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When it comes to a great night's sleep, the quality of your mattress is important, right? Well, why wouldn't you want to invest in this same type of quality when it comes to the pillow you lay your head on? Since you're going to be spending the night with both, it only makes sense that your pillow is just as well-suited for your body to promote restful, restorative sleep as your mattress. And, it all comes down to selecting the ideal ergonomic pillow for you.

Since you theoretically spend a third of your life sleeping, it's essential your pillow is functional, comfortable, and long-lasting. You don't want anything to disrupt your sleep, but you also want to ensure you're enhancing your comfort level as much as you can. One way is by sleeping with a wool pillow.

Benefits of Sleeping with a Wool Pillow

If you've slept on a poor pillow before, you likely know what it can do to your neck the following day. Chances are, you probably don't even realize the impact the type of pillow you use has on your sleep until you've slept on a bad pillow. A wool pillow can be that missing piece of your deep sleep puzzle.

Here are some benefits of wool pillows:

  • Extra support: Wool tends to offer more support than other pillow options like cotton, goose down, or synthetic fiber. It provides natural resilience, so you'll receive the extra support your neck needs.
  • Chronic pain relief: Many people who shop for bedding are looking for natural pain relief choices for problems like fibromyalgia, arthritis or other chronic pain problems. Instead of popping pain medicines, consider the more holistic approach of sleeping on a wool pillow.
  • Breathability: Wool is a very breathable filling material with natural characteristics that help regulate your body temperature, leaving you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Moisture management: A non-absorbent pillow can cause you to wake up on a hot evening dripping with sweat. Wool pillows absorb the moisture, helping to ensure you wake up dry every day.
  • Decreases sleep disturbances and sleeping heart rate.
  • Fire resistant: Wool works like a natural fire retardant, so there's no need to add toxic chemicals.
  • Renewable resource: Sheep can grow their wool coat yearly, and the proper carding mill will take extra precautions to make sure they're not harmed in any way during the shearing process.
  • Hypoallergenic: Wool resists bacteria, and is hypoallergenic. It's both antibacterial and antimicrobial.
  • Long-lasting: Wool is more resilient, and lasts longer than latex or cotton.
  • Chemical-free: Wool pillows aren't treated with bleaches or chemicals; therefore, they're safe for people who suffer from chemical sensitivities and allergies.
  • Dust mite resistant: Wool pillows don't support dust mite growth.

Wool has been used for quite some time. It's insulative and breathable properties make it well-suited for use in various products. For many years, people have used it extensively for different products, including:

  • Blankets
  • Clothing
  • Insulation
  • Carpeting
  • Upholstery

Given it's history, it's kind of surprising wool pillows are fairly new.

PlushBeds Natural Luxury Handmade Wool Pillow

One particular wool pillow that provides many features and benefits is PlushBeds Organic Wool Pillow. It provides:

1. More Restful, Deeper Sleep

All-natural wool offers important temperature regulation to help maximize REM sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling more rested and refreshed. PlushBeds wool pillows keep you cushioned, comfortable, and prevent overheating all night long.

2. Free of Harmful Chemicals and Toxins

PlushBeds only uses the purest wool right from the beginning, and never treat our pillows chemically. You can feel confident your wool pillow will only be crafted with 100% natural materials, with no irritating detergents or harmful chemicals used.

Other wool products often contain dyes, chemicals, and scouring agents that can cause sensitive people reactions. PlushBeds wool doesn't contain any of these, so even if you're the most sensitive sleeper around, you can rest assured you'll receive a comforting night's sleep on pure softness without the fear of reactions.

3. Adjustable, Hand-Filled Support

PlushBeds makes it easy to obtain the exact amount of support you need with our wool pillows. Each pillow is hand-filled to your specific thickness preferences, making it simple for you to adjust the pillow to the exact consistency you want for supportive, soothing sleep.

4. Humane Wool Growing Practices

The wool suppliers for PlushBeds use gentle humane wool shearing, and flock management methods. When it comes to selecting suppliers, PlushBeds is very meticulous, since conventional wool suppliers tend to use opposing methods like:

  • Harmful shearing: When inappropriately handled, shearing can result in unnecessary flock injuries. PlushBeds suppliers only use gentle shearing methods to make sure the flock stays unharmed and healthy.
  • Dipping: Sheep are often placed in unpleasant and harsh pesticide baths to avoid dealing with possible pests. PlushBeds uses more holistic techniques to control pests to keep sheep healthy, and produce higher quality wool.
  • Mulesing: With mulesing, skin patches are cut off for discouraging infection. PlushBeds never uses mulesing.

Quality sleep is too important to continue sleeping on an undesirable and/or uncomfortable pillow that causes you to continually wake up with neck pain. Treat yourself, instead, to a comfortable and soft wool pillow, so you can obtain the restful, restorative sleep your body needs, and wake up pain-free. To ensure you’re buying only a high-quality wool pillow that’s free of chemicals and inhumane wool growing practices, you may want to consider a PlushBeds Organic Wool Pillow.

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