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Do I Need to Rotate My Latex Mattress? - PlushBeds

To rotate or flip. That is the question.

Latex mattresses have many benefits over ordinary mattresses. One of those benefits is the truly back-saving benefit of not needing to flip your mattress periodically. While this may sound a little too good to be true, the fact remains that latex mattresses do not wear in the same way traditional mattresses do, which is a large part of the reason you won’t need to flip your latex mattress.

Rotating and/or Flipping Is Not Necessary for Latex Mattresses

The very cell structure of latex mattresses makes them stronger and more durable than what you’ll find in traditional mattresses. The construction of the mattresses with bottom, middle, and top latex mattress layers (each designed to accomplish specific functions) further eliminates the need for flipping.

Even rotating natural latex mattresses isn’t necessary because latex mattresses do not sag over time. You’ll never notice those telltale indentations where support is lacking because there aren’t any. Natural latex is extremely resilient and doesn’t compress or bunch up over time. Part of the reason is because of the “kick back” factor – push your fist into a latex mattress and let go; it regains its shape immediately. By comparison, memory foam takes time to come back to form. Latex bounces back because it’s foam rubber.

Traditional mattresses use various man-made materials to cover innersprings. The structure of the foam mattress materials breaks down much sooner than natural latex foam, leaving you with mattresses that sag and springs poking through in the most uncomfortable places.

Our latex mattresses are designed to conform to your individual contour due to the body contouring characteristic of a latex mattress. They are designed to do that in order to give you the pressure-relieving support the mattresses are so famous for providing.

We are so confident that our mattresses will provide the body-cradling, contouring coverage you need night after night that we stand behind our mattresses with a 25-year limited warranty for any impressions in the mattress that exceeds 1.5 inches in depth, as that is above the normal and expected depth for natural contouring.

That represents 25 years in which you never have to flip a mattress for the sake of getting that support you need for a great night’s sleep. How many traditional mattress makers stand behind their products with a 25-year guarantee?

We offer the entire package. We begin with superior materials on a cellular level. Then we offer top quality construction with three layers of support. Finally, we back it all up with a 25-year guarantee assuring you that our mattresses will provide the same level of support on night 9,000 that it did on night one.

The only question remaining is how much do you like flipping mattresses? Surely some people find it therapeutic to strain their backs, knock ceiling fans off balance, and perhaps break a light fixture or two while flipping mattresses. If you don’t think you can live without it, guess what? You can still flip a latex mattress if it means that much to you. It simply isn’t necessary to do so.

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