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Restful sleep is essential for overall health and wellbeing. It plays a vital role in your physical and mental health, and also the quality of life. But, for many Americans, getting a good night's sleep is a challenge, particularly for back pain sufferers, and those whose mattresses do them more harm than good.

The American Chiropractic Association reports that 31 million Americans suffer from low back pain. Unfortunately, this often results in discomforts while sleeping, making it difficult for sleepers to have the healthy, restorative sleep their bodies need.

With so many Americans living with back pain, it is no surprise that back pain remedies are much in demand. The demand for supportive mattresses, such as the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattress has also increased over the years. These mattresses are uniquely designed to comfortably support a sleeper's body, correctly aligning the spine.

What Causes Back Pain?

Given back pain is caused by different factors, understanding how your back is structured can help you identify the causes of your back pain.

Your back consists of a complex arrangement of bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments. Back pain occurs when there's a tremendous amount of straining or pulling of the muscles and ligaments, or fractures and inflammations of the bones and joints.

With so many moving parts, they can be easily damaged as you go about your daily routine. Unfortunately, some of these problems are caused by:

  • Poor sitting, walking, and sleeping postures
  • Lifting heavy items
  • Sleeping on the wrong type of mattress (or one that is past its prime)

Other causes of back pains are as a result of general health conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Blood clots
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Disc or spinal diseases
  • Diseases of internal organs
  • Kidney stones
  • Obesity
  • Osteoporosis
  • Poor posture
  • Psychological stress

So, what do Americans do when experiencing back pain? Different people respond differently. But for the most part, most people who experience chronic back pain admit that it not only hampers their ability to get a restful, refreshing night's sleep, but it also interferes with their quality of life.

Many of these individuals call off work, or change social plans as a result of their back pain.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is the second most common reason for doctor visits. About 50% of US workers admit to having back pain symptoms annually. Back pain is also one of the most prevailing reasons people miss work in the US.

So how bad is the problem of back pain in the workplace?

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports that businesses lose $51,400 per 100 employees each year in productivity due to back pain. Not only does back pain lead to employees calling out sick from work, but it also causes workers, who report to work when suffering from back pain, to be less productive — adding to the overall costs.

Preventing Back Pain

Staying active, maintaining a healthy weight, and keeping a good posture are all examples of things you can do to prevent back pain. In addition, the American Chiropractic Association also recommends sleeping on a mattress that provides proper support to minimize any strains and pressure on your spine.

Changing your mattress to the Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattress will have an enormous impact on the amount of back pain you experience at night (or when waking in the morning). Chiropractors and orthopedics highly recommend this mattress for its optimized pressure relief and uncompromising support.

Chiropractor Recommended Mattresses

Many sleepers who wake up with excruciating back pain believe that choosing a mattress with a different firmness level is the perfect solution. Those sleeping in a softer mattress opt for a firmer one, and vice versa.

While this change is somewhat practical, it's not always true that altering the firmness level of a mattress will relieve back pain, especially if the new mattress is just any other available in the market, and not one recommended by a chiropractor.

A chiropractor specializes in caring for and treating the neuromusculoskeletal system of the human body. This system includes the nerves, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. For example, a chiropractor manipulates the spine to improve its alignment to help relieve pain from joints, muscles, and the back. 

Because of their experience, a chiropractor knows the importance of sleeping on the right mattress to improve comfort, support, and good spinal alignment. Therefore, their recommendations are always accurate and can solve the sleep problems that affect your health and wellbeing. Before selecting from any soft, firm, thick, or thin mattress out there, here's a general overview of what most chiropractors recommend about the perfect mattress for back pain.

What is the Best Chiropractor Recommended Mattress for Back Pain?

A normal spine forms a natural S-shaped curve when viewed from the sides, even though it appears bone-straight when viewed from the back. This natural curve of the spine, according to chiropractors, should be maintained while sleeping, irrespective of the sleeper's preferred sleeping position.

Specifically, the low back section of the spine called the lumbar spine curves to form a backward C shape that, if not well supported, will curve in the wrong direction. This explains why some sleepers wake up with backache, which may become severe if the poor sleeping conditions don't change.

Chiropractors recommend a mattress that has the right amount of support and cushioning for the lumbar spine area and the whole back, neck, and rest of the body. Such a mattress combines many factors and materials well balanced to suit every part of the body.

Additionally, sleeper-specific considerations, such as their preferred sleeping position and body weight, also play a role in crafting and choosing the best mattresses for back pain.

Therefore, the solution isn't always any soft or firm mattress, but rather a combination of several factors. However, comfort and lumbar support are two defining factors most chiropractors approve that a good mattress should have. A medium-firm mattress, therefore, is highly recommended by these back pain and spinal alignment experts.

What to Consider When Selecting a Chiropractor Recommended Mattress

Now that you know what chiropractors advise about sleeping on a good mattress, finding the ideal one for you is the next step. That depends on several factors.

They include:

Firmness Level

Typically, mattresses that fall under the medium-firm level are best for sleepers who suffer from back pain. However, several brands refer to this firmness level by other names, such as a luxury firm or plush firm, even though there may be no significant difference between the mattresses.

Contrary to other mattresses, the Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattresses by PlushBeds don't use the firmness level as a simple reference name. Instead, these mattresses are available in medium and medium-firm levels of firmness, offering the plush feel every sleeper loves.

In fact, sleepers can contact PlushBeds to have their mattresses customized to their ideal firmness level, which makes this brand stand out above the competition.

Thickness Level

Thinner mattresses may not have adequate support or comfort needed for proper spinal alignment. For this reason, most chiropractors recommend mattresses that fall between 8 and 12 inches of thickness.

Some thicker mattresses comprise different layers of materials, such as memory foam and latex foam to create the perfect balance between support and comfort. On the contrary, thinner mattresses consist of a single material that doesn't provide many options for firmness level, support, or comfort.


Adequate support is key to proper spinal alignment, pressure relief, and overall comfort. This factor also depends mainly on the type of material used to manufacture the mattress.

For example, latex foam mattresses offer superior support, and are also highly recommended by chiropractors. Additionally, they suit different sleeping positions and body weights.

Edge support is also an important consideration when choosing a good mattress for back pain, or one that a chiropractor recommends. A mattress with poor back support will sag and cause the spine to strain or misalign, resulting in back pains. Like the general support of a mattress, edge support also relies on the type of materials a mattress is made of.

Motion Transfer

Mattresses that have a lot of motion transfer often lack adequate support. Instead of cradling a sleeper, these types of mattresses tend to sink, causing more of the sleeper's weight to rest on the spine. As a result, the misaligned spine and unsupported joints cause a lot of body pains, especially in the back and neck.

Motion transfer is often a problem for couples with different sleeping patterns. It can also greatly affect a couple's comfort levels during intimacy.


You have a good chance of selecting the best mattress for your back problems among those specifically tailored to cater to back-related issues. Various customizable mattresses also allow sleepers to change certain features, such as firmness, to suit their needs.

That's one of the many advantages of the Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattresses. With just a simple call, sleepers can have their ideal mattress customized by PlushBeds mattress specialists, who consider every chiropractor's recommendations. 

Sleep Trial

The sleep trial period also gives you sufficient time to decide whether your new mattress is the right choice for you. A new mattress takes at least 30 days to break in, and completely conform to your body. Within this period, you should be able to note if there's any difference in how your new mattress makes you feel.

If your mattress escalates your back pain, contact your supplier to have it changed. Therefore, the longer the sleep trial period, the more time you have to make the right decision.


The process of finding the right mattress for better back and neck support is exhausting. So, to prevent going through the same problems a few years down the line, consider picking a durable mattress.

Selecting a mattress with a longer warranty is one way of preventing return trips to the mattress store in search of a new mattress a few years later.

What Types of Mattresses do Chiropractors Recommend?

The general recommendation by chiropractors for the ideal mattress for back pain is one that contours the shape of a sleeper's body while offering the right spinal alignment and support. Most mattresses in the market today offer these features, although some work better than others.

Here's what most chiropractors recommend about different types of mattresses.

Innerspring Mattresses

The metallic coils in innerspring mattresses provide sleepers with a buoyant feel, coupled with adequate support. Their zoned structure also provides different body parts with the kind of comfort and support required for proper spinal alignment.

However, these springs may break or lose their elasticity, causing an imbalance between the support and comfort features of the mattress.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam cradles the sleeper's body to relieve pressure points on the hips and shoulders, back, neck and joints. They also feel soft, and are comfortable for any sleeping position.

The downside of these mattresses is their inability to regulate the temperature, causing further discomfort to sleepers who are already struggling with back pains.

Latex Foam Mattresses

Latex mattresses are highly recommended for sleepers with back pains for various reasons, including:

  • Ability to cradle the back
  • Superior support
  • Ability to contour the shape of the body
  • Breathability
  • Durability

Additionally, most latex mattresses range between medium and medium-firm levels of firmness recommended by experts.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses combine latex foam, memory foam, and innerspring to achieve the best qualities of these mattresses. They are equally good for pressure relief and comfortable for all types of sleepers. However, they have a shorter lifespan compared to latex mattresses.


An airbed is an inflatable mattress with zoned air pockets. Sleepers can customize the airbed by increasing or reducing the air in different air pockets to adjust the firmness level of the mattress.

However, airbeds may not provide a sleeper with the ideal support they require to reduce pressure on the spine and other parts of the body. Thus, although they feel cozy, they may cause back pains to a sleeper in the long run.

Benefits of Sleep Trial Period

The sleep trial period mainly allows a sleeper to have sufficient time to try out a new mattress, helping them decide if it's worth it. It also provides the sleeper with a chance to contact the manufacturer with any questions about the mattress. And, if they decide that they don't like the mattress, they can request a return or refund as per the manufacturer's policy.

What Sleep Accessories are Good for Side Sleepers?

Side sleepers also experience back pains when sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress. They also require a softer mattress that's easy on their joints, hips, and shoulders without compromising support. Such a mattress may be harder to find, especially when working with a smaller budget.

If you are a side sleeper, sleep accessories can inexpensively improve how you sleep at night. Some of these accessories include:

Adjustable Base

Using an adjustable base allows you to customize your sleep position to one that comfortably enables your mattress to contour your body's curves. This helps ease pressure on the targeted body parts to improve spinal alignment. 

Mattress Topper

You can also use a mattress topper to change the firmness level of a mattress. For example, if your mattress is in good condition, and offers adequate support but feels too firm, a softer mattress topper would be the best solution.


Pillows come in different shapes, sizes, and firmness levels, and can practically support any part of the body. For instance, sleepers experiencing backaches can use wedged pillows to support their back, and a softer ergonomic pillow for their necks. That helps ease the pressure on the spine, especially for side sleepers.

Why does My New Mattress Give Me Back Pain?

You're likely to feel uncomfortable on your new mattress during the first few nights of sleep because your body needs time to adjust to the new sleep surface. The mattress, too, takes a few days to conform to your body's curves. That's why you should take advantage of the sleep trial period to try out the mattress before deciding whether it suits you.

How Long Will it Take for My Mattress to Feel Comfortable?

On average, your mattress will take about 14 days to get used to your body, but that also depends on how often you use the mattress during the sleep trial period.

How can the Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattress Help?

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can not only cause back pain, but also increase existing back pain due to a proper lack of support that:

  • promotes poor sleep posture
  • creates muscle strain
  • knocks the spine out of alignment

Many people incorrectly assume that softer mattresses are better for their backs, particularly when they have chronic back pain. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. You need a mattress that provides proper support for your back instead.

The good news is that you can get both the comfort you expect from a softer mattress and the proper support you need when you choose the Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattress.

Orthopedic Specialists and Chiropractors alike recommend the Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattress for a variety of reasons.

Examples include:

  • Contours to your body. This minimizes pressure points, and improves blood flow to achy muscles.
  • Cradles your back. This enables the latex mattress to offer unparalleled support for the spine, which relieves a wide range of aches and pains.
  • It allows airflow throughout the mattress. If you've slept on some synthetic memory foam mattresses, which often sleep hot, then you know how beneficial mattress airflow can be.
  • Healthy for sleep. While some mattresses are made with VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other hazardous materials, the Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattress is made with natural materials. Besides, it doesn't contain harmful ingredients like fillers, dyes, chemicals, and adhesives, which can cause other health problems, and also harm the environment.

The Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattress is a rare kind of mattress that offers abundant support, comfort, and spinal alignment, creating an excellent atmosphere for back pain relief, and preventing many sleep-related back pain causes. Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattresses offer unmatched support, comfort, and spinal alignment, whether you are a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or side sleeper.

How does the Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattress do This?

Its unrivaled high-quality material pushes back against you, enabling back pain relief by eliminating pressure points, and gently aligning your spine.

First, the natural Talalay latex comfort layer reduces pressure point relief, and provides you with a buoyant sensation.

Then, the premium organic Dunlop latex core is uniquely resilient and dense, offering unequaled support and proper spinal alignment. A high-quality core can also be the difference between years of long-lasting support or unpleasant sagging indentations after a short period.

Beyond Comfort and Spine Health: Other Benefits of the Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattress

Of course, comfort isn't the only reason you'll love your Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattress. Here's more of what to expect:

  • 100-night comfort exchange
  • 25-year warranty
  • Anti-microbial
  • Earth-friendly
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Temperature regulating
  • Customized firmness and support (all of our mattresses are handcrafted and customized as the orders come in)

Thanks to mattress certifications, you can rest easy when you buy a mattress such as the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattress. This mattress has gone through rigorous testing, earning the following certifications:

  • GOLS
  • GOTS
  • USDA
  • Oeko-Tex
  • GreenGuard Gold

In other words, choosing the best mattress for your back – and your lower back pain – just got far less complicated, thanks to these certifications.

This is great news for you, considering how much time you spend each year in bed. Think about it; there are 365 days in a year, and 24 hours in each day. So, if you spend the recommended eight hours per day in bed, you'll be spending one-third of your time in bed each day.

That's more time than you spend in your car, on your sofa, or even your favorite recliner. So investing in a high-quality mattress is a good move for your quality of sleep, peace of mind, and overall spine health.

A Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattress from PlushBeds makes perfect sense when you think of it that way.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Natural Organic Latex Mattress is available in 9", 10" and 12", and customized firmness levels. Learn more about this chiropractic recommended mattress below, then give us a call at 1-888-PLUSHBEDS if you have any questions! Your back will be happy you did!

9″ Botanical Bliss Natural Organic Latex Mattress

10″ Botanical Bliss Natural Organic Latex Mattress

12″ Botanical Bliss Natural Organic Latex Mattress

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