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Why Choose a Mattress in a Box? - PlushBeds

If you've ever purchased a mattress before, you must be familiar with the numerous challenges involved. However, if you've never bought one, here's what the traditional process of buying a mattress looks like. 

Suppose you decide to shop online for a mattress. In that case, you'll need to choose from the confusing varieties often based on what you see. You'll then place your order, and sometimes pay for the costly shipping. Unfortunately, the delivery could take a few days because of the logistics involved in transporting such a bulky item.

The other alternative is visiting a store near you, and picking an ideal mattress from the ones on display. Or, maybe you'll opt for the salesman's idea of the "best deal just for you".

Whichever option you choose, you'll need to decide whether to take the mattress home tied on top of your truck, or wait for the store to deliver it later. If you have a truck, there's always the risk of damaging the mattress while transporting it to your residence. Once at home, you'll have to figure out how to get the huge mattress into an elevator, or up the staircase, and drag it across rooms to finally reach the bedroom.

The good news is that the bed in a box option has changed everything by giving you the most satisfying mattress shopping experience. You can order your mattress online, and have it delivered to your doorstep in a box the size of a footstool. There are no expensive shipping costs, no mattress dragging, and no more endless testing of your ideal mattress in a furniture store!  And, you can do that by ordering your new mattress from PlushBeds!

What Is a Mattress in a Box?

A mattress in a box is a mattress that is rolled or folded using special machinery to fit it in a box for shipping. This significantly cuts shipping costs, and eliminates the exhausting process of transferring the mattress from the store to the bedroom. A mattress in a box, also known as a bed in a box, has grown in popularity over the past few years because of its convenience to buyers.

Mattresses in a box come in different varieties that cater to different consumer needs, without overwhelming the buyer's choices. In many cases, most manufacturers create an all-inclusive option to satisfy different needs of buyers with just one mattress type.

If you aren't familiar with the types of mattresses that arrive in box, you may not be able to tell them apart because most are relatively firm, neither too hard, nor too soft. What sets the different models apart are other features, such as infused cooling gel layers to regulate body temperature, or different arrangements of the foam layers to support different body parts.

As a result, the best mattresses that come in a box make it easier for you to select the perfect choice depending on factors such as your favorite sleeping position throughout the night, or your body size, rather than the firmness or cost of a mattress.

What Are the Benefits of Mattress in a Box?

It is indisputable that the bed in a box has grown in popularity in recent years.

Here's why.

Good For All Sleeping Positions

As mentioned earlier, the bed in a box varieties are relatively firm, and evenly distribute the user's weight while sleeping to accommodate several sleeping positions. Additionally, the manufacturers create specific types of boxed mattresses to cater to different sleeping positions.

Ideal For Comfort

Boxed mattresses often have temperature sensitivity features that conform with the body's heat levels to create a balanced temperature. For instance, they can reduce sweating at night, and body heat in hot environments, by keeping the mattress cool, and contour with the body's shape to create the comforting hugging effect while sleeping throughout the night.

Limits Motion Transfer

Although these mattresses mold into the body's shape, they do not cause turbulent motions when the user gets off the bed. Instead, the best mattresses with no motion transfer absorb the energy, and spread it evenly without creating a noticeable imbalance.

No Allergies

The bed in a box mattresses are resistant to dust mites, pet dander, molds, and mildew, which cause allergies.

No Sinking or Sagging

The layers of the foams are well balanced during manufacturing to avoid sinking and sagging caused by an uneven distribution of weight. This balance creates the perfect sleep environment, and eliminates the chances of body aches after waking up.


The shipping costs of a boxed mattress are often less expensive than shipping regular mattresses because of the packaging convenience. Some sellers may also offer free shipping and discounts for purchases. Additionally, since most manufacturers of these mattresses are online-based, their lower operational costs mean that they can offer their products at relatively fairer prices than traditional mattress sellers.

Mattress Trials

Many companies offer a trial period to their customers, ranging from 75 to 100 nights. This trial period provides customers with enough time to decide whether to return the mattress, or keep it.

Drawbacks of a Bed In a Box

Mattresses in a box may be effective, but they still have some flaws, like any product in the market. Here are the most common:

No Trials Before Purchasing

Since most sellers are online-based, it's practically impossible to try out your foam mattress before purchasing it. However, this drawback is catered for by the generous trial period offered by manufacturers to buyers after purchasing the mattress.

During that period, the buyer can decide whether to continue using the mattress, or send it back to the manufacturer, and receive a refund per the return policies.

Different Bed Base Requirements

The memory foam mattress requires a base with more support to prevent damages, and unnecessary indentations. Unfortunately, that may force you to replace your whole bed before purchasing this type of mattress.


Most new bed in a box mattresses emit a foul-smelling gas, due to the organic compounds released when the mattresses decompress after unboxing, which could put off some buyers. But, the smell disappears with time. However, natural latex mattresses do not off gas.

What are the Key Considerations When Buying a Bed in a Box?

Many buyers are used to the traditional way of selecting a mattress in a furniture store. This usually involves testing the mattress for at least 20 minutes before choosing the best option.

However, that is not the case with most bed in a box manufacturers or sellers. Other than the few that have business agreements with local stores to display some of their mattresses for customers to try out, most buyers have no choice but to trust their online purchases.

Here's what you need to consider about the seller and the boxed mattress you would like to purchase for your bed.

The Return Policy of The Seller

Most manufacturers provide a generous trial period within which buyers can return the mattress to compensate for the inability to test the mattress before buying. However, these policies differ with different companies or middlemen.

Therefore, it's advisable to read and understand your return policy before purchasing. You should also know what you need to do if you decide to return the mattress to the seller.

The Size and Type of Your Bed

In some cases, you may need to replace your current bed with the right one for a bed in a box mattress. The wrong bed size may cause damages to the mattress, something the warranty may not cover.

The Specific Purpose

These mattresses have varieties that cater to different needs such as comfort and body support, relief from back pain, and so forth. It's therefore essential to know the exact type of memory foam mattress to buy for your bed.

Free Shipping

Spend less money by taking advantage of the free shipping services that most manufacturers offer. But, at the same time, always verify the party responsible for the shipping cost if you decide to return the mattress.

Your Sleeping Position

While most mattresses are designed to cater to all sleepers, some focus only on certain sleeping positions. For example, softer mattresses, like a type of online memory foam mattress, are good for side sleepers because they reduce the pressure on the sides, cradle the body, and support the spine.

Level of Firmness

It's always advisable to consider your body size when checking the firmness of the mattress for your bed. For example, a less firm mattress would be more comfortable than a stiffer mattress if you are more lightweight.

Edge Support

If you don't prefer mattresses that sink around the edges when you sit on the side of your bed, then you'll need to check the edge support level before buying the mattress.

What are the Types of Mattresses in a Box?

Bed in a box mattresses vary depending on the kind of materials used for manufacturing. They include:

Memory Foam

This mattress is made of memory foam, or polyurethane foam. A memory foam mattress that you purchase online conforms to the shape of the body to create the hugging effect.

Latex Foam

These mattresses are made from latex, either harvested naturally from rubber trees, or synthetic latex. They are a good option for online buyers who are conscious of eco-friendly products (natural latex). Additionally, they are bouncier than other types of mattresses.

Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress combines the memory foam and the innerspring layer to create more comfort and support. They are also more durable than either of the two separate types that create the hybrid mattress. Sleepers of a hybrid mattress get the sturdy feel of an innerspring mattress (a traditional mattress placed on a box spring) with the pressure relief of another mattress type, such as latex or memory foam.

Gel Foam

These mattresses combine gel and memory foams to create temperature-sensitive mattresses. They can also cool down the body temperature, and reduce sweating while asleep in your bed throughout the night.

How to Purchase a Mattress in a Box

Once you understand the mattress type that will best suit your needs, it's time to find the right one from the numerous sellers available in the market. These are the steps to take to purchase a bed in a box.

  1. Compare several sellers to find the most reliable one. You can do so by checking user reviews, the company's reputation, and ratings for the different types of mattresses they sell.
  2. Contact customer support representatives of the supplier you've chosen for more questions or clarifications before purchasing.
  3. Look for discounts, coupons, and promotions on the product you intend to buy if you wish to save some money.
  4. Place your order once you are satisfied with the product and the supplier. You will need to input your name, address, phone number, payment method, and preferred shipping method.
  5. Ensure you receive an email notification confirming the order after purchasing, including other details such as tracking number, and when to expect your delivery.

What's Involved in Unboxing a Bed in a Box?

You'll receive your online mattress inside a box almost the size of a coffee table. But, it could be a little bigger depending on the size of the mattress. It could also weigh anywhere between 60 to 150 pounds.

Here's how to unbox the bed in a box package.

  1. Start by mounting your new bed if you have to get a suitable one for the new mattress.
  2. Move the package to the room where you intend to use it. You may need some help with lifting the box if it is heavier.
  3. Open the box to remove the compressed mattress.
  4. Using a pair of scissors, cut through the top layer of plastic without touching the mattress.
  5. Remove the plastic layers, roll out the online mattress, and position it properly on the bed.
  6. Ensure that the mattress is not upside down, and that it fits all corners of the bed.
  7. Know that the mattress will begin to decompress, but it won't expand fully until after a few hours.

It's important to note that leaving the compressed mattress for too long before unboxing may permanently damage the online mattress. For this reason, ensure that you unbox the bed in a box within the period specified by the seller.

Also, you may experience a foul smell when unboxing the mattress. This smell usually derives from compressed air, and should disappear with time.

How Do I Find Out if an Online Mattress Company is Reputable?

The online bed in a box market is saturated with numerous vendors. It may be difficult to differentiate between brands because of the many similarities between them. The best way to set a company apart from the rest is to conduct further research.

You may find useful information on the company's website, such as their background and their brand. You'll also find their official contact information if you have further questions about their mattresses.

Organic buyer reviews are an excellent source of information. Such reviews will inform your decision to trust the company selling bed in a box mattresses.

You can also look up the company ratings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. BBB is a reputable business vetting organization that rates businesses depending on several factors. For example, how long a company has been in business, the number of complaints, how they relate to their customers, etc. A reputable company will have Grade B or higher rating. As a general rule, it's always a great idea to avoid companies with low ratings.

Other details to consider include the purchase and return and shipping policies, as well as warranties. Most companies have similar policies, but it's always worth looking, just in case something doesn't suit your preferences.

If you're buying directly from a manufacturer, be sure to confirm that they comply with the federal flammability standards and third-party safety certifications.

Key Features of PlushBeds Mattresses in a Box

PlushBeds is a reputable bed in a box manufacturer and vendor focused on helping our customers sleep better every night. Here are key features of the PlushBeds mattresses that are shipped in a box.

  • Our mattresses are made from top-quality sustainable raw materials.
  • Top layer of our mattresses are handmade, using traditional artisan craftsmanship skills.
  • Our mattresses are affordable because we sell our mattresses directly from their factory without middlemen.
  • We offer free shipping within the contiguous United States, without requiring a minimum order.
  • We offer a 100-night trial warranty.
  • We take great pride in offering outstanding customer service.
  • Our mattresses are double-boxed to avoid any damages during transportation.

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