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Did you know that nearly 9 percent of the total households in America are RV owners? That aside, statistics show that at least 20.5 million more families in the country say they intend to own an RV at some point in their lives.

If you already own an RV, you'll most likely need a high-quality rv mattress. But, how do you find the right RV mattress size, given that these recreational vehicles come in different sizes? Don't worry about it; we'll explain everything you need to know about RV mattress sizes.

RV Mattress Sizes Explained

RV mattress sizes vary. Below are some of the most common RV mattress size dimensions.







RV Special







Queen Short










Common RV Mattress Sizes

Now let's discuss these RV mattress sizes in detail. By the end of this article, you'll learn how to choose the perfect size for your RV.

RV Mattress Twin

Standard Size: 38" X 75"

The RV twin mattress is quite popular due to its ability to preserve space in the vehicle. Additionally, this mattress can serve different purposes. Aside from its primary role, you may be able to use it as a couch or chair in the RV.

RV twin beds come in different RV mattress sizes, but they don't usually go over 40" x 80". These mattresses are mostly used in small campers, due to their ability to fit into tight spaces. You may also consider using this bunk-size mattress if you have RV bunk beds.

Some RV twin mattresses also operate as RV bunk beds when placed side by side. However, the twin mattress isn't usually the best choice for tall sleepers. This is because RV twin mattresses are quite a bit shorter than standard mattresses. However, they work perfectly for kids and short adults sleeping in bunk beds.

RV Mattress Special

Standard Size: Varies

The RV mattress Special from PlushBeds is the mattress you need to add a bit of eco-luxury to your sleeping experience. The mattress features a fiberglass-free eco fire barrier, keeping you and your family safe as you sleep.

RV Full Mattress

Standard Size: 54" x 75"

One thing that makes this mattress stand out is its ability to accommodate two sleepers. In fact, it measures almost the same as a traditional full size bed you'll find at home. However, this mattress might not be the perfect choice for small vehicles.

It's also important to note that the RV mattress full is commonly referred to as the double mattress. The double size mattress is usually the regular mattress that comes with the RV when you first purchase it.

RV Mattress Queen Short

Standard Size: 60" x 75"

Also known as the 'RV short queen', ‘RV queen mattress short’, or 'RV short queen mattress', this RV queen mattress is different from the standard queen mattress at home. The RV queen mattress size can comfortably accommodate two adults.

The short queen RV mattress is quite popular among RV users because it works best with shorter beds. However, despite being shorter than the RV queen bed (one is 75 inches and the other 80 inches long), you won't notice a huge difference between the RV queen mattress and the RV queen short in terms of size. 

RV Mattress Queen

Standard Size: 60" x 80"

This is one of the most commonly used mattresses in most recreational vehicles. It measures the same as your standard queen mattress at home. As a result, it can comfortably fit two sleepers simultaneously.

RV Mattress King

Standard Size: 72" x 80"

RV King mattress sizes can vary, but the most common size is 72” by 80”. They are typically slightly more narrow than a regular king-size mattress.

Other RV Mattress Mattress Sizes

Here are some additional RV mattress sizes worth checking out if you can't seem to find the perfect size for your RV from the list provided above.

RV Bunk Mattresses

The bunk RV mattress is best for kids, and comes in different RV mattress sizes. Some common bunk RV mattress sizes in ascending order include:

  • 28'' x 75''
  • 30'' x 75''
  • 30'' x 80''
  • 34'' x 75''
  • 35'' x 79''

Custom RV Mattresses

Given that recreational vehicles come in different shapes and sizes, you may need a customized mattress to suit your preferences. This is especially ideal if you've remodeled your RV, and you'd like to switch the sleeping area to somewhere else within the RV.

RV Mattress Types

Like standard mattresses at home, RV mattresses are made from different materials. Other than knowing different RV mattress sizes, understanding the materials an RV mattress comprises helps you choose the mattress that suits your specific needs.


RV mattresses made from latex are among the most popular choices today. This is because of the many benefits latex provides. For instance, this natural material is eco-friendly, meaning latex mattresses are biodegradable.

A biodegradable mattress is the kind of mattress that can decompose into the environment. When it's finally time to get rid of your latex mattress, you won't have to worry about polluting the environment with a mattress that won't decompose.

Besides being biodegradable, latex RV mattresses are also durable, hypoallergenic, and breathable. A hypoallergenic mattress is the kind of mattress that's less likely to cause allergies. Additionally, a breathable mattress allows air to flow through it, reducing nighttime sweating.

Memory Foam

Though not as popular as latex mattresses, memory foam RV mattresses provide good pressure relief, and body-hugging comfort. So, if you or your loved one struggle with body pain and discomfort while sleeping, a memory foam RV mattress can provide some relief.

RV Air Mattress

As the name suggests, air mattresses are usually lighter. This is because RV air mattresses don't need cushioning to support their structure. Instead, they rely on air pumped into the mattress through a pump.

Given that these mattresses don't require a lot of materials to function, they are usually much cheaper than traditional RV mattresses. However, air mattresses have many disadvantages when compared to conventional mattresses.

Firstly, they are prone to damage. Secondly, air mattresses are not as comfortable - some may lose air gradually, requiring you to wake up in the middle of the night to pump more air into them. Lastly, these mattresses are not ideal for long-term use; they often lead to back pain and stiffness because they are not as soft as latex or memory foam mattresses.

Innerspring Mattress

RV innerspring mattresses are cheaper than latex or memory foam mattresses. These mattresses usually feel comfortable the first few years, but age with time, and when they do, they become uncomfortable because they consist of coils and springs.

However, you can make these RV mattresses even more comfortable by investing in a latex mattress topper. A mattress topper comes in different sizes and thickness levels to enhance your comfort. So, whether you need a soft, medium, or medium-firm comfort level, you can always get that when you invest in a good topper for your innerspring mattress. 


A hybrid mattress combines certain characteristics of traditional spring coils with memory foam to meet the needs of different types of sleepers and sleeping positions. This type of mattress is an excellent choice if you're not sure what kind of mattress best suits your needs. It combines the best of both worlds to provide the comfort you need to enjoy your stay in your vehicle.

RV Mattress Use and Care

An RV mattress requires the same standards of care you would provide to your regular mattress. Sometimes, the RV mattress requires even more care, since these vehicles are prone to internal damage, due to pests, harsh weather conditions, etc. So, when you invest in a good mattress for your RV, it's always important to know how to take care of it.

Although certain mattresses, especially those made from natural latex, last longer than standard mattresses, they still need a certain level of care and attention. Without further ado, here's how to take care of your RV mattress.

Cover the Mattress

A mattress cover can help protect the quality of your mattress for many years. These covers are washable, and can protect your RV bed from spills and leaks, especially if you have bed wetting children. The good thing about using a mattress cover is that they are noiseless and comfortable. You won't even feel that you're sleeping on a cover.

Rotate the Mattress

Rotating your RV mattress helps balance the weight evenly within the mattress. Luckily, PlushBeds RV mattresses are flippable, meaning they provide different degrees of firmness on both sides. It's advisable to flip your RV mattress at least once every 30 days for the ultimate sleeping experience.

Control the Moisture Levels in the RV

If you own an RV, you've probably had to deal with moisture problems at least once. This is because these vehicles are usually exposed to harsh weather conditions. Although modern RVs have different technologies that help control this problem, they're still not perfect.

For this reason, it's important that you take additional steps to keep the moisture levels in the RV low. Consider using a dehumidifier to draw the excess moisture from the air. In addition, keep the RV well ventilated - this gives the excess moisture enough room to escape. When you keep the humidity level between 30 to 50 percent, you won't have to worry about mold growing along the edges of your mattress.

Air the Mattress

Consider removing all the bedding from the mattress on warmer days, and leaving the mattress out to air dry. This also helps eliminate microorganisms that grow in certain types of mattresses. For example, bed bugs don't usually survive in high temperatures. Similarly, airing out the mattress helps get rid of dust mites, which cause allergies.

Use a Mattress Topper

Using a mattress topper for your RV mattress can help solve more than one problem. Firstly, a mattress topper increases the comfort levels of your mattress. This option works best if you have an old mattress, and aren't financially prepared to buy a new mattress.

Secondly, a topper also increases the durability of your mattress by protecting the surface of the RV bed from damage. Thirdly, an RV mattress topper helps protect the surface of the mattress from mold.

Clean Your Mattress

Yes, you read that right. You can clean your mattress without soaking it in water. Here's how:

  • Identify the size of the mattress.
  • Sprinkle the right amount of baking soda evenly over your mattress (16 ounces for RV queen or RV king mattresses, and at least 8 ounces for standard or full-size mattresses).
  • Let the baking soda sit for at least an hour.
  • Vacuum the baking soda.
  • Flip the mattress, and repeat the same process on the other side as well.

You can also get a little bit creative when following the steps above. For example, consider adding about 10 to 20 drops of your favorite essential oil into the baking soda, and shaking it up before sprinkling it evenly over the mattress.

RV Mattress FAQs

Are there any mold-resistant RV beds on the market?

Yes, latex mattresses are naturally resistant to mold. This is one of the many reasons they last longer than standard mattresses.

How much do RV mattresses cost?

The cost of RV mattresses varies depending on the type, size, and many other factors. Generally, RV king mattresses are usually more expensive than RV twin beds, due to the difference in size.

Whether you need a RV king-size mattress, or something smaller, the price also varies depending on where you buy the mattresses from. For instance, although there are many stores that sell RV mattresses, PlushBeds offers incredible discounts, giving you the chance to save money without compromising on the quality of mattress you need for a peaceful night's sleep.

Do RVs need special mattresses?

RVs don't necessarily need special mattresses. However, these mattresses need special care, which isn't difficult to provide. For instance, they may need a mattress cover to protect them from dust, leaks, and stains.

What should I look for when choosing an RV mattress?

Some of the most important things to consider when shopping for the ideal mattress for your RV include your personal preferences, sleeping position, weight, and budget. If you live in colder areas, consider investing in a mattress cover, and insulating your RV bed to prevent mold.

PlushBeds RV Mattresses

If you're looking for an RV replacement mattress, PlushBeds is the place to shop. Here's an overview of some of our best mattresses for RVs worth checking out.

RV Mattress: Eco Green 8" Natural Latex

This is the mattress you need to add a sense of luxury to your RV lifestyle. Encased in a luxurious organic cotton cover, this mattress comes with generous 8-inch support, made with 100 percent natural latex.

RV Mattress: Deluxe 8" Memory Foam

If you're looking for a mattress that focuses on your pressure points, and makes you sleep even better on the road, the Deluxe 8" memory foam RV mattress from PlushBeds is a perfect choice. This highly-rated mattress comes with an extra layer of softness, causing you to sleep more peacefully on the road.

RV Mattress: Cool Bliss 8" Gel Memory Foam

As the name suggests, this RV mattress is what you need for areas that receive high temperatures, especially at night. It also has a natural cooling ability, the ideal choice if you tend to sleep hot at night.

6 Inch RV Mattress MobilePlush

This temperature-regulating mattress is all you need if you're looking for a mattress that sleeps cool, and eases your pressure points on the road. In addition, it is CertiPUR and GreenGuard Gold certified, which means it is safe for children and the elderly.

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