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Latex mattresses have grown in popularity among consumers because of their many sleep benefits, durability, pressure point relief, and eco-friendliness. So, if you've been searching online for a latex mattress store near you so you, too, can get the best night’s sleep, then you've come to the right place.

The truth is you'll find several outlets around you, but if you don't have the patience for the salesman's showmanship, you won't enjoy your shopping experience. One advantage, though, is that you may have the chance to check out a few latex mattresses for the first time.

Online shopping is the other alternative to shopping for a latex mattress, but just like in-store shopping, this option also has its pros and cons. If you aren't sure which method to opt for when shopping for organic mattresses, this article is for you.

In-Store vs Online Shopping for a Latex Mattress

Every consumer has their own experience when it comes to shopping online and in-store. Ultimately, these experiences influence their choice of the most convenient shopping method. However, when shopping for a latex mattress, it makes more sense to compare these two shopping methods, as they both have significant impacts on factors considered when mattress shopping.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Latex Mattress

When shopping for a latex mattress, consider the following factors:


The cost of buying a new mattress is probably the most common thing many consumers think of. Generally, natural latex mattresses are costlier than ordinary memory foam mattresses because of their labor-intensive and time-consuming manufacturing processes.

However, natural latex mattresses are worth such an investment because of their numerous advantages. Therefore, the only task you'd have as a shopper is finding the perfect mattress.

Which is Cheaper?

Store owners stock mattresses depending on their target market, and may have a less variable price range. Like any business, salesmen also strive to convince shoppers to buy from the store for profit and commissions, rather than helping them find the perfect mattress. For this reason, organic mattresses in a store are pricier.

On the other hand, mattresses sold online are cheaper for various reasons. Firstly, most of these companies sell mattresses directly from their factories without middlemen and retailers. This approach significantly cuts down on unnecessary costs, drastically reducing the prices of mattresses.

Secondly, shoppers have access to various online mattress vendors who offer quality mattresses at varying prices. Lastly, you may not need to spend money shipping the mattress to your home when shopping online because many vendors offer free shipping to different locations. In addition, others provide white-glove services, including replacing your old mattress with the new one, saving you the costs of hiring someone to do it.

Mattress Trial Periods

Most mattress companies allow buyers to spend a few days trying out a new mattress to decide whether it suits their needs. This is called the mattress trial period. When shopping for a latex mattress, it's always advisable to choose one with a longer mattress trial period.

Do Mattresses in Stores Offer Trial Periods?

Stores have the upper hand if you prefer trying out a mattress before buying it. Most brick-and-mortar stores let you feel the surface of the mattress, and probably lay on it for a few minutes before deciding the best one for your needs. However, that may be the only time you have to test the mattress before deciding if it suits you or not.

In most cases, mattresses sold in stores have no trial periods because:

  • most trial periods are only valid to the original buyer of the mattress (in this case, the store owner)
  • the store owner isn't the manufacturer of the mattress or their official outlet
  • it's assumed that you had sufficient time to choose the right mattress from the store.

If you're lucky to find a mattress from a store that offers the trial period, it will most likely be shorter, or may have other conditions attached to it.

On the contrary, online mattress companies offer an average of 90 to 120 days for a sleeper to try out their new mattress at home.

This generous sleep trial period allows the mattress to break in and feel comfortable, and if the sleeper decides that the mattress isn't what they're looking for, they have sufficient time to request a return.

Return Policy

The return policy is the guidelines offered by the mattress vendor on returning a mattress if you decide it doesn't suit you before the trial period ends. The terms of this policy differ among mattress vendors, both in-store and online.

The return policy is tied to the trial period of the mattress, and given that online retailers offer generous sleep trial periods, they are more likely to have better return policies. That may include free shipping, an exchange, or a total refund of your money.

In-store vendors may also offer desirable services, such as transferring the used mattress from your bed, and packing it into a box. However, that may attract extra fees and conditions, such as ensuring that the mattress still has its tag on.


Since the onset of online shopping and the increasingly busy lifestyles, consumers often prefer hassle-free shopping that doesn't take up much of their time. As a result, online and in-store mattress vendors offer different services to their customers to save them time, and improve their shopping experience.

Online shopping can be done from practically anywhere, and in your own free time. You can then expect to receive your package at your doorstep on an agreed day and time. Unlike in-store shopping, you won't have to find time to visit the store, or plan how to get your mattress home after buying, if the store doesn't provide delivery services.

More Information About the Mattress

Before buying, knowing more about a mattress helps you understand how best it meets your sleep needs. For example, you need to know what firmness level suits your desired sleeping position, or the ideal mattress density to support your body weight adequately.

Unfortunately, you may not get such information from a salesman while shopping for a mattress in a brick and mortar store, or reading marketing brochures. But, on the other hand, online mattress vendors post much more information about their products on their websites, which shoppers find useful in helping them choose the perfect mattress.

Quality vs Value

The quality of a durable mattress in relation to its value is a significant consideration while choosing a mattress. Premium quality mattresses are often valued highly, but that doesn't mean that every mattress marked as premium in a store has the best quality you're looking for.

The quality of a latex mattress is defined by the materials it's made of. For example, an organic latex mattress has better quality than a synthetic latex mattress, and therefore it may cost more. Other brands may also use additional products, such as organic cotton and organic wool to improve the quality and value of the mattress. In addition, you need to factor in other costs of buying the mattress using both options to find out how much you'll spend on the same mattress.

Organic Wool

Is the latex mattress made from organic wool? Does the manufacturer provide certifications that the latex used in the manufacturing of the mattress is indeed organic? Is the mattress hypoallergenic? An organic mattress is free of harmful chemicals.

Availability of Accessories

If you are in need of accessories, such as mattress toppers, a bed frame, or other bedding, it’s beneficial to purchase from a company that offers additional accessories.

Why Some Mattresses are Expensive

Here's how to avoid incurring unnecessary costs when shopping for a latex mattress.

Middlemen Markups

If you're not buying the mattress directly from the manufacturer, you'll most likely pay more to cover the costs and profits of middlemen, such as advertising. Some online mattress retailers have brick-and-mortar outlets that distribute their mattresses to different locations, while others completely eliminate the need for intermediaries to keep their prices low.

This is especially a significant consideration, since latex mattresses cost more than most types of mattresses.

The Cost of Marketing

High marketing and advertising costs affect mattress prices. So, rather than falling for the newest mattress in the market, it's better to determine how different it is from others from the same brand, or their competitor brand.

The Quality of the Mattress

Mattress manufacturers who invest more in high-quality, durable materials charge more for sleeping organic. For example, latex mattresses made of organic and 100% natural materials are bound to be more expensive because of the high cost of these raw materials. However, while purchasing such a premium quality mattress, you should confirm their quality certifications, such as GOLS for organic latex, and GOTS for organic cotton.

Special Mattresses

Mattresses specifically designed for sleepers' unique needs are often pricier than conventional mattresses. For example, if you're looking for mattresses recommended by a chiropractor, or one with orthopedic qualities, you'll most likely pay more.

Lack of Used Mattresses Markets

Used mattresses are usually disposed of for hygiene reasons, and those in good condition are often donated, and not resold.

How to Buy a Latex Mattress Online

If you're considering purchasing a mattress online for the first time, here's what to do:

Check Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are mostly honest opinions from shoppers about their experiences and concerns regarding a mattress and the online retailer. For this reason, avoid retailers with numerous negative reviews regarding their organic mattresses, customer service, or other aspects of their business.

Read More on their Websites

Mattress websites are usually informative, and may help you choose a better mattress. Depending on the manufacturer, you might also learn how the mattress is manufactured. This information will help you appreciate the purpose of each product or layer that makes up the mattress.

Stick to Your Budget

You can always find a good product within your budget while shopping online because of the unlimited variety of mattresses retailers put up for sale online. Additionally, you can take advantage of discounts and special dates, such as Black Fridays and holiday sales to purchase the mattress you've always desired at a lower price.

Consider Important Policies

These include sleep trials and return policies the online mattress vendor offers. Since you won't physically meet the vendor to purchase the mattress, you need to be sure they are legitimate.

Can I Bargain for a Natural Latex Mattress in a Store?

Yes, you can, although it's not guaranteed that the company deal will be better. Instead, look out for flash sales and discounts, often available online.

What is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

Different stores offer deals throughout the year, but there are certain times when such deals are way better. For example, during holidays such as Presidents Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving often attract better deals for natural latex toppers and latex mattresses.

About PlushBeds Natural Latex Mattresses

Shopping for a latex mattress at PlushBeds is easier, faster, and more convenient for various unique reasons.

PlushBeds offers four different latex mattresses made from premium quality and certified organic latex, organic cotton, and organic wool. These sleeping organic options also have varying affordable prices to suit every shoppers' budget, and can purchase an accompanying bed frame, such as the Quiet Balance Bed Frame.

These mattresses come with a 100 nights sleep trial, and a total refund guarantee. The Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress, in particular, includes a one-time comfort layer exchange to reduce the stress that comes with returning the mattress.

You can also compare these natural latex options and hypoallergenic mattresses with other mattresses on the company website.

Buyers should also know that PlushBeds offers a variety of sleep products besides organic mattresses, including platform beds, adjustable beds, latex mattress toppers, organic cotton sheets, latex pillows, sheets, comforters, and more.

Buyers within the contiguous US enjoy free shipping services, and inexpensive white glove delivery upon request.

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