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Adjustable Beds have become quite popular recently, due to wider availability online and more affordable options than ever before. They give you the ability to adjust your bed, into a variety of positions, with a remote control. If you’re looking to enhance your sleep comfort, an adjustable bed may help you accomplish this goal.

How Popular are Adjustable Beds Today?

Adjustable beds have grown in popularity, with sales up 24% in the past year. They are now easy to buy online and more affordable than ever before, making them something everyone can consider.

Will An Adjustable Bed Help You Sleep Better?

When you sleep on an adjustable bed, the head and/or foot of the bed can be raised or lowered, into a variety of flexible positions, until you find a position that’s the most comfortable for your needs. Consider how comfortable you are when you’re resting in a recliner. This is similar to that experience.

Adjustable beds are suitable for everyone. They are no longer considered a bed for seniors, or for those recovering from or dealing with an illness or injury. Today, we are busier and more active than ever. Everyone is looking for a true way to get the proper rest they need and deserve. You can even add a natural latex or memory foam mattress to your adjustable bed for a better sleep experience.

Even after you’ve purchased an adjustable bed, and you have seen for yourself how it improves your quality of sleep, there are still a range of additional benefits that go far beyond restful and restorative sleep. Some of these additional benefits include:

Relief of Aches and Pains

An adjustable bed can give you relief if you have body aches and pains, resulting from conditions such as:

  • Leg swelling
  • Muscle strains and injuries
  • Lower back pain
  • Gastric reflux
  • Nighttime heartburn
  • Hiatus hernia
  • Muscular fatigue pain
  • Fibromyalgia

No More Puffing Up Pillows for Support

Adjustable beds offer convenience too. You can work on your laptop, read a book or watch tv in bed. Many individuals enjoy spending some peaceful time, in their beds, reading the next chapter of a good book, or watching some television. But, they want to be able to sit comfortably while they’re doing this.

You can’t do this on a non-adjustable bed, unless you arrange and fluff up several pillows to get comfortable. Then, you fight to keep those pillows in place, as they continue to move out of position, causing a neck or back ache. The therapeutic benefits that adjustable beds offer, with individual adjustability and maximum comfort, make it the perfect sleeping system.

Improves Mobility

For many people, the decision to purchase an adjustable bed has to do with more practical benefits. Adjustable beds help those with limited mobility improve their quality of life. They also provide them with more comfort and independence.

These beds offer the same benefits (hand controls, ease of sitting up and getting out of bed, control of comfort, etc.) of hospital beds, but without the appearance of a hospital bed. They are a great choice for those recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery, such as a knee or hip replacement, for example.

Maximizes Lung Expansion through Improved Breathing

Think about how you feel when you have a head cold and congestion. You need to be able to keep your head in an upright position, to relieve this congestion – and sometimes even to help you breathe better.

Without an adjustable bed, you’d have to build a tower of pillows to accomplish this, and it can be hard to keep them in place. Adjustable beds provide you with the ability to click a button and remain in an upright, sitting position. Your neck gets head tilt support and better comfort.

When you’re able to breathe better, you get more oxygen to your body, preventing your heart from having to put in more effort to get blood and oxygen to your vital organs. When you’re congested, you can elevate your bed to help keep your lungs and sinuses clear, and keep mucus and fluid at bay.

Improves Asthma

Patients with asthma can benefit from the ability to elevate their upper bodies. When you sleep on a horizontal mattress, your air tubes become restricted, and it’s difficult to move air to your vital organs.  Adjustable beds may help with treating and managing numerous illnesses and medical afflictions, such as asthma and other sleep-related breathing disorders.

Helps with Swelling and Circulation

When you sleep on a traditional flat bed with an unforgiving mattress, it often forces your body into a cramped position, and it can restrict circulation. As a result, all night long you might be sleeping with an improper posture. When you have joint or back problems, sleeping on a bed that’s flat can make them worse. Also, when you sleep on your side, it may cause issues with circulation and breathing.

You need to elevate broken, sprained, or pulled limbs to prevent pain. With an adjustable bed, you can get better elevation than with a cushion or pillow to help reduce your swelling during the night.

If you work all day on your feet, you can also benefit from this when you get home after you notice your feet or lower legs are swollen. When your legs are elevated, not only will they feel better, but you may also combat issues like varicose veins.

Helps with Insomnia

Many people struggle with insomnia. With the many positions adjustable beds offer, they can find the perfect position to keep from tossing and turning all night, allowing them to fall asleep faster. When there’s an improvement in oxygen levels and circulation of blood flow, you are able to sleep soundly all night.

Stops Snoring

The anti-snoring position, on certain adjustable beds, help reduce partner snoring. Simply elevate your partner’s head position when they snore, using a remote control. You can also pre-set this position, to adjust on it’s own.

When you sleep flat, your soft tissues and tongue narrow your airway, which causes the snoring. When you elevate your head, it allows air to freely flow into your airways, and reduce the vibration of snoring. Elevating your head while congested helps to drain your sinuses and keep them clear so you don’t snore.

Features of an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds have a variety of different features. Below are some standard features of most adjustable beds:

  • Wireless remote. You’ll find some remotes that are wireless, and others that are hardwired to the bed.
  • Massage feature. You’ll find some models that offer anywhere from one to three different zones of massage. You may find models that offer more, but these are standard. Some models even allow you to control your massage intensity, or change the massage pattern, and include a massage-wake feature.
  • Ability to raise your feet and head. With some models, you may elevate just your head, while others allow you to elevate both your feet and head.
  • Memory feature. Most models allow you to save the position you favor the most so you can return to it at any time. You can even set a “flat” position by clicking one button.
  • Whisper quiet. Most models are also “whisper quiet,” which means you don’t wake your partner up at night if you’re adjusting your position.
  • Split models. Split models enable you and your partner to control each side of the bed separately, with two remote controls.
  • Other advanced features. While we can’t list every feature of adjustable bed models here, there are many to consider. A few in particular, which you may find on higher end bases, are a preset “zero gravity” position, an iPhone app on which you can control the bed, and under the bed lighting – a great feature for those middle-of-the-night bathroom trips.

An adjustable bed, with its variety of benefits, might just be the key to the ultimate comfortable sleeping experience. Here at PlushBeds, we have a whole line of adjustable beds in a wide range of sizes and available features. Take a look at our adjustable beds today.

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