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World’s First GreenGuard Gold Certified Memory Foam Mattress - PlushBeds

GreenGuard Gold Certification

PlushBeds is committed to quality and health in our mattresses. We take great care to introduce you to mattresses you can feel proud to own and expose your family to. That’s why we’re excited to announce the first ever GreenGuard Gold Certified Memory Foam Mattress Collection.


12″ Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam

Cool Bliss is the ideal name for this mattress that sleeps 30 percent cooler than traditional memory foam mattresses. The gel-infused memory foam used in this mattress offers the same pressure-relieving qualities you expect from memory foam as well as excellent support.

Additionally, the GreenGuard Gold Certification allows you to sleep easy knowing you’re not going to be exposed to off gassing and strong chemicals while you sleep.

Heavenly Plush Memory Foam Mattress

12″ Heavenly Plush Medium-Soft

You’re sure to love the floating sensation of sleeping on this mattress that delivers abundant pressure-relieving support. While our Heavenly Plush mattresses deliver a full five inches of comfort, the subtle firmness prevents the sinking feeling many other soft mattresses unwantingly provide.

For some, it’s the perfect balance of softness and support that is truly heavenly. Tie in the GreenGuard Gold Certification and the confidence that you’re purchasing a mattress that’s safe for you and your family, and you have even more to be happy about.

Posture Plush Memory Foam Mattress

12″ Posture Plush Cushion-Firm

For people who need more support from a mattress, this is the ideal solution. People who purchase the Posture Plush mattress still enjoy outstanding pressure point relief, but get the support needed for proper spinal alignment throughout the night. As far as mattresses and sleep positions, this mattress is perfect for people who sleep on backs or stomachs and leads to a more restful, uninterrupted sleep.

Again, as it bears repeating, top it off with the GreenGuard Certification, and you have a mattress that’s good for you, your family, and your home.

What is GreenGuard Gold Certification?

Once called the GreenGuard Children and Schools Certification, the GreenGuard Gold Certification indicates that products are safe for use among sensitive individuals such as children, the elderly, and the infirm. Products earning this certification are safe for use in health care settings, hospitals, schools, and homes.

GreenGuard Gold Certification officially indicates that products bearing the certification provide low chemical emissions. It also means that there are extremely low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) detected in the product as well. PlushBeds memory foam mattresses have strict requirements for low emissions of more than 360 VOCs.

PlushBeds GreenGuard Gold Certified mattresses are reviewed quarterly in order to maintain their certification.

We’re excited about our GreenGuard Gold Certification and what it means for our mattresses and the people who bring them home. We’re sure one of our outstanding memory foam mattresses is the perfect solution for your sleep comfort needs.

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