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Why are Hotel Beds so Comfortable? - PlushBeds

Hotel beds are thought by many people to be extremely comfortable. If you’ve ever looked forward to sleeping on a hotel bed during your travels, then you are one of the many people who agree. It’s not just the fact that hotel sheets are cleaned and the bed is made before your stay. The pillows are fluffy, the sheets are soft, and the mattress itself is comfortable.

So, if you’re wondering what it is that makes hotel beds so comfortable, this article is for you. We’ll go over the reasons that make hotel beds comfortable, and give you some tips on how to replicate it for your own bed.

Reasons Why Hotel Beds are so Comfortable

Hotel beds are so comfortable because hotel mattresses are often high-quality. Although all hotels don’t use the same mattress, they sometimes consist of a hybrid spring latex foam or memory foam. These mattresses provide pressure relief and support for your body while also being soft enough for comfort. They often pair their mattresses with mattress toppers, soft sheets with a high thread count, plush comforters, down pillows, and a relaxing sleeping environment to give you a great sleep.

Below we will go into all the aspects that make hotel beds comfortable in more detail.

The Mattress

High-quality innerspring, hybrid, latex foam, and memory foam mattresses are the most common mattresses found in hotel rooms. These high quality mattresses provide people with comfort, support, and pressure point relief, while also regulating their temperature and reducing movement. They are often medium-firm mattresses.

Every good hotel requires a good mattress to welcome its guests, and allow them to get a good night’s rest. Every great hotel needs a great mattress because otherwise, it wouldn’t be a great hotel. Mattress quality is that important, as we all know. So, what specifically makes their mattresses so comfortable?

Pressure Relief and Support

A supportive and relieving pressure point mattress is one that allows your body to rest in its neutral position while easing stress on your joints and muscles. During the day your muscles maintain your neutral posture, but at night it is up to your mattress. Supportive mattresses keep your spine neutrally aligned, and help your body maintain your natural curves for ultimate comfort and stress relief.

If you’ve ever woken up with sore muscles and achy joints, that is probably because the mattress you slept on was too firm, and unsupportive. A pressure-relieving and supportive mattress will leave you feeling comfortable throughout the night, and refreshed in the morning. Also, you should be able to feel the support of the mattress as soon as you lay down on it. If you feel yourself breathing deeply, and a melting sensation that feels as though the burden of the day is melting off of you, it’s probably a supportive mattress that’s allowing all of your muscles to immediately relax.


Innerspring mattresses contain many coiled springs to regulate your temperature while you sleep, while also providing bounce, support, and overall comfort.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses conform and yield to your body’s shape, relieving your pressure points, and providing support throughout the night. Plus, they absorb motion, so that the movements of your partner will not disturb your sleep.


Innerspring mattresses don’t provide the same pressure relief or motion absorption memory foam does, while memory foam retains heat and can make you feel hot while you sleep. Hybrid mattresses use a combination of memory foam and coils to regulate temperature while providing support and pressure relief. For this reason, hybrid mattresses are common mattresses in top-quality hotels.


Medium-firm mattresses are the best option for most people, and support various sleeping positions. Also, medium-firmness helps to alleviate back pain for some sleepers.


Everyone has their own pillow preference: some people like soft pillows, while others prefer firm ones. That’s why most hotel rooms will include two soft and two firm pillows on the bed to provide each guest with some selection for their pillows. Both soft and firm hotel pillows are usually down, because they are plush and comfortable.

Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers add an additional plush and comfortable layer to the mattress, while further protecting the mattress itself. They can also change the firmness of a mattress. Not all hotels use mattress toppers, so if you find yourself loving a particular hotel bed, check under the fitted sheet to see if a mattress topper is underneath.


Breathable, soft, and light sheets make sleeping more comfortable and cooler. Hotel rooms may have sheets like Egyptian cotton, long-staple cotton, or linen. Thread count is a big factor when considering the comfort of sheets as well; decent flat sheets have a thread count of at least 200 and range up to 800, sometimes even 1,000 or more. You can expect good hotel sheets to be somewhere in the 200 to 800 range. The hotel sheets may also be softened with fabric softener, and smell pleasant due to scented detergents. Fresh, great-smelling sheets may help you relax, and fall asleep faster.


Down comforters are extremely common in hotel rooms. Down comforters are comfortable and fluffy, and insulate heat to keep you warm throughout the night. Hotel comforters are often larger than traditional comforters, so the bed looks and feels extra luxurious.

Sleep Environment

For a hotel sleeping experience to be truly great, it needs to have the right sleep environment. The best sleep environment is one that is quiet, cool, and relaxing.

You may have noticed that hotel walls and hotel sheets are often white. White walls and white sheets look luxurious and hygienic, while giving the guests a feeling of calm and well-being.

Also, hotel rooms are clean and free of any clutter. If you’ve ever slept in a very messy room, you probably understand how clutter can contribute to a stressful mind. Clean and tidy, on the other hand, allow you to relax more easily.

Furthermore, the bed is always made in a very neat manner. This further drives home the sense of calm, luxury, and cleanliness, and make the bed more appealing for guests.

How to Create a Hotel Bed in Your Own Bedroom

So if you want to sleep as well as you do in hotel beds, what can you do to bring that level of comfort and restful, supportive sleep into your own bedroom? Below, we’ll go over some ways you can replicate the hotel bed experience, so that you can sleep just as well at home.

Invest in a High Quality Mattress

The first step towards creating a hotel bed environment in your own bedroom is by investing in a new mattress. Hotel mattresses are usually innerspring, memory foam, but more commonly they are hybrids.

Hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of both innerspring and memory foam, without getting the disadvantages of either (namely less pressure relief for innerspring mattresses, and less ventilation for memory foam).

PlushBeds Mattresses

PlushBeds offer two extremely high-quality hybrid mattresses. The first hybrid available is the Luxury Bliss Hybrid Latex Mattress. It is a 12-inch organic latex hybrid mattress with a 3-inch plush top made of 100% natural latex that provides an extra layer of luxurious comfort. It combines ventilation and support with a fabric-encased coil core and latex to provide you with buoyant support and luxurious cool comfort. Plus, it is covered in organic cotton and organic wool cover.

The Eco Bliss Eco Mattress is a hybrid latex and foam mattress that provides support, pressure relief, and cool comfort. Both mattresses come in any size, and you can select between firm and medium-firm so you can choose the mattress that perfectly suits your needs.

In addition, PlushBeds also offers natural and organic latex mattresses, along with the Cool Bliss Cooling Gel Mattress that provides the comfort and support of memory foam while allowing you to sleep cooler through the night. We have a wide selection of luxurious mattresses, so find the right one for you today!

Getting a new mattress that’s supportive and comfortable is the first and most important step towards making your bedroom as comfortable as a hotel’s.

Invest in High-Quality Sheets

Once you’ve gotten your high quality mattress that allows your muscles to relax, provides you with support, and keeps you cool, the next step is high-quality sheets. High-quality sheets will replicate the soft and breathable feel of hotel sheets, and to make them smell great, you can use scented detergent, or fabric softener.

PlushBeds Sheets

PlushBeds offers a range of high-comfort, luxurious sheets like the Organic Cotton Sateen Sheet Set that are soft and smooth from the first use, so you don’t have to run it through the wash with fabric softener for that amazing hotel-softness. Plus, these bed sheets are hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture-resistant, and 100% GOTS organic certified with a 300 thread count cotton. PlushBeds also offers bamboo ultra-soft sheets, vegan silk sheets, and microfiber sheets, all available at

Invest in High-Quality Pillows

As we discussed, most great hotels offer two firm and two soft down pillows to accommodate different types of sleepers. Comfortable, breathable pillows are essential for getting a good night's sleep, so your head feels supported, and your neck and spine are neutrally aligned.

PlushBeds Pillows

PlushBeds understands the importance of finding a comfortable, soft, and supportive pillow. We offer a Feather Pillow that perfectly replicates the experience of sleeping on a high-quality hotel down and feather pillow. This is the type of pillow found in the five star hotels where you pay extra for supreme comfort. This pillow features an outer layer with soft duck feathers, and an inner layer with firmer, supportive goose feathers for ultimate comfort.

Also, while you’re at it, check out our 100% pure silk pillowcase to make your pillow even more luxurious.

Mattress Topper

Not all hotel beds have mattress toppers, but they can certainly improve the feel of the bed. They can adjust the firmness of any mattress, making it feel softer or firmer, while also providing added support, and added protection to the mattress.

PlushBeds Mattress Topper

PlushBeds offers a range of toppers for every type of sleeper. We offer natural latex toppers, handmade wool mattress toppers, down alternative toppers, and memory foam toppers. With our selection of toppers, you can better fine-tune the comfort of any mattress to suit it better to your sleeping needs.


The down hotel comforter is a staple of a nice hotel bedroom. Big, warm, and comfortable, a good hotel room is not the same without it.

PlushBeds Comforter

PlushBeds offers four comforters, three of which are down comforters: the plush living down blend comforter, the sateen white goose down comforter, and the down alternative microfiber comforter. These comforters will provide you with the luxury and comfort you experience from the five-star hotel bed comforter.

Other Things You can do to Create a Hotel Oasis in Your Bedroom

Besides making the bed itself as comfortable and luxurious as possible, there are other steps you can take to duplicate the hotel sleeping experience in your own bedroom.

Noise Control

First of all, nice hotel rooms are never loud. If you can hear neighbors, cars, or people on the street from your bedroom, you have to invest in some noise control. Noise disturbs sleep, and makes it more difficult to stay and fall asleep. Luckily, you don’t have to soundproof your whole bedroom to reduce the noise while you sleep. Try using a white noise machine, listening to nature sounds like rain or the ocean on your phone, or just put in some ear plugs.

Blackout Curtains or Blinds

Light is another factor that contributes to a good sleeping environment. Hotel rooms usually have great curtains that keep sunlight and streetlight out. Use blackout curtains or blinds to ensure that no outside light can get into your room, and disrupt your peaceful sleep.

Temperature Control

Nobody likes to sleep in a hot room. Overheating makes it harder to fall asleep, and can wake you up at night, disrupting your sleep. Keep your room cool at night with AC, by opening a window, or using a fan. Just don’t keep it too cold!

Keep it Clean

A clean bedroom can really make a difference. Keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free. It will make your room seem more appealing and relaxing, and will make falling asleep at night easier.

Also, try neatly making your bed every morning, so that you can climb into a tidy bed at night.

Add Fragrance

As we mentioned earlier, the fragrance is a big part of the calming effects of the hotel bedroom. Use fragrant fabric softener and detergent on your sheets that have an appealing and calming effect. You can also use essential oil diffusers with your favorite aromas, like lavender, to make your room even more relaxing.


The luxurious hotel bedroom experience isn’t reserved only for hotels. You can take the best qualities of hotel beds to use in your own home, so that you sleep every night like you’re staying at a 5-star hotel. Check out PlushBeds' product selection now to get started on converting your bedroom into a luxuriously comfortable one!

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