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The Benefits of Goose Down Pillows - PlushBeds

Down pillows provide indescribable comfort that can only be likened to sleeping on a cloud. While no one actually knows how it feels to sleep on a cloud, many sleepers agree that sleeping on down pillows comes with a heavenly feeling. But, even before we discuss the many benefits of pillows filled with goose down, here's a quick introduction to these extraordinary pillows.

What are Down Pillows?

Down pillows are made using clusters of down from the chests of geese, swans, or ducks. And because they are soft, fluffy, and white, they can be easily confused with organic cotton.

Down-filled pillows are more luxurious and plush than their closely-related feather pillows. In addition to their luxurious feel, their denser bedding models feel bouncier, and remain fluffy for longer.

The Benefits of Sleeping on Goose Down Pillows

Most sleepers love a pillow filled with down for many reasons. Here's why.


If you often wake up with stiff neck pain every day, consider sleeping on a down-filled pillow. This light, fluffy pillow softly cradles the sleeper's head, neck, and shoulders, offering much-needed support. It also eases the pressure on muscles around this area, providing high quality sleep and better health. For extra softness, a high-loft down is the right pillow for you.


Some pillows accumulate a lot of body heat from the sleeper, making them sweat excessively while sleeping. That's not the case with pillows made of down, because they naturally let air circulate around the sleeper's head and neck while sleeping, guaranteeing comfortable sleep.


One of the noteworthy other factors of these types of pillows, include their malleability. Down pillows are moldable, and easy to customize, which is great for all types of sleepers, including back sleepers. In addition, some models come with tufts for adjusting the pillows to a comfortable height by fluffing them out. This feature enables sleepers to reshape and resize their pillows as they desire for more support.


If you're a cold sleeper, you'll appreciate the ambient temperature and warmth provided by down-filled pillows all night. For a long time, many bedding manufacturers have used down for insulating bedding and clothes, such as coats, because of their ability to retain heat while remaining breathable. Similarly, down, fluffy pillows insulate a sleeper's head, keeping them warm, but not hot. Therefore, if you love to cuddle a pillow to keep you warm, these pillows with feathers are some of the best companions for a good night's sleep.


Most synthetic pillows last for only two years before needing a replacement, because they aren't easy to maintain and keep clean. They also lose support and their shape, making them feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, feather pillows can last more than ten years with proper care and maintenance because they consist of natural materials, and are easy to maintain.

What to Look for When Choosing a Down-Filled Pillow

Down pillows come in different shapes and forms to suit the diverse needs of sleepers. Some contain more than one material, such as down feathers, to improve the pillows' comfort and support features.

Here are a few tips on choosing the right down-filled pillow.

Sleeping Position

Some feather pillows suit specific sleeping positions to provide comfort to different types of sleepers. For example, side sleepers may enjoy sleeping on contoured down pillows. Such pillows offer more room for the neck, while cushioning the shoulders and the head.

Generally, if you're a side sleeper, you need a thicker and firmer pillow to fill in the space between your shoulder and neck while sleeping for support. If you prefer to lay on your back, choose a medium-height pillow to avoid arching your spine out of its natural curve.

Lastly, stomach sleepers need a thinner and softer pillow on their bed to avoid waking up with a stiff neck.

The traditional rectangular-shaped feather pillows suit all sleeping positions. All you need to do is find a pillow with the perfect height and loft for you for support. Fortunately, down-filled pillows are malleable, making it easier to mold them into a suitable shape for your sleeping position.

Fill Power

One of the other elements to consider is fill power. Fill power is a number describing the fullness or height of the pillow, commonly referred to as loft. This number results from a lab test that measures the amount of space in cubic inches one ounce of down can fill.

The higher the fill power, the fluffier the pillow.

The maximum fill power of these pillows is 900, although anything above 650 is considered high quality. The down pillows in that category also cost more than those with lower loft.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean that pillows with a lower loft or fill power are of poor quality and lack support. Most down pillows in the market today have a 500 fill power or less. These pillows are equally soft and comfortable, and provide the same benefits to a sleeper as high loft feather pillows. The main difference is that high loft pillows are fuller than low loft pillows.


Feather pillows contain more than one material from their covers to the fillings. In most cases, pillow covers are made of organic cotton, or cotton sateen fabric.

As a result, a down-filled pillow cover wicks moisture away from the sleeper to keep them dry, and improve the pillows' breathability. Some say they offer benefits of being a cold pillow.

Some of these pillows contain shredded organic cotton, wool, or down feathers mixed with the down fillings to add support and responsiveness to the pillow. Other models have inner layers made of latex foams, and down-filled outer layers.


Premium quality pillows made of down clusters usually cost more than average pillows because of their many benefits. Despite that, these pillows are worth the investment, because they last longer than most pillows. Ideally, you may buy three or more synthetic pillows within six years. On the other hand, one pillow made from down can last that long with proper use and maintenance.

Care Instructions

The care instructions of a pillow made of down are often written on its label. Most pillows filled with down are machine washable, and come with removable covers to make them easier to clean and maintain. If the care instructions allow for machine drying, it is important to set the recommended temperature as per the care instructions to avoid damaging the pillow.

How to Care for a Goose Down-Filled Pillow

On average, down pillows can last between 5 and 10 years if cared for properly. Luckily, these pillows are easy to maintain with a few routine steps, as described below.

Keep the Pillow Moisture-Free

If you want your feather pillow to last long, keep it away from moisture. That may sound odd considering that geese, ducks, and swans spend most of their lives in water. But, surprisingly, live birds' feathers and down remain dry when swimming, because of the streamlined nature of their feathers.

Unfortunately, that's not the same for all pillows filled with down. Wet down tends to clump together, making the pillow lose its loft. So if you prefer washing your hair before bed, ensure that it is dry before resting on your pillow.

Avoid sleeping on a pillow filled with down with wet hair. This cardinal rule has an exception when cleaning the pillow with water. Ensure that you follow the proper drying instructions to regain the pillow's loft after it dries.

Use a Pillow Cover

Pillowcases make it easier to keep your feather and down pillows clean, and reduce the need for frequent washing. They keep oils, sweat, dust, dust mites, and stains from damaging the down, and prevent moisture from reaching the down fills, as does a pillow protector.

Additionally, pillowcases are great for improving your sleep surface. For example, hypoallergenic cotton pillowcases are ideal for sleepers with allergic reactions, or other related respiratory problems. Besides being naturally anti-allergenic, they are also breathable, and offer better temperature control.

You can also use a zippered pillowcase to maintain the shape of your feather pillow, and keep down from falling out of place on your bed.

Be Gentle on the Pillows

Feather and down pillows are not suitable for pillow games and pillow fights. This is because they are light and fragile, and can easily get destroyed if handled roughly. If you must store the pillows, ensure that you don't keep them compressed for too long. This helps maintain their loft.

Tips for Washing a Pillow Made of Down

Consider washing your down-based pillow at least twice or four times a year, depending on how frequently you use it. Here are a few tips to help you throughout the process:

  • wash one pillow at a time, or a maximum of two pillows, to avoid transferring stains and dirt from one pillow to another
  • use cold water to wash the pillow to avoid shrinkage, or causing any damage to the down-fill
  • use mild washing detergent to avoid bleaching the pillow
  • if you encounter stubborn stains, use non-chlorine bleach

Goose Down-Filled Pillows FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about goose-down pillows.

Are Feather Pillows the Same as Down Pillows?

No. Feather and down pillows are not the same. There’s a huge difference between feather and down pillows.

Unlike downs, feathers are large, less fluffy, and have quills - the hollow shafts on which the feathers of a bird grow.

You're likely to feel the quills pricking you when sleeping on feather pillows. But, on the other hand, the quill-less down pillows feel soft and easy on the skin.

What are Down Pillow Fill Numbers?

The fill numbers of a pillow filled with down are the figures used in describing the quality of down in a pillow. They range between 350 and 900, the highest figure representing the best quality of down, and vice versa. These numbers result from a lab test that calculates the amount of space one ounce of down can occupy in cubic meters.

How Long do Down Pillows Last?

Down pillows can last as long as ten years and more, depending on how well they are maintained and used. It's important to follow the care instructions for your pillow, and ensure that you keep it clean and moisture-free.

About PlushBeds Goose Down-Filled Pillows

You can call off your search for the perfect goose-down pillow that suits your sleep needs, thanks to PlushBeds. Here's an overview of some of the best collections of goose-down pillows available at PlushBeds, covering their unique features and benefits.

Sateen White Goose Down Pillow

This pillow is the ultimate luxurious goose down cotton sateen pillow made with high-loft goose down, and a cotton sateen cover. If you wish to experience what it feels like to sleep on a premium quality down pillow, the Sateen White Goose Down Pillow is the right pillow for you.

Down Blend Pillow

The Down Blend Pillow blends down and feathers to provide extra support to your head, shoulders, and neck. In addition, the cotton cover makes this pillow soft and breathable, guaranteeing the best night's sleep.

Sateen Down Alternative Pillow

For a vegan down alternative, choose this dense, fluffy, ultra-fine pillow that mimics the head rests properties of a high loft goose-down pillow.

Feather Pillow

Live the 5-star hotel dream every night with these down and feather pillows. The Feather Pillows consist of a supportive inner core made with goose feathers, and a soft outer layer of goose down for the best sleep experience.

Organic Cotton Lanadown Pillow

The Organic Cotton Lanadown Pillow is a great pillow for natural maximum comfort. This pillow consists of lightweight merino wool with a cushiony down filling, covered with a soft, breathable organic cotton cover.

PlushBeds has a wide range of goose down pillows to choose from when you in the market for one or more new pillows. Whether you're a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, back sleeper, as a personal preference sleep position, PlushBeds has the kind of goose-down pillow you need to enjoy many nights of restful sleep, knowing they are animal cruelty-free.

So place your order today to take advantage of incredible discounts and free shipping within the contiguous United States! And, know that PlushBeds has many types of high-quality bedding products to suit most everyone’s needs.

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