entire mattress.

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It’s one of the reasons PlushBeds has one of the lowest return rates in the mattress industry.

Less than 1% of Mattresses Can Match Our Purity Certifications

Say goodbye to chemical-filled sagging foams, and say hello to luxurious, organic sleep on a organic latex mattress for you & your family.


A Mattress that will stand the test of time.

26 different sewers and skilled craftsman contribute to bringing your new mattress to life within 2-5 business days from receiving your order.

Below are some additional features that elevate the Luxury Bliss above the rest.

Sleep Cooler with 12 European Air Vents

The Luxury Bliss features an advanced ventilation system of up to 12 European Air Vents which work through the night to wick body heat away from your body for a cool and satisfying sleep experience.

7 out of 10 Americans have struggled to sleep through the night due to overheating, which can be caused by a non-breathable mattress. While synthetic mattresses such as memory foam offer good comfort, they simply can’t dissipate body heat and ultimately reflect it back to your body’s contact points.

Beautiful Linen Textured Trim

Woven by one of our finest mills, our beautiful linen textured trim offers a refined aesthetic, rich in texture, and exceptional durability.

Our textured linen accent trim offers a rich texture and a complex oatmeal color. The fabric marries the soft hand of premium indoor upholstery with unmatched durability. Soft and inviting, it is crafted from high-performance yarns that resist wear, stains and fading, making it an ideal choice for PlushBeds handle and accent fabric.

Robust, Heavy-Duty Handles

The Luxury Bliss features six beautiful yet robust, linen textured heavy duty handles on each full, queen and king Luxury Bliss model, and four handles on twin and twin xl models.

Whether for simple position adjustments, a slight lift when making the bed, or to move your Luxury Bliss to a new location, the 6 durable handles offer great ease and assistance with any moving or positioning task.

An impeccable reputation for quality, reliability, and service

The Luxury Bliss is a learned alchemy combining precious materials, design, innovation, perfect manufacturing, and rigorous quality control.

With over a decade of design and manufacturing experience in California with European influences, PlushBeds has developed a highly-touch quality inspection system that further separates the quality of our mattresses from our competition.

Our certified Quality Control Specialists check our raw materials for flaws and defects, ensuring that colors are consistent and correct, and examine the strength of our final products. Seams and/or stitching must be neat and strong, and all mattresses and bedding products must be produced to the same size and quality standard.

By checking early during the production cycle and repeating inspections multiple times during the manufacturing process, you can be sure that by the time the production is complete, every aspect of your mattress has been carefully checked with no quality problems present.

Environmentally friendly

The Luxury Bliss is an eco-friendly hybrid latex mattress that is as socially responsible as it is comfortable.


20 million mattresses and box springs are disposed of annually in the USA and the vast majority end up in landfills or incinerators, contributing 450 million pounds of waste and fill more than 100 million cubic feet of landfill space every year. The Luxury Bliss is made from biodegradable and recyclable raw materials which come from renewable resources.


We manufacture all of our mattresses using the highest quality, environmentally friendly and consciously sourced raw materials, which come from renewal resources. We conserve resources and reduce solid waste by recycling at the mattress manufacturing and assembly stages, and we partner with private enterprises and charitable organizations to promote the economic viability of recycling as well.

Socially Responsible

Each of our mattresses use the average daily output of 5,000 Hevea Brasiliensis trees. The average fully-grown Hevea Brasiliensis tree produces liquid latex sap for 16 years. Millions of these trees are cultivated on our partner plantation in Sri Lanka, removing thousands of metric tons of atmospheric carbon dioxide annually, and providing jobs for hundreds of indigenous people.

Harmful chemicals and toxins have no business being anywhere near you while you sleep. That’s why we don’t let them anywhere near our mattresses.

Michael Hughes, Founder

See why people love their Luxury Bliss

We’re humbled to have received over 4,000 reviews on our Luxury Bliss latex mattress. Below are just a few of compliments we receive daily.

3 Delivery Options

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FedEx Delivery

If you live in the Contiguous (lower 48) United States, all our products are delivered via FedEx at no charge. For other areas, call 1-888-PLUSH-BEDS for a discounted shipping quote.


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In Home Set up

A trained professional will set up your mattress in the room of your choice and remove all packaging.

up to $249*

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In home set up + old
mattress removal

A trained professional will set up your mattress in the room of your choice and remove all packaging. They will also remove and recycle your old mattress and box spring.

up to $349*

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*Price for a mattress & foundation

Flexible Payment Plans

PlushBeds and Affirm have teamed up to offer 0% APR and a 4 interest-free installments option. Just choose “Pay over time with Affirm” at checkout.


Affirm offers monthly financing starting at 0% APR* on $499-$10,000 orders.

Pay in 4 installments

Affirm offers 4 interest-free installments on your credit or debit card for $499-$3500 orders.**

*Rate ranges from 0%-24.99% APR. A down payment may be required. Monthly financing through Affirm issued by WebBank, member FDIC and subject to credit approval. See terms.

**CA residents: Loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license. See terms.

Our organic latex mattress supports your body and your overall health

The Luxury Bliss Organic Latex Mattress is often recommended by chiropractors and orthopedic specialists because of its buoyant feeling that gently cradles the pressure points of your body, which helps to relieve aches and pains & promote deep sleep.

Works well with All Bases, Boxes, and Bed Frames

All bed types supported

A Luxury Bliss mattress works with all bed types:

Platform Beds

Divan Bases

Traditional Frames

Adjustable Bases


A company you can trust

As both the manufacturer and retailer, PlushBeds is vertically integrated and owns the entire process from sourcing the latex directly from our certified organic plantations, to handcrafting your mattress in our organic California factory, to delivering it to your doorstep. Each mattress is made to order, so they are freshly made just for you when shipped.

Lifetime Warranty

The strongest warranty in the mattress industry. We stand by our quality by offering a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on every mattress.

100-night money back guarantee

Sleep better or get all of your money back. If you decide that your PlushBeds mattress is not for you, you may return it to us for a full refund of your purchase price.
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Thousands of Verified Reviews

The Luxury Bliss has earned thousands of reviews and is recommended by Chiropractors & orthopedic specialists for its superior support.

Mattress Concierge

We believe that service starts – not ends – after the sale. A mattress concierge will be assigned to your order, offering individual, post-sale service 7 days a week.

Handcrafted in The USA

Handcrafted in California by PlushBeds artisans, with unsurpassed craftsmanship & attention to detail, and made with the world’s finest raw materials.

A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau

Our stellar record with consumer protection agencies and our Better Business Bureau A+ rating means you’re purchasing a top-quality mattress from a reputable, reliable and stable company.

Make an Investment in your Future Health and Wake Up Rejuvenated and Energized with the Luxury Bliss Hybrid Latex Mattress.

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