Anchor Weighted Blanket

Designed to soothe the senses, this weighted blanket is filled with sensory-friendly glass beads. Beautiful to look at, silky-soft to touch, and expertly crafted.

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Soft & Smooth

Soft & Smooth

Cozy & Warm

Cozy & Warm

Non-Toxic & Hypoallergenic

Non-Toxic & Hypoallergenic

Calming Weighted Blanket Calming Weighted Blanket

Calming Weighted Blanket

Let this weighted blanket anchor you in calm.

While you unwind, the full-body, gentle pressure dials down stress and promotes relaxation.

Using weighted blankets to de-stress and promote restorative sleep is a form of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP).

DTP therapy has a calming, organizing effect on the nervous system. It increases pain-relieving endorphins, and the “feel good” hormones, serotonin, and dopamine.

Studies show that DTP with weighted blankets can naturally boost mood and promote deeper sleep.

The Anchor Weighted Blanket is designed to soothe the senses. Filled with smooth, heavy, perfectly balanced glass beads, it’s finished with a silky-soft microfiber cover.

Each layer of this weighted blanket is designed to regulate temperature, so you get to perfect relaxation faster — and stay there longer.


  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic glass bead filling
  • Silky-soft microfiber retains natural warmth and wicks away moisture
  • Elegant channel stitch design keeps the look luxurious
  • cotton inner blanket is breathable and cooling
  • Internal quilted pockets evenly distribute glass beads and prevent shifting
  • Removable cover is machine washable
  • 10-tie system keeps inner and outer blankets securely tied

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Why Glass Bead Weighted Blankets

Why Glass Bead Weighted Blankets

Micro glass beads are the premium, environmentally-responsible choice for weighted blankets.

Perfectly smooth, the glass beads slide soundlessly and smoothly. For anyone with auditory, sensory, or physical sensitivities, glass beads are a soothing choice.

Heavier than other fillers typically used in weighted blankets, glass beads lend weight without added bulk.

Glass beads also stay cool longer than plastic or metal filler, regulating your temperature.

Caring For Your Weighted Blanket

PlushBeds Anchor Weighted Blanket is easy to care for and stain-resistant.

Removable outer blanket: Remove and machine wash separately Use a gentle detergent, warm water, and finish with a cold-water rinse. Tumble dry on low heat.

Inner blanket: Spot clean or hand wash and lay flat to dry. If heavily soiled, wash in cold water on a gentle cycle and finish with a cold-water rinse. Lay flat to dry.

Warranty and Return Policy

Your purchase is covered by a 5-Year Warranty.

Due to safety and sanitary regulations, this product is not returnable.

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