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People who are heavy or overweight have a difficult time finding the right fit for many things. One thing that often surprises them is having difficulty with finding the best mattress for heavy people; one that meets their sleep needs.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “More than one-third of the U.S. adults (35.7 percent) are obese.” This means that mattress makers are looking for ways to make mattresses that fit your needs too. That’s good news for you, as it will enable you to find affordable mattresses in your ideal comfort zone.

Getting to the Heart of the Problem

Many people in the scientific community believe that obesity exacerbates sleep problems. Studies, such as this one reported in Time, have consistently shown that an inadequate amount of sleep leads to weight gain. But a new consensus among scientists indicates that obesity may also cause sleep problems, creating a vicious cycle. Belly fat, according to recent research, is the particular culprit to target if you’re looking for a better night’s sleep. The bottom line is that a good night’s sleep is a priority for heavy people – whether you realize it or not.

Finding the Best Mattress for Heavy People

The thing most heavy people struggle with is knowing what to look for when shopping around for the best mattress to give them that good night’s sleep. Here are a few of the top features you need to look for.

1) Mattress thickness matters. It matters more than you may realize. Thinner mattresses are likely to break down faster if you’re heavier. 14-inch mattresses receive above average customer satisfaction among people between 200 and 450 pounds. The minimal thickness people weighing between 200 and 400 pounds should consider is ten inches and those weighing over 400 pounds should choose nothing less than 14-inches thick when it comes to mattresses.

2) How you sleep matters. Most people establish their sleeping positions at early ages. It’s difficult to change lifelong habits of sleep once you’re an adult. Back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers all have different needs from mattresses. Fortunately, natural latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and adjustable air mattresses can meet the needs of heavy people no matter what positions they sleep in.

Mattresses are an investment. Choosing the best mattress for heavy people isn’t only about getting a good night’s sleep tonight. It’s also about ensuring that you won’t lose sleep worrying about frequent and costly mattress replacement needs too. Getting the right fit from your mattress means that the mattress and your satisfaction with your mattress will last much longer as well. The best mattress for heavy people, at the end of the day, is the one upon which you can sleep well and wake from comfortably.

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