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15 Benefits of a Natural Latex Mattress Topper - PlushBeds

Not all mattress toppers are created equal. Different toppers are made with different materials that offer varying strengths and weaknesses. Those made with natural latex, however, offer many strengths with no real weaknesses. These are 15 of the benefits you can experience by choosing a natural latex mattress topper.

  1. Open cell construction. This allows you to sleep cooler than sleeping on mattress toppers made with other materials.
  2. Planet-friendly. You can sleep easy knowing your mattress isn’t harming the earth. Natural latex mattress toppers are made with the same naturally-produced and harvested botanic latex that a latex mattress is made with, and add no chemicals into the production process.
  3. Lengthens the life of your mattress. Adding a natural latex mattress topper adds support, so that your mattress can continue to deliver a comfortable night’s sleep long past its anticipated life span. The resilience of latex is the key for extending the life of mattresses that may already be slightly past their primes.
  4. Less costly to buy then new mattresses. You can add a few more years of life and comfort to your existing mattresses for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a natural latex mattress to replace one.
  5. Reduced commitment. Allows people to experience the benefits of a natural latex mattress, without making a commitment. It’s a way to “try it before you buy it.”
  6. Makes old mattresses feel new. It’s amazing the impact a new mattress topper can have on the overall feel of a bed, and giving a mattress new life. It can give you a great night’s sleep over and over again.
  7. A true benefit for mattress topper owners to consider. Mattress toppers made with natural latex are naturally antimicrobial. This means they do not provide an attractive breeding grounds for microbes that cause illnesses and odors in your mattress.
  8. A bigger benefit than many people realize, the botanical latex used to create latex mattresses is a natural repellent to many common allergens, including dust mites, mold, and other triggers for asthma attacks and allergies that other types of mattress toppers harbor.
  9. Relieves joint and muscle pain. These things are often caused by mattress that are either sagging and lack support, too firm and trigger pressure point reactions, or some combination. Natural latex mattress toppers offer exceptional support without sacrificing essential softness, making them an excellent choice for reliving the aches and pains associated with older mattresses.
  10. Durability. Natural latex toppers last much longer than those made with polyurethane foam or memory foam. They also maintain their shape and support for the duration of their extended life cycles.
  11. Better for your health and your home. Natural latex mattress toppers do not release harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air in your home. Common with other mattress types, these compounds, once released into the air inside your home will be breathed in by your family for years to come, and may cause various respiratory ailments during that time.
  12. Easy to move. Latex mattresses are quite heavy. Natural latex mattress toppers weigh a fraction of the mattresses, making them easier to move.
  13. No smelly off-gassing. Off-gassing is common among many types of mattresses and toppers. It occurs when air hits the chemicals used in making the mattresses, and may require several days of airing out before you can sleep on the mattress or topper. With natural latex, this does not occur, since chemicals aren’t used to make the mattress, allowing you to sleep on your mattress topper right away.
  14. Easy to ship. In a world where many purchases of this nature are made online, that is a huge benefit. Especially to people concerned about the carbon footprints of their packages.
  15. Made in the U.S.A. We are a nation of proud individuals, and take great pride in supporting American-made products and the businesses that produce them. And, it may be more of the case today than at any time in the history of the latex mattress. Many companies, like PlushBeds, that make natural latex mattress toppers, are proud to offer products that are made in the U.S.A., made responsibly, and made with natural materials to promote a better product and a better planet.

There is a lot to love about natural latex mattress toppers. They offer many major benefits, and the added luxury of affordability. People who buy these amazing toppers get the same high-quality and luxurious natural latex foam they get with our mattresses, without the full cost. It is the perfect opportunity to see the benefits latex has to offer for yourself, without paying full price for the privilege. Plus, it can give you a few more years of use from your tired old mattress before you have to make a final decision.

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